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  1. You have Cornell wrestling 5 duals. Their schedule only shows 4, with no SDS.
  2. Lost to the 10th seed in the Round of 16. Edit: Mistake on Flo. Hasn't wrestled that bout yet. Edit #2: Turns out Flo was prophetic. Berreyesa loses 3-1.
  3. Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.”
  4. When you're highly successful by exploiting your unique advantage and gaming the system to the max - even if legal - you can expect a little criticism, eh?
  5. I agree with Ugarte as to the probability of Cornell's modus having been vetted and approved by those in the know. Based upon what I've read, I'd guess that there are probably at least 10 people in Cornell's Compliance Office making a total of $2 mil a year or more to figure such things out. I was just curious as to how Cornell's Finger Lakes farm system worked.
  6. Ugarte later wrote: "Duh. You haven't explained why this violates any coherent generally-applicable standard, much less any rule. It's a gap year, spent in the shadow of the school, training for an activity the kids *want* to train for. FLWC has its own coaching staff. I don't naively assume there is no joint activity or coordination - there's clearly overlap (Dake, for example) but I also assume that the Cornell staff is careful about the recruiting contact rules. "Train together" is definitely an exaggeration. I assume NLWC is equally careful about the distinction between the RTC and the school. Hmmm. We seem to have a difference in peoples' take on the facts here. And do the recruiting rules apply once a kid has committed to a college? And if so, how can there be any contact, or "overlap" as Ugarte phrases it.
  7. Yeah, that was me. But my understanding is that even though a grayshirt isn't part of the team, at least at Cornell they regularly practice with the team under supervision of the coaches. So I don't see much difference there. And any disadvantage in that respect pales in comparison with the advantage of a lack of a simultaneous academic burden in one's first season with the team (at least at Cornell).
  8. wrestling nerd wrote in part, "If the grayshirts don't want to take any courses, then they'll have to pay for that by completing their coursework in 4 years." Well, that shouldn't be a problem at Cornell. After all, this is the Ivy League we're talking about.
  9. But doesn't it do more than even the playing field? Redshirts have to carry a full academic load while they're improving their wrestling skills. At FLWC, the group doesn't have to be distracted by academics at all.
  10. At the risk of being internetally castrated, as it were, by certain LU fans, I don't see anything stopping you Cornell guys from participating in the Lehigh Valley Message Board which has become the primary forum for LU wrestling. https://www.lehighsportsforum.com/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=886b5183ef40517ae7ad4c366aafe50b.
  11. That must be a pretty good size house owned by the Cornell alum to house all 14 (according to wrestlestat) FLWC/Cornell wrestlers. Who pays for their meals, their equipment, their tournament and transportation fees, and other expenses? Who provides health services not covered by medical insurance?
  12. Still waiting for an answer to my question of who pays for/provides what when a kid is a member of the FLRC.
  13. Is it on their own dime? Who pays for what when one is at the FLWC?
  14. "You don't have to take courses." This is worse than I thought.
  15. When Womack had a monster first year he was "Bama". After that, he became "Womack."
  16. There was a pretty good size crowd for the Lehigh dual. Will probably be an even better turnout to watch their team take the Ivy title from Cornell.
  17. I would say that you're significantly below par.
  18. I suspect that Smith was mad at himself. A fan on the OSU wrestling forum wrote that Smith, on his weekly radio show, said that he had brought a back-up - Wilson - whom he hadn't required to be able to make weight on Saturday because he didn't wanted him to have to cut twice and didn't think he'd need him since Witcraft had wrestled on Friday. Seems to me that whether LU's doctor was wrong or not (and I'd love to know the facts on that issue), Smith was clearly a heavily contributory cause of the default. Since Wilson had made weight the day before, how much of a burden would it be on him to be able to make it the following day? Smith says that he was only 1/2 pound over at weigh in and that, apparently, was without him trying to make weight. And at the time Smith made the decision to not require him to be able to make weight on Saturday, how could he be sure that he wouldn't be needed? Even if Witcraft had been seemed fine on Friday, some illness or injury could have popped up subsequently. Why bring a backup on a long trip if he's not prepared to wrestle?
  19. Caruso is #1 because in his day freshmen couldn't wrestle varsity. So he was perfect.
  20. Look up the definitions of "report", which include "to relate or tell about."
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