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  1. My check is not in mail until they get live streaming rectified. There are a number of us that have more pull than you think. Including to ensure that John Simon is not renewed or that Joe Sterrett is not renewed. Lehigh has to get its house in order. PERIOD. Enough of the bull**** excuses. This is 2019, not the infancy of Netscape in 1994.
  2. Depends. Are you engaging in sin of commission or sin of ommission?
  3. Either freshmen are really good or upperclassmen have not progressed over the summer. Not very elated other than Jimmy Hoffman. Either he or Karam need to make 141. Does Lehigh still have a School of Engineering, possibly physics, EE and computer science. Why is it that in 2019 we are still having these technology discussions when 14 year old kids live stream everything? Does Lehigh have an AD and SID that actually care about Alumni or do they take our $$ for granted. I for one am not happy direction Lehigh is going and the void of leadership of this President as well Joe Sterrett. I will be a happy octogenarian when both move on.
  4. Caden Wright is no slouch. Even in his losses the past two seasons he wrestled tough. Still lots of upside once he is training with a top tier partner.
  5. Sergei says yes and he has 3 Gold Medals. Perfect technique.
  6. When are weight certs and what are off the book observations in room at the hot spot of 165lbs?
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