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  1. I'm pretty sure, that Jajensen09 has figured it out already... but in case you haven't Jajensen09: click out of the college forum, see all the possible forums that are available when you do the prior, and then click on the international forum . You should be able to pick up the conversation there. :-) D3
  2. Indeed! I called up my older brother yesterday, and mentioned about NBC Sports Network channel running the OTT @ 7:30pm Fri.nite. He's said he'll be watching it w/ my sister-in-law (she loves watching the wrestling.) Mentioned about the potential Dake/Burrough's matchup tomorrow (tonite!) will be lights-out! I sure do hope that they'll place that deciding bout for last! I'm a EIWA/LEHIGH fan, and looking for Dake to represent proudly. Also routing for Arujau as well @ 57Kg. D3
  3. What's the problem? CDT is one hour behind EDT... technically, he was correct when he stated the Eastern time (albeit, he was missing the "pm" part of the time, but aren't we splitting hairs here?) East Coast bias? ;-P Jess sayin'... D3
  4. This was a well, put together, moving story. Rulon's story is STILL ongoing... I hope he'll finally find himself and be at peace. From what I've seen, he's such a good person. Peace and best wishes. D3
  5. Mr. Hines an optimist? He's just doubling down. ;-P D3
  6. Nice victory pic for FOUR in a ROW... Cheers! D3
  7. LEHIGH lost there dual today vs Rider. They lost it in the last seconds when Wood, releasing Rider's #14 Laird, for an escape to try for a last second, winning TD... only to have Laird take Wood down instead. Laird won 8-5... Rider won the dual 17-15. The LU lineup has a soft middle w/ a lot of young, inexperienced wrestlers filling in. LU had three losses w/ two giving up the deciding TD in SV, and one giving up the go ahead TD in the last second. NOT a good look, or way to "win" duals. D3
  8. Gee, RB... I didn't know I was a character! ;-P Nor some of us were a part of a Spaghettis Western either (right, blondie?) D3
  9. Wow! At 26, this death was way too soon! (Details of what happen to him was not available.) https://www.wfmz.com/_homepage_top_stories/former-pen-argyl-hs-wrestling-football-standout-racciato-dies-at-age-26/article_c164ecc2-47eb-11eb-8b88-b3c31a6c6671.html I remembered him during his HS wrestling days @ Pen Argyl. Definitely a hard nosed wrestler... kind of reminded me a little like Lehigh's Mike Frick ! Really thought that he would 've really took off @ Pitt (possible AA)... won an ACC championship his soph year. Bounced around 141-149... thought 141 would of been (imho) a better fit for his size, but perhaps the cut was a bit too much. Sad happening for his family on Christmas Day, my condolences. D3
  10. Speculation on the possible line up? Sure! 125: Brandon Paetzell... looking to take the abbreviated EIWA's and AA ( wayyyyy over due.) 133: Nick Farro off to post wrestling fortunes? Leaning Jaret Lane's way (though, others may feel differently), he looked good in a dual. 141: Perhaps, Dan Moran here, though, he'll have some tough competition here to get through. 149: Jimmy Hoffman back again. (Luke Karam's final year. Former EIWA 3rd placer @ 141, make a final push?) 157: On the surface, Josh Humphreys (If he's not taking a RS)... IF he does, looking to see last years 165'er Brian Meyer make a drop for better results (for Brian, that is. ;-) ). 165: Edmond Ruth pops into the scene here? Fuzzy look at this weight otherwise. (Other than Brian Meyer back here IF Humphreys does appear @ 157, sans RS.) 174 & 184; Really hazy w/ my crystal ball here... BIG gap w/Jordan Kutler graduating. 197: Jake Jakobsen is back for his final year... big push for the EIWA/AA prize? 285: With Jordan Wood taking an Oly shirt... only three appear on the roster. With two of the three are frosh, appears Victor Lacombe has the inside track. This is just yours truly opinion... actual results may differ... objects closer than they appear. ;-P D3
  11. For whatever reason, I guess Legger was already taken (hence, Cary by the Lake, soon to be former place of residence.) Perhaps, Legger pt.2? Legger II, Legger deux? You may certainly incorporate Legger in there somewhere. Glad to hear you're coming back north of the Mason/Dixon line (AND in NE PA?) (Hey, I'll ring you up, during the holidays... we'll catch up! :-D ) D3
  12. Wrestling related , eh? It appears this is quickly turning into a dumpster fire... keep this political football fumbling along and I sense this topic is gonna get locked out PDQ. (sigh... ) D3
  13. "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." M.Twain http://wrestlingreport.com/ http://wrestlingreport.com/current_news/ D3
  14. I remembered, long ago, when I started to surf the web (back then w/dial-up modems... always trying to get a faster line.) My first foray into wrestling message boards was the AOL message wrestling boards. Soon after, I stumbled onto the Wrestling Report fora. When I saw that there was a dedicated spot there for EIWA/LEHIGH Wrestling, I was hooked for the long term! Met up w/ some "interesting" characters and also, what eventually became, VERY good people that we all occasionally got together at some duals and the EIWA's. (We're still in contact now. ;-) ) WR.com was good while it last. cheers! D3
  15. I was VERY sadden of Coach's passing. (VERY surprised on how sudden it was as well.) imho, he made most young men that he coached, BETTER PEOPLE after his influence. We will surely miss him at the matches at Grace Hall. Things will be a bit different, with Greg gone. :-( D3
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