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  1. good call on Allred. under the radar in high school for how good he was. any word on how close he was with schultz? anything on herrera too? thought he was really coming on late in high school after adjusting to the growth spurt, but didn't seem to have a great redshirt year.
  2. i think he's been at 61 a few years now, but was injured for much of that time
  3. Willie was pretty clear that Woods was not the wrestler involved in the Iowa allegations. And your interpretation of "do not contact" is incorrect. It means that Woods had a few schools in mind and would reach out to them himself to let them know. Eierman was the same way. So was Max Dean, who originally was looking at SDSU with Hahn. It just means Woods didn't want 40 coaches calling him when he knew he was going to consider a select few.
  4. people keep acting like he's giving up a stanford degree. he's a graduate transfer. he's getting the best of both worlds.
  5. this would be one of the funniest things to ever happen in college wrestling
  6. murin is better than demas and murin is not a 157. demas had one elite weekend his freshman year and has been very average outside of those 3 days.
  7. i wonder if he'd consider 141 and commit to 65 kg internationally? it's better for their lineup because it allows young to go 133 where he belongs. it's also a ghost land of a weight.
  8. 5x runner up would be a nice karmic punishment for him avoiding any actual punishment for his ped bust
  9. they lost telford to injury too. blew out his knee in the first round and had to default out as the 6 seed. that was my first ncaa's. rough weekend.
  10. do you think there are any valid reasons to prefer duals other than hating penn state?
  11. so disappointing to see such an esteemed wrestling media member come out as a RABID PENN STATE HATER
  12. this is just projection. @TBar1977 saw someone arguing against a format psu dominates and assumed that it's only a ploy to diminish psu's success because that's exactly what HE would do in that scenario. and we know that's what he would do because of his posts last year declaring that psu were the moral victors even though they lost, clearly meant to tamp down enthusiasm for iowa's victory. the problem is that he picked the poster with a decade long history of arguing this point lol
  13. so you want the dual scoring to be changed to 9 points for a pin?
  14. here's a thought @TBar1977: can you articulate why you think the tournament is a better format to determine the team title than duals without just saying "you're all jealous of penn state?"
  15. doesn't even remotely address the comment? you have some comprehension issues? do you not think cael would be just as dominant in a dual format? he is the best coach for sure. i'm pretty sure most of us don't think he would struggle with duals. he would tailor his team building to the format of the championships, just like he does now. and he would still dominate recruiting because individual recruits still want to win individual titles and he's been the best at that. the question comes down to what you think is a better measure of a team: strength across every weight or 4-5 ultra dominant wrestlers? please answer that. either way, cael is still going to win titles.
  16. what's so strange about your obsession is that you seem to not have much faith in Cael. you don't think he would be just as dominant in a dual format? you don't think he would adjust his team building strategy at all? cael isn't capable of building a national championship dual team? if you say so....
  17. i like bonus, but think it's slightly overvalued in tournament scoring. not hard to understand for most functioning adults. my proposal would bring the value of bonus down to what it is in duals -- 1 to 1. why should bonus be more valuable in tournaments than duals? why not have consistency? i don't remember you complaining that teams should get 9 points for pins in duals. did i miss that? bonus would still be hugely important under my proposal, just like it is in duals. psu would be just fine if we gave an extra point for winning matches. not everything is an anti-psu conspiracy. it just doesn't make sense to have a scoring system where a guy goes 1-2, but pins the 32 seed in the first consi round outscores a guy who made the quarters. it is a lot harder to develop a wrestler who can make the quarters than it is to develop a guy who can pin a fringe qualifier and scoring should reflect that.
  18. misleading to talk about open tournament titles. haines isn't touted for winning the edinboro open. he's touted because he beat paddy gallagher at the edinboro open. walker's best win there was over his teammate max maylor. his best win all year was probably fedewa. zero wins over nq type guys and multiple losses to fritz schierl. certainly hasn't shown anything that would prevent them from taking a flyer on a guy like monday if they have the opportunity. and i'm not even high on monday.
  19. i like bonus points. it rewards dominance which is the point of the sport. but they are overvalued in tournaments. or rather, winning matches is undervalued. a r12 finisher should score more than 2 points. i think the easy and obvious solution is to double advancement points. so 2 pts on the front and 1 on the back. i also wouldn't mind seeing bonus halved on the backside. if wins are worth half, why shouldn't bonus be?
  20. tbar's commitment to victimhood is unparalleled. this is the most aggrieved man alive.
  21. this is the same finish pat kennedy hit on facundo at WNO. i've seen it referred to as the horseshoe.
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