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  1. Well, the Army announcers chatted THAT up last nite... but not the last part of your statement. They'll always have Binghamton. ;-) D3
  2. Awwwwwwww, don't start NOW! ;-P D3
  3. From the Lehigh Athletic website: https://lehighsports.com/news/2020/1/31/wrestling-kutlers-pin-sparks-late-run-as-no-12-lehigh-downs-no-19-army-24-9.aspx I have to give a shout out to Cptafw164 who, along side yours truly, posted on WrestlingReport.com for a long time (he was formerly Cptafw163. :-) ) This was advertised as an anticipated competitive dual, and ARMY did came to wrestle! Fortunately, it turned into A Tale of Two Halves. LEHIGH persevered in the end. We're closing in towards the end of the dual season and then, gearing up for the conference tournaments (EIWA's for us... ) Seeding implications w/ each win/loss. EIWA's will be competitive imho... at this time, I don't see any team pulling out of the station rapidly here. D3
  4. ... I would "object" to that BIG GUY w/ the shaved head, full beard, and the sleeve tats, that comes on and hollers at the crowd in between matches at that Cannoli Ctr. BUT, I'm afraid he would beat the $*h*!*t of moi! {:-0 D3
  5. ... the fall was "make-believe?" The ref called a "do-overs?" And the Michigan wrestler couldn't "duplicate" it? Oh well... :>( D3
  6. I went ahead and saw this dual on replay. Concerning the Tucker/Alvarez match, I new right off the bat, that Tucker got the 2 for TD because of him putting (or, rather, Alvarez putting himself) in danger. It " seemed" that the announcers were ignorant of that ruling, but further on, they "owned up" to that rule, but continued to "contest" it. Clearly showing bias. Apparently, the B1G have their own announcers? Sad. In the past, RU had some surprisingly knowledgeable announcers... some that were former wrestlers for Rutgers. Not nearly as biased as the two last night. D3
  7. Mountain Hawk... too much advantage; their (Big Red's) dojo. Perhaps, a neutral site? Say... All Valley Karate Tournament? He needs to train... until then, no one touch MH until then. Agree? ;-P D3
  8. Just to add a little sauce to the entree: https://lehighsports.com/news/2020/1/10/wrestling-no-14-lehigh-takes-final-nine-bouts-in-36-3-win-at-binghamton.aspx Chris Weiler defeated top ten ranked and recent SoScuff champ Lou Deprez 6-2 last evening. After giving up the intial TD, Weiler scored 5 unanswered points + RT to take the bout. He rode him exceptionally well... things are definitely looking up for him. (So far... no internet rumblings about excuses for the loss. Yesterday's dec. is looking more and more legit. ) D3
  9. That would be a negative, RB. ... uh, for any reason would some of the Oly RS's "magically" appear in the lineup next Saturday? ;-P (jess wunderin'...) D3
  10. I'm well aware of that as well SHP, but tanxs for point that out. I was posting as to seeing the Big Red wrestling 5 to the Hawkineer's 3... and to use comparative duals (Minny/ Missou) as to project possible advantages for either side. D3
  11. Hmmm... Cornell wrestling 5 duals (So.Dakota State, Mich.State, Wyoming, Missouri, Minnesota.) Lehigh wrestling 3 duals (Minnesota, Duke, Missouri.) Will be interesting to see how that will work out between them... with the dual clash up in Ithaca on Jan. 11. D3
  12. WOW! All this talk about Cael is all well and good... but doesn't ANYONE care to remember one of the GREATEST COMEBACKS in NCAA tournament history? ... who could forget Rob Rohn's flying cement job for the the fall? After nabbing the 1st TD... it was all Okla U's Lambrecht's tilts that brought him to the brink of winning via TF. Third period fireworks by Rohn got him the NCAA title! The crowd at Albany ERUPTED! Never Say Die! D3
  13. RB, c'mon man! :-O I know you of ALL PEOPLE, wouldn't rub salt into the B&W fans like that, would ya? ;-) ... would you??? ... uh, RB? D3
  14. 1st time in seeing Darmstadt @ 184... I wonder where he cut the extra wt, looking extra skinny. He had RT till forever, finally getting 2NF towards the end... modified assassin? The season still early. D3
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