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  1. I just saw your post & I tried to log on and post there myself. No-go. Tried a different browser and got the same results. It appears that Grappler1978 has some magical touch, but no mojo on my part. Maddening! D3
  2. Obviously old news here, Nov 23 is 3 weeks away...https://cornellbigred.com/news/2019/10/22/wrestling-three-cornell-wrestlers-ranked-in-intermat-preseason-rankings.aspx Any Big Red wrestlers attending opens in the near future? (Jus' wundernin'...) D3
  3. Bump-a-dum-bump... Princeton Open tomorrow: https://lehighsports.com/news/2019/10/31/wrestling-mountain-hawks-to-open-season-by-sending-large-contingent-to-princeton-open.aspx Check it out on Trackwrestling w/ the brackets and live scoring... looks like it will be streamed by ESPN+ ($). It all starts @ 9am. D3
  4. 165 | Chase Gallik , Part II vs. Edmond Ruth in the final bout of the night. Ruth leads Gallik 4-2 after one and takes bottom. Ruth leads 5-2 after two. Gallik on bottom. Ruth dec. Gallik 9-5. Nice debut for Ruth. Another W-O in the books for the B&W... looking for some commentary from those who were in attendance tonite. tootles! D3
  5. 197 | Elijah Jones vs. Andrew McDonald... Jones leads 2-0 after one and is down to begin the second. Jones extends his lead to 5-0 after two. McDonald takes bottom. Jones rides out and wins 6-0. D3
  6. 184 | Chris Weiler vs. Eli Grape... Weiler gave Big Red AA Darmstadt fits when he wrestled him the season before(?) Weiler leads 4-2 after one. TD and then they traded reversals. Grape takes neutral. TD and then 4 near fall for Weiler, leads 10-2 after two. He's down to begin the third. Escape, TD and 4 near fall for Weiler, who wins 17-2 tech fall in 5:55 D3
  7. 165 | BECHAI grad Luca Frinzi vs. Trey Cornish... Cornish leads 2-1 after one. Frinzi takes bottom. Frinzi with an escape and TD takes 4-2 lead. Cornish goes neutral. Cornish TD but Frinzi escapes to win 5-4. D3
  8. Everyones a winner here, scribe-ster! ;-P D3
  9. 157 | AJ Burkhart vs. Josh Humphreys, returning EIWA champ as a frosh... Humphreys TD and rideout leads 2-0 with RT(practically the entire 1st pd!) after one. He'll be down to begin the second. Humphreys reversal, leads 4-0 with nearly 4 minutes of RT. Burkhart takes neutral. Humphreys adds TD and 2 NF and wins 9-0 major D over Burkhart. D3
  10. 149 | Jimmy Hoffman vs. Luke Karam ... Karam, again goes up after last year... Hoffman had a good FS tourny earlier this year... should be a good one. 0-0 after 1, Karam is down to start the 2nd... 2-1 for Hoffman after 2... E for Karam, TD for Hoffman. Hoffman takes neutral, with healthy respect for Karam's top game... Hoffman takes Karam down... late E for Karam... Hoffman gets the "W" w/ RT. wins 5-2. D3
  11. 141 | Ryan Pomrinca vs. Malyke Hines... veteran Sr. vs the Frosh w/ pretty good credentials. Zip-zip...No score after one. Hines down to begin the second. Hines early reversal leads 2-1 after two. Pomrinca to the bottom. TD for Pomrinca ... eventually leads to Sudden victory tied 4-4. Pomrinca TD with 19 seconds left wins 6-4. D3
  12. 133 | Connor McGonagle vs. Nick Farro... Farro started last season @125 but couldn't keep the cut down. Competed @ 133 for the duration of '18-'19 season behind Paetzell. No score after one. Farro defers. McGonagle takes bottom. 2-2 after 2, Farro TD to 2 escapes. Farro goes neutral to start the 3rd. To sudden victory, 2-2 McGonagle down first in the tiebreaker. Farro rides out now takes turn underneath. Farro wins 4-3 on a stall point and escape in TB1. McGonagle is a tough cookie... future looks promising. D3
  13. 133 | Jaret Lane vs. Joe Lobeck, first of two bouts @133... Lobeck a couple TDs leads 4-1 after one. He's down to begin the second. Lobeck up 5-1 after two. Lane takes neutral. Rally for young Jaret as a Big 3rd period for Lane. 2 TDs and a 2 near fall give him a 7-6 win. D3
  14. 125 | Brandon Paetzell vs. Luke Resnick now wrestling... Paetzell leads 4-1 after one. Resnick down to begin the second. Paetzell leads Resnick 4-2 after two. Paetzell down to begin the third. Paetzell dec. Resnick 6-2. at his new weight. D3 Reply Retweet Like
  15. No score after one. Gallick down and up and out early in the second. Meyer TD and Gallik escape and its 2-2 after two. Meyer takes neutral. Meyer trailed 4-3 but gets a TD in final seconds to beat Gallik 5-4. D3
  16. 165 – Chase Gallik vs. Brian Meyer are up first. Gallick is going to wrestle twice, he'll wrestle Edmond Ruth for the last bout of the nite. D3
  17. The wrestle-offs are on the air... Lo-Man & Gimp doing the commentary. D3
  18. Meanwhile, LU Athletics finally released the w-o info yesterday: https://lehighsports.com/news/2019/10/23/wrestling-lehigh-to-host-annual-brown-and-white-wrestle-offs-thursday-night.aspx AND, stated that there will be AUDIO... all starting at 7pm tonite. (Be still, my beating heart. ;-) ) D3
  19. The Long & Winding Road... ;-) D3
  20. Don't mind those Big Red teddybears... most of them are just good old folks, dat's all. Back on deck for another season... woo-hoo! D3
  21. Hey. Cary by the Lake :-D... I made it over to the other side of the forum fence. ;-P Still no action (or fix) over on the WR fora, eh? (Hope it does get fixed, though... ) D3
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