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  1. How about go get a job and stop boring us all to tears.
  2. Goes back to the days of Jordan "One Trick Pony" Leen and all the kids he subsequently taught. plus he was a ginger. You obviously didn't see the ASU match v Teemer the other night. Probably ought to shut your pie hole about it.
  3. Honestly can't think of a call that went LU's way all night but whatever. MH all good with Army....Navy too for that matter and for anyone who tuned into the broadcast was treated to a very moving pre-match ceremony to which the Army commentators added plenty of interesting color and background about the program, the pride, and the service. Having watched that and then seeing JayZ and Beyonce sitting for the anthem at the SB made me wanna puke. If any of you think that's political in any way then you make me wanna puke as well. These academy kids putting it out there for their country.
  4. 9-24 and 3 of the 9 was gift city from the ref. yeah you were right in it.
  5. Yes it is. You're Ivy in name only in wrestling and a select couple of other sports. Smart play for the school to look the other way on a relatively small number of students to establish a perennial power on a par with the Big 10 boys, where admission standards are non-existent for the top dogs coming out of h.s. Actually I take it back, you're pretty much Ivy in name only in general as you're really nothing like the other seven Ivies at all. Everyone seems to know this except you.
  6. Cornell guys walking around like FLWC is a disadvantage and that there's actually a wrestling superstar out there they wouldn't admit due to some academic standard. Thanks for the laughs!
  7. speaking of visually distasteful.......the throat slice
  8. You can throw this Cornell team into the mix to win EIWAs this year. no doubt.
  9. quite right. Love these posts that say "he lost, but he really won". No....he lost, twice now
  10. They're 2-2 now and the trend ain't great. Who's schooling who now?
  11. you know damn well who else. Considering EIWA scoring heavily rewarding balance it certainly brings Cornell and probably Navy into the mix as well.
  12. Chris Ayers wrestled for Brown. Chris Ayres is the former Lehigh wrestler that has built up the Princeton program over the past years. Please keep telling us how it is.
  13. Have to say for such a legend in the sport John Smith acted like a child with the refs throughout the meet. Seemed not familiar with basic mandatory stalling after a 5 second count, and he pretty much cried his way thru the entire dual meet. At the end he basically ran through the coach handshakes while blasting out some choice expletives heard by many. MH thinks quite possibly he was more upset at the prospect of returning to Stillwater, Oklahoma than the result of the dual. MH's guess is that we won't be seeing them on the schedule anytime soon.
  14. Foca was on another level. Will be high A/A right out of the blocks
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