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  1. Does it make more sense to have a team's own doctor decide whether one of his own is cleared to wrestle? We all know that doctors can have different opinions based upon the same available evidence. I would find it odd that LU's doctor would have changed his opinion without sufficient cause. According to the OSU advocate who wrote the above article, the only thing that changed was OSU's failure to weigh in a second wrestler. I'd be more comfortable with the official record as to what happened.
  2. Rider isn't chopped liver. They've been fielding a pretty solid team for years. Wrestlestat had this as 4 for Minn, 4 for Rider and 2 pretty much toss-ups. No great upset.
  3. A kid majoring in growing grass is a Distinguished Scholar in the Big Ten? Mama mia.
  4. Obviously, you do understand it if you can write that you don't disagree.
  5. Schnupp is majoring in Turfgrass Science and is two time first team Academic All Big Ten and a Big Ten Distinguished Scholar. Does that give anyone a hint as to how the Big Ten dominates the country in wrestling?
  6. I hear he's also into MMA and has a wicked right schnuppercut.
  7. I always knew Devon was a schnupp and comer
  8. Well, I guess that counts as a pin. Quite a bout, I must say. I wouldn't mind seeing Darmstadt get pinned (again).
  9. Last call for LU fans to move to the site where the LU action is: http://www.lehighsportsforum.com/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=4275efbbe0167bfc482214bbc2d9d7bc.
  10. What do the numbers in green next to the ranking numbers signify?
  11. For those who in the excitement of the non streamed Intrasquad meet may have missed my prior posting, there's a LU Wrestling forum at http://www.lehighsportsforum.com/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=4275efbbe0167bfc482214bbc2d9d7bc. which has the advantage of being all LU and more amenable to the posting of multiple topics. Makes sense to me for those LU fans still on this forum to come on over so we're all literally on the same page.
  12. Princeton Wrestling announced that their wrestle offs will be conducted in the plaza outside Jadwin this morning and streamed via their facebook page for those who can't attend. And they've formed a new student fan group called The Princeton Jungle. Cool!
  13. Other LU fans had basically the same conversation about the non streaming of the Intrasquad, the "cone of silence", and poor marketing of the program on the above site. Makes no sense to me to have two separate LU Wrestling fora. Since the other site is Lehigh specific and more amendable to multiple threads, doesn't it make sense for all of us recent migrants to this site to make a second migration to the other site?
  14. Just got a tip that there's an all LU wrestling forum at http://www.lehighsportsforum.com/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=4275efbbe0167bfc482214bbc2d9d7bc.
  15. I think PSU wrestlers are scripted to say they're having fun. I remember Jimmy Gulibon saying it over and over in interviews. Didn't come across as sincere.
  16. I don't think many teams are happy with a tie - unless they were the clear underdog.
  17. Read somewhere that neither will be wrestling for Navy this season.
  18. The great debate among LU fans is and has been to what extent the discontinuation is designed to boost attendance at the event and/or to keep these bouts "top secret". Only the wrestlers' hairdresser knows for sure.
  19. Up until a day or two ago the LU schedule was showing a dual against Oklahoma in South Beach even though Oklahoma had long ago bowed out and was replaced by Missouri. Then the schedule was briefly amended to show a dual against Missouri. Then the Missouri dual was deleted. But Missouri's schedule shows a dual against LU. I guess this is what the journalists call a "fluid situation." As for the LU alum's inquiry about The Oracle, I think I heard he's in Delphi. Or was it Philadelphia?
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