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  1. Hofstra's EIWA opponents this season are Binghamton, Long Island, Columbia, F & M, Harvard, Brown & Sacred Heart. A well executed plan it is!
  2. Darmstadt's a monster. He's entitled to a bad day. But every day is a bad day for that Cornell announcer on ESPN+. Must be Koll's brother in law to have gotten that job. Think I'll be hearing him say "Johnny Loew" in my sleep.
  3. Does anybody have a recipe that calls for sour grapes.?
  4. I hate chest pounding, flexing, screaming and other clich├ęd and unsportsmanlike displays of self congratulation. Coaches should discourage it and tell their charges that modesty is cool.
  5. I think your problem is not enough wrestlers to choose from. I mean, only 49 on the roster and ...... what? ...... a couple dozen or so gray shirting in your prep school?
  6. Maybe Army should have sent that fourth stringer in against Weiler.
  7. My defense? Jeez, I didn't realize I'm on trial. What's the maximum term I'm subject to?
  8. Not being forced to agree but it's an "azzwhole move" to disagree. Ooooookay. Such a wonderful person you are for expressing your condolences with respect to Kobe Bryant on a wrestling forum. But if you're such a wonderful person, why publicly call someone an "azzwhole" just because he thinks it an inappropriate topic for the forum?
  9. Why o why is this on here?
  10. Different issue entirely, upon which I haven't opined. Merely suggested that some of the seniors may not be happy with their team in their final year having been sacrificed for "the future". Admit that Ugarte has a point, though, that a couple might be pleased that the situation has allowed them entry into the lineup.
  11. In that case four. And two are out of their league.
  12. Three, I think. And one of the three is out of his league.
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