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  1. The great debate among LU fans is and has been to what extent the discontinuation is designed to boost attendance at the event and/or to keep these bouts "top secret". Only the wrestlers' hairdresser knows for sure.
  2. Up until a day or two ago the LU schedule was showing a dual against Oklahoma in South Beach even though Oklahoma had long ago bowed out and was replaced by Missouri. Then the schedule was briefly amended to show a dual against Missouri. Then the Missouri dual was deleted. But Missouri's schedule shows a dual against LU. I guess this is what the journalists call a "fluid situation." As for the LU alum's inquiry about The Oracle, I think I heard he's in Delphi. Or was it Philadelphia?
  3. According to the LU schedule, there will be audio for the Intrasquad.
  4. Why not? We're here to have fun, right? Polito over Paetzell Lane over Lobeck Farro over McGonagle Hines over Pomrinca Karam over Hoffman Humphreys over Burkett Gallik over Meyer Logan over Lane Ruth over Cornish Weiler over Grape Jake over Jones Lacombe over McDonald
  5. That's impressive investigative work, Spladle. If I should come to suspect that my wife of 47 years is cheating on me, I may give you a call.
  6. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/October/21/Intrasquad-duals-signal-beginning-of-Div-1-college-wrestling-season. That's about 1/3 of the D1 teams, isn't it? "Almost meaningless", Gimp? According to Wally's newsletter, "This Thursday's event along with the upcoming Princeton and Journeymen Open events will be key in formulating initial dual lineups."
  7. I agree that if information is available to and publishable by Wally, it should be available to the general public at the same time (although that might ... um ... put Wally out of business). It could be, though, that there aren't in house resources to do so. After all, the posted team schedule is still showing Oklahoma as an opponent at the South Beach Duals when Missouri replaced Oklahoma some time ago.
  8. ------------------------------------------------- "LUWN SUBSCRIPTIONS: New Reader rate: 3 mo free & the next 12 mo. at just $50.Renewals: checks or PayPal to ROBY PUBLISHING, 28 Chancery Ct, Millville, NJ 08332 Renewal rate: $75/year; the avg sent $87 (extra amounts are voluntary gratuities). For questions or to request a PayPal invoice from Roby by emailing dennydiehl@aol.com"
  9. I'm usually on board with Spladle, but just to annoy him in this instance this pretty much average age fan was overjoyed to get some real LU wrestling news after the long drought and before the pack. Very interesting the weights at which some of the wrestlers are supposed to go as well as a high percentage of the matchups - most pitting top contenders at a weight or highly rated recruits versus top contenders.
  10. And on the subject of Lehigh wrestling, The Brown and White Intrasquad (the misnamed "Wrestle-Offs" finally laid to rest) is Thursday. No indication on the LU schedule that it will be streamed. Anyone have any info? Some surprises per Wally's newsletter as to weights that particular wrestlers may be appearing at. Think lower. Lower weights seems to be lacking in stars but have good depth. Upper weights - just the opposite.
  11. According to Wally's just published newsletter, Missouri has replaced Oklahoma.
  12. Their original schedule had them at the Duals. Then they announced a schedule change on twitter on 9/30 that they were going to the Midlands. Lehigh just posted their Duals opponents within the last few days. Strange.
  13. Assuming no disproportionate number of injuries, if Lehigh can't take Cornell, with their top kids taking Olympic redshirts this season, they should hang up their jock straps and hang their heads low.
  14. LU opponents at South Beach Duals now listed on schedule: Wyoming, N. Dakota St., N.C. State & Oklahoma.
  15. Connor Herceg, Nazareth, 74-25, State 8th & Caden Wright, Emmaus, 87-22, State DNP, headed to LU.
  16. A full contingent of freshmen and backups as in prior years, or the projected starters as well?
  17. From a 10/3 posting about the Open on Princeton Wrestling Twitter: "@RUWrestling @LehighWrestling @ColumbiaWR @ODUWrestling @ArmyWP_Wres @HofstraWREST @BearcatsWrestle @RiderWrestling @SHUWrestling1 @TerpsWrestling" That's all I got.
  18. There used to be a buzzard who was really tough.
  19. Legger, if anybody's famous for meeting community standards it's you.
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