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  1. Sure, but I don't think that was fixed. If it were fixed, wouldn't they have made it last longer than a minute after a multi-hour build up?
  2. This x100. It was the worst possible outcome. If it were scripted, the script would have been better. He just got caught with a clean right that he didn't see because he's a bad boxer. He's old, fat, slow, and out of shape.
  3. I don't think Ben Askren was having any trouble paying the bills. It's good money. I hope it was worth it to him because he'll forever be a joke from now on lol.
  4. What are the odds that they just pretend this never happened on FRL this tuesday? Also hilarious that Willie made some money on Askren getting embarassed. Pretty incredible that Askren has managed to totally destroy his legacy. He went from relative unknown, but respect within the mma community, to national punchline.
  5. Lol, he won. He doesn't have to make excuses. He's just stating what happened.
  6. Consistently one of the best interviews in the sport. Thanks for sharing Vak. The Murin thing really stuck out. Incredibly impressive that he was able to do what he did. He looked completely out of gas against Abas, especially in OT. Was close to finishing multiple times and then close to getting out in rideouts, but didn't have the juice. First time in his career I ever saw him tired, but I just chalked it up to being in 4 straight grind matches. Seems like Spencer is planning on giving it a go on no ACLs. Makes me nervous.
  7. Not sure how you got to that point and didn't stop writing. Jake Paul knocked out a much smaller retired basketball player. Let's not go crazy here.
  8. 100%. You judge an athlete in the context of their time. If you watch old tape, you see much more basic technique that has simply been figured out by now, even at the high school level. BUT the true greats, given the same training and resources, would have pushed the sport forward today like they did in their own time. Great evidence for this is that most of those greats are the ones coaching the modern greats today. They're on the forefront of technological advancement even if they aren't the ones competing.
  9. Perry at OTT's right? That was a wild match. Dake had to score late to take that one iirc.
  10. I believe we're just talking about official high school records. If we counted off season tournaments, basically none of these guys would be undefeated.
  11. Good pick up for Zeke. Things seem to finally be coming together at ASU.
  12. Terry has been a head coach before and left that job to return to Iowa. I get the sense he much prefers the on the mat aspects of coaching to the bureaucratic stuff that he doesn't have to deal with as an assistant. While he's not a head coach, you won't find an assistant (other than maybe Cunningham) that gets as much praise for their development of their guys.
  13. You'll get no arguments from me on if he should have gotten some slack, but NU isn't like most schools. Look at how small their roster is. They have to meet the academic standards first, no way around it.
  14. Good point. It's always hard to compare guys from the early eras to the modern guys. Personally, I think the best I ever saw in person was Jason Tsirtsis. He had the two weird losses his freshman year, but he was so ridiculous when he was a senior. Bumped up 2 weight classes at one point in the season and majored Bobby Steveson. He lit up everyone on the national circuit too, including a great showing at the 2012 last chance where he beat Darrion Caldwell. His college career got off the rails a bit due to some tragic off the mat stuff, but came in and won as a freshman. Would have been a great rivalry with Zain. He won all the early match ups.
  15. Thanks, I thought I remembered something about the Cheesehead.
  16. No DT??? Head to head over Steiber. Big win over fellow 4xer Palmer up a weight.
  17. If the Desanto match hadn't happened it would be Spencer by a mile in high school too. Undefeated 4x with multiple world titles.
  18. Lee getting pinned and not qualifying was so wild (Indiana doesn't have full wrestle backs). Bethel was a giant killer. Knocked off Joe Lee in another huge upset the next year I'm pretty sure.
  19. I'm pretty sure one of them was Jamie Clark. Not sure on the other. I believe both of them were very early freshman year.
  20. 3 more Iowa kids who were very close: Cory Clark lost 1 career match to Jack Hathaway as a senior. Avenged it for his 4th title. Teske and Thomsen split matches their senior year to give each other their only career losses en route to 4 titles. Another that comes to mind is Schriever. I don't know if he had losses before this, but he broke his ankle (or something like that), tried to wrestle the state tournament on it, but had to forfeit out in the semis. Finished with 3 titles.
  21. From Indiana off the top of my head: Chad Red, Alex Tsirtsis, and Lance Ellis. Tough to do in single class. I believe Andrew Howe's only career loss was as a freshman to Reece Humphrey in the finals. Escobedo had 1 loss on that same Griffith team with Tsirtsis. Don't know who he lost to. Nick Lee only had 2 losses, both at the state tournament. Micic as a freshman and Red as a junior. Skipped his senior year and finished as the best 1x champ of all time imo.
  22. So basically nobody? Tournament titles are only as good as the people you beat to win them.
  23. I think continuation has to start on the mat. For example, when guys hit doubles on the edge and get rolled through out of bounds, they usually just give 4 because the counter started out of bounds. With Dake's throw, he started his move out of bounds. Gadz was running through an underhook knee pick, Dake planted his back foot and hipped in for the throw. If he had kept that back foot in bounds, he would not have been able to throw. To me, if a guy has to step out of bounds to initiate a counter, he shouldn't get points.
  24. Idk how they usually score it, but it's almost identical to Dake's first 4 on Gadzhimagomedov. Dake stepped out first before launching him. I think it should be 1 personally. If I run a guy to the edge and he has to plant his foot out of bounds to counter, that should be my points.
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