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  1. ASU has Stanford scheduled for Thursday, February 28th @ Palo Alto. https://thesundevils.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  2. Anybody know the current team score? the person reporting on twitter must not be an ex-wrestler and is more interested in using emojis to highlight her/his point. Just the facts please.
  3. The Open Mat has him at #12. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-rankings/ncaa-di-college-wrestling-individual-rankings-january-5th-2021/79752
  4. Thanks Idaho, as mentioned it was a bit difficult following the live 'extra' matches. But in all it went well, (after the early delay), it was definitely nice to see some live wrestling.
  5. According to ASU website, the Little Rock dual on Saturday, January 2nd. will be streamed on ASU Live Stream. Starting time still to be determined. https://thesundevils.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  6. I worked overseas with his nephew, Milton. Boy, did he have some stories about 'Uncle Danny'.
  7. ASU will open the season on Saturday January 2nd. against Little Rock at home. No mention if it will be streamed on PAC-12 network. https://www.facebook.com/SunDevilWrestling/photos/a.164071374113/10159272758719114/
  8. Maroon & Gold Scrimmage Bouts Results (lbs): Gold (24) def. Maroon (18) 133: McGee (Gold) def. Fincher (Maroon): Tech 17-2, 5:32 165: Valencia (Maroon) def. Torres (Gold): Fall 4:28 174: Munoz (Gold) def. Rochford (Maroon): MD 15-1 HWT: Norfleet (Maroon) def. Remer (Gold)/Palosika (Gold): Tech 22-0, 7:00 149: Crooks (Gold) def. Roberto (Maroon): Tech 20-4, 5:49 184: Belshay (Maroon) def. Nummer (Gold): Dec. 10-3 125: Courtney (Gold) def. Fincher (Maroon): MD 11-2 157: Teemer (Maroon) def. Torres (Gold): MD 10-2 174: Munoz (Gold) def. Moltz (Maroon): Tech 17-0, 4:20
  9. Coach Jones has been doing this for at least the last three years. Wrestle-offs are normally the week of the upcoming dual. He often has 2-3 wrestlers weigh-in and makes match-up decisions as the dual progresses. In last years Maroon and Gold, Anthony Valencia wrestled three different guys in two matches.
  10. https://thesundevils.com/news/2020/12/15/sun-devil-wrestling-hosts-maroon-gold-intrasquad-on-saturday.aspx
  11. Tony Okada was a 2 time California State Champ. He was trained by his Father Ted Okada who was a US Judo team member in the 70's. Tony represented the US on the 1992 Olympic team as a 19 year old. He attended San Jose State but not as a wrestler, rather to train in Judo.
  12. Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce Jenner. Lamar Odoms Kanye West OJ Simpson Any of those Kardashian dudes, they must have had the mental strength to handle anything.
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