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  1. fadzaev2's above post of the old school FOUR STRIPED all leather Onitsuka Tiger's did brought back my time w/ wrestling in the early to mid 70's when i wrestled in HS! Of course, I wound up (thru my HS team inventory) with the white nyloned upper Tigers thru my 4 years. Most of us wished for the leather w/ the 4 stripes. Mostly worn by those who were the superstars on the team (or had their parents pay the extra bucks to afford them. ;-P ) I, after wearing the Cliff Keen 4 strap headgear in my first 2 yrs in HS, wound up purchasing the HALO headgear. IMHO. they were easier to adjust... PLUS, it was worn earlier on when they 1st came on the market, by one of my favorite local superstar, who eventually went SQ, 2nd, 1st at the NJSIAA championships in the early 70's.) PLUS, I also ran in cross-country & track in my Onitsuka tiger flats as well. cheers! D3
  2. Aw... this is too easy! ;-P D3
  3. ...you DO realize that there's a Day 3 thread that has this action going on, right? D3
  4. ... and , yes. I do agree that the Iranians are most definitely EN FUEGO, in this tournament, so far. D3
  5. (...Simple math that Zare > Steveson / not Stevenson.) In certain situations, the transitive property works. But not always... D3
  6. Taylor is walking up to the stage with his hands in his pockets. (aw shucks, I got 2nd...) It's amusing to see. D3 ps... are we sure that they're in Oslo, Norway? 'cause it sure sounds like they're in Iran! (After Yazdani got on the podium...)
  7. As for the team race... Iran on top 136 USA next, 125 RWF... aw, who are we kidding here, RUSSIA is sneaking up at 103 Turkey is a distant 42 D3
  8. Ah, Gwiz... it was not for the lack of trying. D3
  9. Well... that's it. Iran is going to run away w/ the team title. Yazdani got the monkey off his back. whoa! D3
  10. Good job for Kyle... third gold, first @ different weight class. D3
  11. No nurykau is the king of 5th. I think it's his 4th or 5th.... 5th place finish ... so it was the race for "who will get their 1st bronze @ worlds?" Nurykau will keep that title for 5th... I'm sure the Turk will gladly give that title to him ;-) D3
  12. 74Kg bronze match just wrestled... The Turk getting his 1st world medal after 3 tries, coming up 5th? I can understand his emotional reaction in getting onto the podium. Good for him. D3
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