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  1. "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." M.Twain http://wrestlingreport.com/ http://wrestlingreport.com/current_news/ D3
  2. I remembered, long ago, when I started to surf the web (back then w/dial-up modems... always trying to get a faster line.) My first foray into wrestling message boards was the AOL message wrestling boards. Soon after, I stumbled onto the Wrestling Report fora. When I saw that there was a dedicated spot there for EIWA/LEHIGH Wrestling, I was hooked for the long term! Met up w/ some "interesting" characters and also, what eventually became, VERY good people that we all occasionally got together at some duals and the EIWA's. (We're still in contact now. ;-) ) WR.com was good while it last. cheers! D3
  3. I was VERY sadden of Coach's passing. (VERY surprised on how sudden it was as well.) imho, he made most young men that he coached, BETTER PEOPLE after his influence. We will surely miss him at the matches at Grace Hall. Things will be a bit different, with Greg gone. :-( D3
  4. This is My story that I remember like it was yesterday... back in my junior year Morristown HS (NJ) in January 1973. Wrestling @ 115 lbs, a dual at home against Columbia HS. Warming up during the 106 lbs bout, I saw my opponent stalking behind the Columbia bench staring me down, giving me the stink-eye and all. He was a senior (remembered his name as well ), named Russell Crockett (really!) Wound up qualifying for the regions later on in the season, after coming in 2nd in his district. So, my match comes up with him. I jogged over to the mat center with the ref. Crockett, shot out of a cannon, flies right to the center and smacks his face two or three times and stares at me like he would rip me open. Smacked his face, two or three times eh? All I could remember, was an old aftershave commercial (Mennen Skin Bracer?), upon seeing that. I replied, " Thanks, I needed that." Apparently, he failed to see the humor in that. (dunno why... ) In the next 30 second after the refs whistle, he did freight trained me w/ a TD and put me on the back for a quick 2 NF. Fortunately, I recovered quickly enough to pull out a relatively comfortable 9-6 win after the dust settled out. Amazing... I left the witty quips to myself after that! ;-P David D. Day aka D3 for LU
  5. I'll say... yes, he's ranked #2 @132 (FLO '20-'21 HS rankings),) behind Nic Bouzakis of Wyoming Seminary (who's a beast and a half himself! B>O. ) P4P... he's ranked 8th. Outstanding pickup by LEHIGH. D3
  6. From buckshot1969: MyMar said that Taylor would be cautious because he's the world champ. He might have miscalculated on that one. ;-D D3
  7. Wait... Dake / Chamizo discussion here, right? Just curious how Dake will approach this match... should be interesting. Thoughts , anyone? D3
  8. Amazin'... 50 mins later, wrestling. D3
  9. Annoying club/techno music is playing... can't they play any decent music? (jus sayin'.) D3
  10. Blurb on the screen w/ the view of the mat says wrestling will resume @ 9pm. D3
  11. Got the view of the mat... D3
  12. Huzzah, indeed. Welcome to the endless commercial(s)... I hope you can enjoy it! D3
  13. Soooo... I've watched the first match & it's been over for about a half hour or so. Constant commercials, and the endless FLO interlude music. IF they're having connectivity problems on their end, oh well... (No problems on my end. ;-]) D3
  14. But I hope SOME common sense will (somehow) shine through. D3
  15. That was... (wait for it...) Common place in that series. ;-P D3
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