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  1. Probably more to do with Okie State being a place that has proven repeatedly that you will be a national and Olympic champion if you show up and do the work. The proximity to home, the coach being a strong Italian catholic, and the lineup fit was part of it... but Rutgers fans deluded themselves into thinking that they’re on the same level as Ok State.
  2. Name a coach that isn’t. The Brands brothers? Cael, John Smith, Bono, Pop... all pretty outspoken Christians who make that a priority. Not rooting his coaching in faith probably cost Rutgers the #1 recruit this last season.
  3. Okie State's scholarships and coaching salaries are all fully endowed.
  4. Pretty obvious they aren't going to be building that new facility any time soon.
  5. What's wrong with Slay? He's an awesome dude. If y'all don't like him I hope he comes back to Texas and starts an RTC here in Dallas... Which is a far more desirable city than anywhere in the Northeast anyway. And the talent is certainly here. Just begging for somebody to come in and develop it.
  6. When is the NCAA going to crack down on Scraplife handing out endorsement payments to Penn State wrestlers while they are still participating in college?
  7. The entire premise of Askren's argument was garbage. Especially the chess comparison. Chess is a game of learned moves and patterns, and the best players have long just been those that analyze what their opponent does and then taking the next step based on a library of moves and knowledge. That's why machine learning algorithms have been better at chess than humans since the late 90s. FRL has really gone down hill since Askren joined. His analysis is crap on wrestlers. He holds grudges against certain programs. I've stopped listening for the most part... And will continue that after listening to this episode. Askren is always right and nobody will ever have a counterpoint adequate to change his view. He's a classic idiot.
  8. He had to cheat to beat Fix.
  9. I mean Demas would probably be lucky to finish better than 3rd in the Big 12 at 149...
  10. No we just hope he is doing what is best for him. There's no question where Ringer's loyalty lies. He just thinks this will make him better, and there's the personal decision of doing what is best for his lady. Hopefully this gets him a spot on the Olympic team. When his hand gets raised, you'll still see the OSU logo. And OSU will be fine without him. The program didn't crumble when Mark Branch and Chris Pendleton left. Or when Coleman Scott left. This is something we are pretty used to.
  11. Wittlake is staying at 165. Dustin Plott will go 174 as a true freshman, most likely.
  12. Another day, another AJ Ferrari post referencing his commitment to OSU and excitement to be a Cowboy. Sure is acting like a guy that is on the fence about it.
  13. Got me a full academic scholarship 15 years ago... I don't think it's changed that much.
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