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  1. Greg was significantly less successful than Yianni was in high school and that's while competing at a lower weight with more underclassmen. He's also incredibly undersized for 125 as it stands now. If he wasn't Yianni's brother, almost nobody would know who he is and he would be viewed as a solid, but not spectacular recruit for Cornell with some potential if he ever grows into 125. At this point in his career, Yianni was already a 2x age level world champion. I don't think Greg ever made a trials final, let alone contend for a world title. I'm curious what you see that makes you think he's better than Yianni?
  2. Okay, throw out Mueller and my point still stands. I think Glory is a much bigger threat to Lee than anybody Moore had in his bracket, especially with how aggressive Spencer is. You're acting like I would pick them over Lee. I wouldn't.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't pick it, but Mueller has a path to victory. We saw it against Rivera last year. If he gets the first takedown, things get dangerous. And Glory didn't struggle with Cashman. Get real. Glory put Lee on his back twice last year. I don't think anybody in the 197 field has that kind of capability against Moore. My reasoning here is pretty simple. I think 125 is a much better weight than 197. Lee is way better than Moore, but he has far more serious challengers.
  4. I honestly think he may have had a higher probability than Lee, not because he's better, but because Lee had more legit threats. You could see paths to victory for multiple Lee opponents. Mueller could have snaked a takedown and got his boots in. Picc could have maybe cradled him again. Glory had the best shot imo as he's incredibly dangerous in scrambles and on top. I wouldn't pick any of those guys to beat Spencer, but I don't think anybody at 197 could really threaten Moore other than maybe Darmstadt who Moore has dominated every time.
  5. I think your question has been answered and the answer is no. Jon Fitch would beat GSP in folkstyle wrestling because folkstyle wrestling is a completely different sport. If your question is whether GSP could have been a great wrestler if he focused on it as his main sport early on, then yeah he could have been great. He's a great athlete. He has all the tools to be successful in wrestling, so if he started in middle school and focused, he could have been good. However, you could say this about most professional athletes, so it doesn't make him special. The question essentially becomes "Hey, if I take this elite athlete and train him in wrestling for years, could he become a good wrestler?" Uh, duh.
  6. Something that is very misunderstood. He was very good at MMA-specific wrestling. He had great timing of his opponent's punches with a small level change to a double or single. However, he's able to do this because his opponent's are in an upright fighting stance, not a traditional defensive stance with a good understanding of positioning. Guys that he beat in mma like Koscheck or Hendricks would roll right through him in folkstyle. Look at the different success levels some guys have between folkstyle and freestyle. The difference in MMA is 100x more than that. It's just really different.
  7. We're going in circles here, but no, you are making basic errors over and over again. For the third time, evolution has nothing to do with nonliving matter turning into living matter. It is living matter changing into different forms of living matter over long stretches of time through adaptation. Evolution does not answer how life began on this planet, nor does it pretend to answer that question. The only people who think it does are Christians that are so scared of it, they won't take 2 minutes to understand what it actually is. Your username is especially funny given this conversation. The only thing your faith is shielding you from is basic scientific literacy that doesn't even necessarily contradict the existence of god.
  8. Again, what you're talking about is not evolution; it's abiogenesis. They are two different fields. Evolution is simply change over time, like the beak example you mentioned. The large changes are simply that same process taking place over millions of years. If you don't want people pointing out basic factual errors in your posts about religion and science, I suggest you stop making them.
  9. What you're referring to is called "abiogenesis," not "evolution." Two completely different fields. Evolution is an observable fact. Evolution is simply change over time. You referred to "macro evolution" in your original post. That's a nonsensical term only used by people who don't take the time to understand what evolution is. The only difference between what you would call micro and macro evolution is time. One happens over a few generations. The other is that exact same thing over millions and billions of years. Would you stop believing in God if you accepted evolution?
  10. A figure like Christ, or just Christ himself, almost certainly existed. That's well supported. Whether he was divine or not is not supported (though may be true). However, neither of these is even remotely as supported as evolution is. We can literally observe evolution occurring every single day. It's like saying the sky is green. Doesn't necessarily mean God doesn't exist unless for God to exist for you that requires every single word of the Bible to be true (I've got bad news for you here).
  11. God is real, but he died a long time ago. I am very smart.
  12. Teasdale would have to make a big jump for that to happen, especially with how good Murin looked this year even while hurt. If the choice is whether to have Teasdale or Murin in the lineup, right now that choice is easily Murin. Kemerer to 184 is possible, but I think he'd be really small up there and you don't want to rob him of his best shot at a title. I also don't think Brands/Kemerer is any better than Kemerer/Assad. You'll see a lot of hawk fans try to wish this into being just like they did with Nelson this year because of his lineage and fun style, but he'll have to wait for his opportunity after the rest clear out. He'll be a solid AA guy right away as a junior at 165 or 174.
  13. is really small. Said he woke up at 128 this morning and never really gets over 130. It's hard to believe he's able to physically bully people the way he does. Can you imagine him at 118 from back in the day? It's also wild to think about him wrestling Rivera who now walks around in the 160s.
  14. I loved when Dake started getting into his functional patterns schtick. "I'm getting younger every day" and "I'm sorry about your tissues" was just hilarious. He's such an ass but it was entertaining. Even funnier when you consider JB has completely owned him their whole career.
  15. This is hilarious. Dake was not messing around lol.
  16. I don't think that's completely true. Gilman said they stopped wrestling during the NCAA season, so it's only been a few months. He specifically mentioned Spencer having to compete every week and the college season grind as a possible reason. If I'm remembering correctly, there might actually be a promo clip from right at the beginning of the season of an Iowa practice and you can see Gilman and Lee wrestling in the background. I'll try to find it.
