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  1. Darmstadt's a monster. He's entitled to a bad day. But every day is a bad day for that Cornell announcer on ESPN+. Must be Koll's brother in law to have gotten that job. Think I'll be hearing him say "Johnny Loew" in my sleep.
  2. Does anybody have a recipe that calls for sour grapes.?
  3. I hate chest pounding, flexing, screaming and other clich├ęd and unsportsmanlike displays of self congratulation. Coaches should discourage it and tell their charges that modesty is cool.
  4. I think your problem is not enough wrestlers to choose from. I mean, only 49 on the roster and ...... what? ...... a couple dozen or so gray shirting in your prep school?
  5. Maybe Army should have sent that fourth stringer in against Weiler.
  6. My defense? Jeez, I didn't realize I'm on trial. What's the maximum term I'm subject to?
  7. Not being forced to agree but it's an "azzwhole move" to disagree. Ooooookay. Such a wonderful person you are for expressing your condolences with respect to Kobe Bryant on a wrestling forum. But if you're such a wonderful person, why publicly call someone an "azzwhole" just because he thinks it an inappropriate topic for the forum?
  8. Why o why is this on here?
  9. Different issue entirely, upon which I haven't opined. Merely suggested that some of the seniors may not be happy with their team in their final year having been sacrificed for "the future". Admit that Ugarte has a point, though, that a couple might be pleased that the situation has allowed them entry into the lineup.
  10. In that case four. And two are out of their league.
  11. Three, I think. And one of the three is out of his league.
  12. I wonder how Tucker, Womack, Baughman, Dawkins and the other seniors are enjoying their team being the sacrificial lamb in their final year.
  13. He'd done it before but it may be of somewhat recent vintage.
  14. D3, speaking of announcers, I find it really annoying, unoriginal and bush league the way Lehigh's announcer elongates each Lehigh wrestler's name when he introduces him at the time of his bout. Something you'd expect at a "pro" wrestling match.
  15. That includes the bouts where he got pinned, right?
  16. Also, will Womack be available for Cornell? Probable bonus points if not. It's been written close to definitively that Hoffman's out.
  17. Well, the grey shirts at Cornell may not have the benefit of full time coaching by the staff of their college to be, but they also don't have to carry a full course load like redshirts - the burden depending, of course, upon the academic rigor of the particular college. The grey shirts at Cornell can take no college courses at all if they wish. And if they take courses, they're at a local community college or on-line with the credits transferrable to Cornell (usually it's SUNY branch) once they enroll. So I wouldn't agree that they are underprivileged vis-a-vis redshirts - especially when compared with redshirts at an academically rigorous college.
  18. Does that include the South Beach Duals? Kind of surprised Lehigh's so low as a dual meet team after handily beating Minnesota and Missouri. A number of their wrestlers beat higher ranked opponents as well.
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