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  1. 21 minutes ago, Major Kong said:

    Everyone on here uses NW, but it's NU (for anyone who cares) And when this kid committed, he called it the "University of Northwestern". Doomed from the start. Sad for us NU fans.

    He committed there and didn't even know the right name of the place?  I guess Northwestern's academic standards aren't what they're reputed to be.

  2. On 6/1/2021 at 7:24 PM, jdalu75 said:

    I don't know if the situation is similar in New York, but in Virginia the top schools like UVA and Virginia Tech are required to accept in-state CC transfers with GPAs of 3.4 or higher.  Not the easiest thing to do, but probably easier than the 1400 SATs and the "unique" background that UVA wants in its applicants.  Cornell's Ag school may be required to accept New York CC transfers above a given GPA, which would explain such a high transfer rate.


    Don't think I'd characterize Vtech as a "top school" unless you're talking about size and not quality.  UVA admits about 24% of its applicants.  Vtech admits 70%.  No mystery as to why the latter is a wrestling power.

  3. On 5/15/2021 at 12:41 PM, iwrite said:

    NJDan -- you are right on the mark! In my book "A Journey: Reflections on 50 Years of Writing, Wrestling, Weightlifting and Heroes", I devote several pages to the times I spent with Bob. Here is a small part of the story: "He shocked the entire world by winning the decathlon at the age of 17. I  consider that the single most amazing performance in all of sports history. How can it be possible for a 17-year-old to win the most demanding all-around athletic competition devised by man when he barely knew the rules? Mathias had only trained for a couple of months after his  coach at Tulare High School in California first told him about the event. The decathlon is the supreme test of a person's overall athletic ability, proven in ten very diverse events, split over two days. He won a second gold medal at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, shattering the world record by 912 points -- and making Bob the first athlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal and play in the Rose Bowl the same year!" 

    It's a  little-known fact that Bob was planning on going for gold again in 1956, but the AAU ruled him ineligible because  he had starred as himself in "The Bob Mathias Story", saying that took away his amateur status.

    Another brief story -- Glen Brand,  Olympic wrestling champion in 1948, told me that he was in the stands when Bob won in London that year and he regarded Bob as the greatest athlete he had ever seen!

    That movie's hard to find but I recently was able to get a copy from an off the wall internet site. Always loved the track and field events in the Olympics.  Bud Greenspan put together some terrific stuff for tv on them.  Didn't know about his plans for '56.  In the movie, he swears that his first will be his last - until a bunch of neighborhood kids convince him to change his mind.  In the movie he seemed like a very modest, low key guy.  Not at all like the screaming, muscle flexing blowhards who are so common in sports in recent times.





  4. 7 minutes ago, klehner said:

    "I want to publicly make a statement that the news being generated right now has nothing to do with Spartan or Spartan Combat at all. Spartan Combat has done nothing but help the Cornell program and there is no animosity. I have greatly appreciated all their support."

    How does that in any way contradict what Koll said in the Flo intervew?

    You left out another twitter posting by Dean from even date:

    "The truth of why this is all happening will eventually prevail.  It always does."

  5. 40 minutes ago, ionel said:

    True but none of his guys were injured/dinged up going into the the week of NCAA and none got bad seeds/draws ... so ... he had that going for him.  ;_;

    Not unheard of to get injured or ill during the course of a three day tournament.  And maybe I'm missing something, but how could his guys have gotten bad seeds when they weren't in the tournament?

  6. I'm ok with Koll and the Seven Year Itch.

    What  bothers me about Koll was his statement to the wrestling world that he would have had four finalists and seven or eight AAs. Pretty bush league to publicly announce what you would have but didn't accomplish - particularly in wrestling where injuries, illnesses, subpar performances, opponents' overperformances, tough seeding, bad refereeing and other complications interfere with the best laid plans.

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