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  1. Totally agreed with you Idaho. Chris mentored under Zeke Jones for years and understands the efforts involved. It's going to be a project which may takes years to develop but I'm sure he's up to the task. Good luck Coaches Pendelton, Martinez and Engle, I'll be following closely.
  2. Thanks Bronco, appreciate all your efforts in putting this together.
  3. Pendleton and Martinez both attended the same high school in the central valley, Lemoore High. They have a long time connection with California wrestling. Will do wonders for recruiting.
  4. MM, seen that, starts at 3:00 PT. Plan on tuning in. Thanks
  5. I was just happy to get some live sports. My ESPN+ subscription was pretty useless up until Saturday evening.
  6. Henry Cejudo winner by TKO over Dominic Cruz..........and then announces his retirement. We'll see.........Dana White needs to pay him what he asks for.
  7. https://thesundevils.com/documents/2019/11/17/Record_Book_2019_20_.pdf https://static.pac-12.com/sports/wrestling/pdf/WRESTLING.pdf CURRENT PAC-12 MEMBERS Oregon State Arizona State CS Bakersfield Stanford Cal Poly Little Rock Arkansas, added program in 2019 DROPPED PROGRAMS Boise State, 2017 Oregon, 2008 Washington, 1981 Washington State, 1987 UCLA, 1981 Arizona, 1982 California, 1980 CS Fullerton, 2010 Fresno State, 1991 Portland State, 2009 San Jose State, 1988 UC Davis, 2010 Utah State, 1989
  8. Thomas Lane placed 3rd. 197 pounds: No. 9 Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) def. Nathan Traxler (Stanford). F; 1:38 • Norfleet wasted little time in the championship match as he posted a fall in the first round. It was his third fall of the season. • Norfleet improved to 14-3 on the season, while Traxler goes to 20-5. • Thomas Lane (Cal Poly) placed third over J.J. Dixon (Oregon State) with a major decision, 11-3. • The Pac-12 received three allocations at 197 for the NCAA Championships. In addition to Norfleet, NCAA qualifiers include Traxler and Lane.
  9. Nice graphic Idaho. Thanks Bronco, appreciate all your efforts promoting PAC-12 wrestling.
  10. Thanks Bronco, appreciate all your efforts.
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