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  1. I hate post bout flexing. I hate post bout screaming. So you can imagine what I think of this kid.
  2. Jim Nance, Syracuse, two time ncaa champion in wrestling, all american in football.
  3. He committed there and didn't even know the right name of the place? I guess Northwestern's academic standards aren't what they're reputed to be.
  4. witwhiz

    Cornell U.

    Is Dake staying on as an assistant now that Gwiz is coming in? If so, kinda woulda expected it to be announced at the same time as the Gwiz appointment.
  5. Don't think I'd characterize Vtech as a "top school" unless you're talking about size and not quality. UVA admits about 24% of its applicants. Vtech admits 70%. No mystery as to why the latter is a wrestling power.
  6. Do you think that Koll would have taken the job without being confident that, with the admission standards that will be applied to wrestlers, he could build a top 10 team?
  7. Stanford typically appears as having the most successful sports programs in Division 1 - and it's not a big school You don't get all those top athletes by imposing stringent admission requirements for athletes.
  8. Bader does the worst interviews I've ever witnessed.
  9. The Bob Mathias Story.
  10. Why's he called "Gas Tank"? Does he fart a lot when he wrestles?
  11. I worked with a guy who went to Michigan for undergrad and grad school. Would proudly tell us how he was rooting for the U.S. to lose in Olympic competitions. Strange dude.
  12. You left out another twitter posting by Dean from even date: "The truth of why this is all happening will eventually prevail. It always does."
  13. Most of you folks have taken Koll's bait. Read what Dean wrote - not what Koll had to say.
  14. Koll will bring in the best wrestlers he can get regardless of who's on the roster.
  15. It's a case of unrequited love.
  16. Easy to act magnanimous when you're the winner. The test is how you act when you lose.
  17. Not Cox's first monumental Olympic faux pas.
  18. witwhiz

    Cornell U.

    Not unheard of to get injured or ill during the course of a three day tournament. And maybe I'm missing something, but how could his guys have gotten bad seeds when they weren't in the tournament?
  19. witwhiz

    Cornell U.

    I'm ok with Koll and the Seven Year Itch. What bothers me about Koll was his statement to the wrestling world that he would have had four finalists and seven or eight AAs. Pretty bush league to publicly announce what you would have but didn't accomplish - particularly in wrestling where injuries, illnesses, subpar performances, opponents' overperformances, tough seeding, bad refereeing and other complications interfere with the best laid plans.
  20. witwhiz


    Do they play guitar?
  21. Not as bad as "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" when it comes to famous dumb sports one liners, but pretty bad.
  22. To quote JFK, "Life is unfair." Get over it.
  23. Wasn't that scheduled pre Covid? Are you sure they won't be at Cornell next year?
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