  17. Maybe I'm not following, but Perry wasn't an Olympic medalist. He didn't even wrestle at the senior level. Off the top of my head, I'm only aware of one Olympic medalist coaching an RTC right now and that's Slay at Penn. What is odd about this for you? There aren't a lot of Olympic medalists around that are involved in coaching AND don't already have a great gig locked in.
  18. The Rome win was not the most dominant match in the series and it's not even close. What are you talking about. Both of Gilman's 2018 wins were more dominant as well as Fix's first win at Final X last year. The only matches closer were the Open and match 3 last year.
  19. I'm not really involved in this convo, but your characterization of the Fix-Lee series is absurd. Lee was in control of both matches. Match 1, he had a 5-0 lead late, had dominated fix, and didn't close the match out properly giving up a hip tip for 2 off his shot in the closing seconds to lose on criteria (narrowly missing out on a final point due to time running out). The first exposure Fix scored was also really questionable, but again bad tactics by Lee taken advantage of by Fix. In match 2, he was once again in control with a 4-1 lead with a minute to go. He once again got too aggressive, tried to throw by an underhook. He got inside tripped into 2 laces for 8 points in the span of about 10 seconds. That was the only 10 seconds of the match where Fix was the better guy and he made it count. Lee closed the gap, but didn't have time to come all the way back. Big time credit to Fix for making the most of his opportunities, especially after getting mauled by Lee the year prior, but saying that he "wrecked" Lee means you're either trying to be polemical or you're a simpleton (perhaps both?).
  20. For years, I've heard about this match, but had never seen the third period because the only youtube video stopped at the end of the second. This may be unpopular, but I don't think it's quite as bad as it was made out to be. To me, there was one really bad call and that was the go behind on the edge. That was clearly not a takedown. Kessel obviously let the moment/crowd get to him in the third period. I can understand how it happened too. I've seen it many times. One wrestler is dominating the whole match and gets caught. After recovering, he continues to dominate, though losing on the scoreboard. The ref gets involved, whether he realizes it or not, to help prevent the lesser wrestler from stealing the match with one move. The cradle was pretty sick, but Churella did absolutely nothing else the entire match. It was a complete stall fest. And I'm saying that as someone who isn't a big Hendricks fan. My favorite match of all time is the Perry final the next year. The stall warning was warranted, though it came at an awkward time as Churella dove in to prevent from backing straight out of bounds. It could have come earlier. The first takedown was correct. Hendricks had both ankles secure for about two seconds, beyond reaction time. I won't comment on the non-fall call. It's hard to see. Wouldn't have a problem with it, but not upset at the no call. The nearfall is absolutely correct assuming the espn clock is correct. He does not land in nearfall criteria until 4 seconds left, meaning it's impossible for Churella to get 3. Tough break for Churella, but the correct call unless the clock was ahead. I don't think that's the case as you can see Kessel count the full set and it's his assistant who tells him after that he only got to 4 before the clock ran out. I've already spoken about the go behind takedown that shouldn't have happened. The final takedown was also correct. Hendricks secured both ankles, Churella dropped to his butt, and Hendrick's head was not buried (a la Steiber-Oliver). That's not even controversial in my opinion. In the end, there's really only 1 really bad call in this match. I think you could make the case that it was evened out by the lack of stall calls against Churella early. Hendricks did all the work the entire match and I think probably should have gotten a point along the way, which cancels out the 2 for 1 exchange on the bad takedown call. Overall, I'm very disappointed by this final period. I was promised a once in a lifetime robbery. This wasn't that.
  21. Now I'm really confused. If you think it's 2 counts then there's no controversy and your whole point becomes moot. You need 3 counts for the takedown.
  22. You should try reading the rules if you're going to cite them. Also, if you think it's 2, the ending wouldn't be "unknown." Sasso would win. The danger call at the end wasn't actually close. It was made to look close because it was shown in slow motion a bunch of times. Lugo isn't caught on his back until there are 2 seconds left on the clock. He also has reaction time at this point as well: "The NDS announcement shall occur anytime a wrestler is voluntarily or involuntarily in the neutral danger zone, beyond reaction time, and will continue until the wrestler is out of the danger zone or a takedown is awarded." So, there's really only about 1 count against him, not anywhere close to three. You can see from where I linked that the BTN clock and official clock are spot on. Watch the clock when Lugo gets frozen on his back. It's at :02. There's a reason this review was so quick compared to most danger zone reviews. It was pretty cut and dry.
  23. "Outside of the talent at 125, there wasn't much talent at 125."
  24. I would put 141, 149, 157, 184, and 197 behind 125 this year because of that top 4. You can also make a legit argument about 165, 174, and heavyweight. I think 165 has a good case to be ahead because of it's overall depth, but the top 4 at 125 are better. 174 has 3 really good guys, but falls off quite a bit after that, but the bottom half of the podium is probably better than the bottom half of 125. Same case with heavyweight. It depends if you value an elite top 4 over a more balanced tough 8. I get that some people can watch Spencer run roughshod over it and assume it's weak, but that top 4 is super legit. I think the top 4 at 133 is better, but no other weight can match it. Rivera took 3rd there last year and was in a really tight one with Glory too and he ended up the top seed at the next weight up which is considered the deepest in the country.
  25. This is your greatest post. "A piece of fruit? No sir, this here is an apple, not a piece of fruit." I salute you.
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