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  1. The Cowboy Hat at Doc Buchanan high school tourney in Clovis, CA.
  2. #8 HWT Hillger pins #3 Orndorff in overtime
  3. https://thesundevils.com/documents/2019/11/17/Record_Book_2019_20_.pdf
  4. Congrats to ASU and the coaching staff. Have been to many dual's at ASU, this one was special because of the crowd and emotions. PSU fans were great and very supportive of their team, (my ears are still ringing from the two gals behind me). College wrestling at it's best.
  5. During HS, Anthony finished 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st. Zahid finished 1st, 3rd, 1st, 1st http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/cif-state-championships-4x-champions-finalists-placers-club-since-1973/
  6. Ran into Coach Jones this morning while I was buying my tickets at ASU. He said Jacori would be a "Game Time" decision if he wrestles or not.
  7. Headed to Arizona tomorrow to watch my granddaughter play volleyball, and attend ASU-PSU dual Friday evening.
  8. I follow women's wrestling more than men's GR. Have attended a few HS tourney's, lots of pins but good entertainment.
  9. He lost to Josh Kramer in the wrestle-offs 7-6. Kramer last week placed 2nd at the Journeyman Classic. Along the way he defeated three ranked wrestlers. 133 -- Josh Kramer (2nd place) Round one - Josh Kramer DEC #12 Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma), 3-1 Round two - Josh Kramer DEC #15 Nick Farro (Lehigh), 10-5 Round three - Josh Kramer DEC #10 DJ Fehlman (Lock Haven), SV1 6-4 Round four – Sammy Alvarez (Unattached-Rutgers) DEC Josh Kramer, 11-6 Kramer is currently ranked 12th by Flo at 133. As for Chlebove's status I assume Coach Jones will have a decision to make weather to redshirt or bump up to challenge Cory Crooks. I have no inside info, purely speculation.
  10. Anthony has already redshirted 2 years, true freshman year and last year, if it matters.
  11. If things have changed from last year, please explain it to us. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2019-03-01/ncaa-division-i-wrestling-qualifier-allocations-2019-championships
  12. Being a ASU follower, it has been difficult watching Maruca the past few years. He's showed good skills one match and gets beaten the next match by an assumed inferior opponent. I have hoped for the best yet get disappointed. Don't really see him qualifying for the NCAA's this year with Van Der Merwe and Rohlfing rated above him in the PAC-12, given the fact that only the champion has an automatic berth. (NOTE: PAC-12 only had a total of 17 qualifiers last year)
  13. Very confusing tourney format. instead of 10 champs, they have 40+ champs. Also hard to follow on Flo, weights jumped around all the time and match-ups/brackets confusing.
  14. Nick Raimo, Trey Munoz and Cohlton Schultz all place 1st. in their respective weight class. https://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1573422544410&pageName=
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