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  1. Cal Poly - Oregon State dual just underway on PAC-12 Network.
  2. Thanks guys, the entire stream was very annoying due to the constant buffering's and restarts I had to endure. Final score was 19-14 ??
  3. Can someone please tell me what the score is at intermission. I've had to refresh about 15 times, the stream is constantly buffering.
  4. ASU vs Lehigh live Stream starts in 5 minutes. https://watchstadium.com/live/arizona-state-at-lehigh/
  5. Where are the places to eat/drink near the stadium? Walking distant between sessions?
  6. There is one PAC-12 conference dual left between Cal Poly and Oregon St. on Saturday. The outcomes don't seen to have much affect on current standings or head to head results. If we use Bronco's detailed weight match results it appears that ASU and Stanford wrestles will receive most of the quarter-final byes with remaining 4 wrestlers fighting for semi-final spots, (eight man bracket with #1 and #2 getting byes). After the finals, if needed, they will hold matches for 'true second', which may elevate a third place finisher up to second and can possibly pick up a allocated/wild card spot for NCAA's.
  7. No tickets yet or follow up text/email.
  8. Know what you are saying Idaho, I'm only speculating. This whole NCAA allocation issue is confusing, we get what we get.
  9. With the addition of Little Rock and their low RPI ranking, I don't expect the PAC-12 to get more then the 17 allocations they received last year, plus perhaps a couple wild cards. There are only 18 wrestlers in the latest NCAA RPI rankings from the PAC. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-02-13/ncaa-releases-division-i-wrestling-coaches-panel-and-rpi-rankings
  10. Notre Dame or LSU. I even hate the movie 'Rudy'.
  11. Just returned from Bakersfield, the dual started at 141 I'm sure at the request of CSB's coaches trying to expose ASU's black hole. Well they did, Demison got pinned in his return to his old stomping grounds, (Bakersfield HS, 2X State Champ), Ulrey in place of Maruca who won last night at Cal Poly got majored. After that it was all ASU. Really happy for Austin Clayton, a pin last night at CP and a hard fought win today filling in for Zahid Valencia. Kramer gets a win and looked good doing it against Chance Rich. Anthony Valencia gets a quick pins just like he did last night at CP. Dual was on the Main Soccer Field, the weather was very nice. Even scored a free CSBU Tee-Shirt given away to the first 100 spectators. Arizona State 31, Cal State Bakersfield 10 141: Angelo Martinoni (CSU Bakersfield) over Navonte Demison (Arizona State) (Fall 0:16) 149: Russell Rohlfing (CSU Bakersfield) over Dillion Ulrey (Arizona State) (MD 12-1) 157: Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) over Wyatt Gerl (CSU Bakersfield) (Dec 6-3) 165: Joshua Shields (Arizona State) over Jacob Thalin (CSU Bakersfield) (MD 13-4) 174: Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) over Albert Urias (CSU Bakersfield) (Fall 0:41) 184: Austin Clayton (Arizona State) over Josh Loomer (CSU Bakersfield) (Dec 2-0) 197: Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) over Josh Annis (CSU Bakersfield) (TF 19-4 5:00) 285: Tanner Hall (Arizona State) over Jarrod Snyder (CSU Bakersfield) (Dec 6-2) 125: Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) over Alejandro Hernandez-Figueroa (CSU Bakersfield) (MD 14-6) 133: Joshua Kramer (Arizona State) over Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield) (Dec 8-3)
  12. North Dakota State 28, Stanford 13 165: Shane Griffith (Stanford) over Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) (Dec 5-0) 174: Luke Weber (North Dakota State) over Gabe Dinette (Stanford) (Fall 3:33) 184: Noah Cressell (North Dakota State) over Nick Addison (Stanford) (Dec 7-2) 197: Nathan Traxler (Stanford) over Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) (Dec 10-5) 285: Brandon Metz (North Dakota State) over Trevor Rasmussen (Stanford) (MD 14-5) 125: Jackson DiSario (Stanford) over McGwire Midkiff (North Dakota State) (Dec 8-3) 133: Cameron Sykora (North Dakota State) over Luciano Arroyo (Stanford) (Fall 3:41) 141: Real Woods (Stanford) over Dylan Droegemueller (North Dakota State) (MD 10-1) 149: Jaden VanMaanen (North Dakota State) over Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) (Inj. 0:47) 157: Jared Franek (North Dakota State) over Tyler Eischens (Stanford) (Dec 9-6)
  13. Oregon State 42, Little Rock 0 125: Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) over Jayden Carson (Little Rock) (MD 15-4) 133: Devan Turner (Oregon State) over Paul Bianchi (Little Rock) (Dec 8-6) 141: Grant Willits (Oregon State) over Conner Ward (Little Rock) (MD 10-0) 149: Lane Stigall (Oregon State) over Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) (Dec 9-3) 157: Logan Meek (Oregon State) over Jose Champagne (Little Rock) (Dec 12-5) 165: Aaron Olmos (Oregon State) over William Edgar (Little Rock) (Dec 11-5) 174: Jackson Mckinney (Oregon State) over Cash Jones (Little Rock) (TF 15-0 4:54) 184: Colt Doyle (Oregon State) over matthew muller (Little Rock) (TF 16-0 2:30) 197: J.J Dixon (Oregon State) over James Johnson (Little Rock) (Fall 4:10) 285: Jamarcus Grant (Oregon State) wins by forfeit
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