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  1. Mills vs Lehigh's Caruso (HM), 3 time national champion when freshmen were ineligible and lost one bout in his entire high school and college career, would have been interesting.
  2. The tall guy wearing his team's hat sitting in front of you.
  3. "Sidd Finch is a fictional baseball player, the subject of the notorious April Fools' Day hoax article "The Curious Case of Sidd Finch" written by George Plimpton and first published in the April 1, 1985, issue of Sports Illustrated."
  4. And Wrestler 1 had a clear win over Wrestler 2.
  5. Left out the great boxing oldie "The Harder They Fall."
  6. The Ivy League cancelled all spring sport activities but left it up to the individual schools as to winter sports. I haven't seen anything about Harvard dropping out of the NCAAs for wrestling.
  7. I stood out in the cold for 15 minutes on Saturday morning so as to get a seat in a mostly Lehigh section on the aisle in the last row of the blue seats so that nobody would jam their knees into the back of my seat,, drape their coat over me or spill their food on me, only to be told that the last row of the blue seats on both sides of the arena - though unmarked- are for the handicapped. So I migrated to an aisle seat in the second row of the yellow seats among a group of Columbia fans and across from some Army fans. The Hartmans and the Werts were not happy.
  8. The Russians have infiltrated in order to try to undermine credibility and create chaos in the seeding.
  9. EIWAs already booked through 2023: Cornell, Penn, Bucknell.
  10. Berreyesa used to do a lot of greco style stuff from neutral. In the bouts I've seen him in since he's come back he's seemed to have abandoned that style for a more conventional folk style. He seemed to do better with his former style.
  11. Quite possible that Lehigh gets anywhere from 1 to 5 AAs. Taking the midpoint gives you 3 - with only Kutler having a good shot at a high finish.
  12. Hofstra's EIWA opponents this season are Binghamton, Long Island, Columbia, F & M, Harvard, Brown & Sacred Heart. A well executed plan it is!
  13. Darmstadt's a monster. He's entitled to a bad day. But every day is a bad day for that Cornell announcer on ESPN+. Must be Koll's brother in law to have gotten that job. Think I'll be hearing him say "Johnny Loew" in my sleep.
  14. Does anybody have a recipe that calls for sour grapes.?
  15. I hate chest pounding, flexing, screaming and other clich├ęd and unsportsmanlike displays of self congratulation. Coaches should discourage it and tell their charges that modesty is cool.
  16. I think your problem is not enough wrestlers to choose from. I mean, only 49 on the roster and ...... what? ...... a couple dozen or so gray shirting in your prep school?
  17. Maybe Army should have sent that fourth stringer in against Weiler.
  18. My defense? Jeez, I didn't realize I'm on trial. What's the maximum term I'm subject to?
  19. Not being forced to agree but it's an "azzwhole move" to disagree. Ooooookay. Such a wonderful person you are for expressing your condolences with respect to Kobe Bryant on a wrestling forum. But if you're such a wonderful person, why publicly call someone an "azzwhole" just because he thinks it an inappropriate topic for the forum?
  20. Why o why is this on here?
  21. Different issue entirely, upon which I haven't opined. Merely suggested that some of the seniors may not be happy with their team in their final year having been sacrificed for "the future". Admit that Ugarte has a point, though, that a couple might be pleased that the situation has allowed them entry into the lineup.
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