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  1. Iowa is going to payback OSU for the beating they took last year. Next year, OSU will be much improved and we will see this dual return to what it should always be for the foreseeable future. Some of the weights aren't foregone conclusions. I highly doubt that Spencer picks up bonus points on Picc. I could certainly see Boo and Montalvo picking up wins in their matches. Wittlake might be an interesting matchup for Bull... We just don't really know a ton about Wittlake right now. Which Joe Smith shows up? Does it matter? Geer has been struggling, so that's unfortunate. And OSU's heavyweight will probably get pinned. Idk... I could easily see this being a 24-12 type dual... I could easily see this being a 32-6 type dual too.
  2. Lugo being clearly better than Boo is news to everybody else that follows the sport.
  3. Why is this forum so combative? Not even worth it. Y'all are some dickheads.
  4. I believe that the rise of women's wrestling will lead to expansion in the sport on the men's side as well. Especially in the south. If you can get 16 scholarships for women, it's easy to offset that with the 9.5 for the men and the equipment is the same.... so might as well have both programs. Heck you could probably have the same coaching staff for both.
  5. Well unfortunately OSU can't really control that. Big 10 hasn't sent an invite yet. Something about being able to read and not really wanting anything to do with a cow college that serves an impoverished state?
  6. I'm cautiously optimistic about Wittlake. Seems like he is handling the weight and the schedule really well. I think his struggles in redshirt were because he was wrestling up at 174... Not because of lack of talent, so I think 165 is the more natural weight. All that said he hasn't really wrestled anybody that can give him a solid challenge with the exception of Griffith, who beat him... So hopefully his success to this point translates in March. Sidenote: I'm a pretty huge OSU homer... Something very absent from this board.
  7. As an OSU fan, John Smith gets to write his own ending at OSU. He's certainly earned that... and, frankly, even with the lack of titles over the last 15 years it's not like OSU is putting up duds at NCAAs every year. I think the average finish since Cael went to Penn State is 3. Still getting top recruiting classes, even without a fancy facility. Still putting out incredible coaches across the country and helping to grow the sport. John Smith will not be fired from OSU. It's a ridiculous assertion.
  8. I think Plott is a threat to be a finalist as a freshman at 174. That weight class almost completely clears out after this season... and he's proven himself against some of the top freshman and redshirts at 184 this season.
  9. Ferrari needs to go 197. He isn't big enough to get that heavy. He's maybe 6' tall and doesn't have the frame of a heavyweight. Compare that to a guy like Kirkvliet or Steveson, who are both over 6'3" and have enormous frames, and Ferrari would be biting off way more than he can chew. The comment about Streck is unnecessary. He made a mistake and he is getting a second chance after being very thoroughly vetted. The best bet is that Ferrari stays at 197 for his career and Kyle Haas is the one that bumps up to heavyweight. Haas is 6'2" or so and has a good frame to put on the weight to go heavy. I don't know why G isn't in the lineup this year. John Smith said it was grades. Idk. If he's not the guy... Brevin Balmaceda has been having a solid redshirt season at 141 so he possibly goes. Maybe Kaid goes 141, Fix goes 133, and one of the freshmen goes 125. Maybe Kaid goes 133 and Witcraft goes 141. I don't know. My bet is that G gets things straightened out after a year off.
  10. Your little bird is way off. Ferrari is about as disciplined as they come. Very strict on the diet. Only wants to compete. Strong family dynamic. He's not going anywhere else and his scholarship certainly wasn't pulled. Just trying to drum up the, what, three OSU fans on here? Come on.
  11. There's only one hole.... and it's at heavyweight. OSU is going to send 9 guys to NCAAs, Sheets being one of them, and I would bet that Sheets and Montalvo are two that are going to be seeded low with a great opportunity to upset some people and advance at least a couple of rounds. Heck... even Reece Witcraft is a thrower that can make some things happen. OSU has nine top 25 wrestlers in the lineup this year... and it's a rebuilding year! Don't listen to the Flo guys when they say that OSU isn't going to place in the top 10. It's not realistic. Then when you start getting into next season? If this is the lineup they run out... you can't seriously tell me they won't compete for a title. 125: Daton Fix - NCAA Finalist. Junior world champ. Senior world team member. 133: Kaid Brock - 2x AA. Top 15 recruit. 141: Kaden Gfeller - Top 15 recruit 149: Boo Lewallen - Returning AA. Top 25 recruit. 157: Wyatt Sheets -or- one of the redshirt freshmen - A couple of top 30 recruits. Sheets getting better. 165: Travis Wittlake - Cadet world medalist. Top 6 recruit. Current top 10 NCAA as Rs Fr. 174: Dustin Plott - Top 2 recruit. 184: Dakota Geer - Returning AA. 197: AJ Ferrari - #1 Recruit. HWT: Shawn Streck - NCAA qualifier from Purdue. That's a contending lineup... Iowa will be great again. Penn State probably will be too. Nebraska, Cornell, etc. Will be good too... but if you're counting out Oklahoma State, you're very mistaken.
  12. Lee C


    Boo's also beaten Pohlmeyer now. He can only wrestle who is in front of him, and certainly deserved the #1 ranking until this past weekend. As to how it should be ranked, giving Brayton the nod is ridiculous. Go watch that bout and you will see that it really wasn't close between the two. The guys up here in this weight class are all very talented... you can't punish the ones that aren't in the Big 10 just because their schedule isn't tough. It's not OSU's fault that programs aside from Iowa aren't keen on coming to Stillwater. Rutgers is a good example. OSU helped them get their first sellout in the RAC last season, and then burned us by cancelling the return trip. Chicken sh*t.
  13. Hopefully Tom Ryan has the stones to report this to the NCAA to launch an investigation.
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