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  1. Gonna have to say the 1995 California team is the best. Also, CA has the most world and Olympic gold medals than any other state.
  2. If he already graduated, he can’t wrestle at Princeton as they don’t allow athletes to get grad degrees.
  3. Jersey Tornado: wrestler calling for injury time...mostly from being tired.
  4. “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.” When under pressure, it is well researched that athletes and even SOLDIERS fall to the level of their training. In training, soldiers train with single, well aimed shots. At war...not so much. You and I know this. First, you need to realize that when dealing with first year wrestlers, you are NOT a coach. You are a teacher...because you are teaching them how to wrestle. Second, you need patience. Patience in them and patience in your method. Third, the best coaches teach how to get wrestlers into positions hey are strong in. Not physically, but positions they excel in. A tilt is easy, trapping the arm for a tilt takes work. For the teaching part: whole-part-whole 1. Show the move at normal speed. 2. Develop two or three specific COACHING CUES and go over them. 3. Show the whole move again. 4. Give them TIME to work through the drill. The worst thing coaches do is show a move...then talk and talk about 2 or 3 options from the move. This takes away from their wrestlers’ TIME ON TASK. When I taught boxing at the Military academy, we 1. showed them the offense and defense. 2. Paired them up 3. Started at 10% speed and intensity, then worked our way up to 100%. I know, 10% speed might sound stupid but not when it is the first day you taught the PUNCH and the DEFENSE to the punch. Even a 50% right cross can ring your bell...especially if your partner is a DI football player. my coaching improved 10000% after I learned how to teach well.
  5. Martin is to NJ as Rocky V is to hardcore Rocky fans. Dead to us.
  6. Where exactly would the at large spots come from? Rankings I believe.
  7. They could set up the dual schedule like a team tournament bracket. it would be bad for rivalries, but you can still have those meets near the end of the year and they just don’t count for the conference dual tournament. Although, I don’t think a playoff system would work in wrestling as “qualifier slots” would go to rankings. You can do a single elimination dual tournament with the top 20 ranked teams in one and a half days. Or you can squeeze it into one day...maybe only 16 teams. HOWEVER, the best idea is to have 8 x 4 team pools. Each 4 team pool wrestles each other one day. Top pool team goes to tournament the next day for 3 more duals.
  8. Then what are their chances of actually making a team?
  9. I’m sorry. It is, unequivocally, a dagestani bloodline.
  10. It’s over. Global crisis. Sure it is unfair, but they are wrestlers, they have the resolve. If this is the WORST thing that happens in their life, they will be just fine.
  11. Not completely false, but not completely true. No, they don't get a say. We are making objective criteria to draw a line in the sand. "From" is exactly what we are objectively determining. Where is David Taylor "from"? What is his wrestling state? He moved to Ohio to get better instruction, training partners and elite tournament competition so he can reach full potential. I am proposing you are FROM the state you Graduated HS. However, I think there is wiggle room with taking into account people who spent the first 3 years in one state, moved, and graduated from a different HS.
  12. If someone already took one year to prepare for the Olympics, you don't need another consecutive year. Kyle Snyder won a world and Olympic title without taking a redshirt. if you took an OLY RS this past year, you don't get one next year.
  13. That's what happens when you have a relationship with Rick Flair (He gave Flair's son private lessons before Rick sent his son to Blair).
  14. The West Point Boxing team has won something like 10 National Championships in the last 15 years. In 2010 or 2011, the Boxing team was on their way back from regionals (before Nationals) and had all but one weight with a champ. The van crashed and flipped violently (nobody died) but the WHOLE starting team was injured. Army still placed THIRD with their BACK-UPs!!! Army boxing is very tough to beat. All the service academies are in the top 5 in the nation. Probably because boxing is part of the curriculum and every one of those schools have PHYSICAL requirements to be accepted. Add to that, the population has chosen a career to "close with and destroy" the enemy and there are a lot of people to choose from. The boxing coach, Dr Ray Barone, is also the Boxing Committee Chair and is in charge of boxing instruction. I taught boxing with him from 2012-2015. Let me tell you, there is no better person in the WORLD to TEACH people how to box. We only have 19 lessons at 40 minutes each to get them proficient enough to throw punches while keeping themselves safe. It is a FEAT when you consider that 5 of those lessons are graded match days and the first lesson is an oirientation and how to wrap your hands and put on headgear and gloves. So really 13 lessons of 40 minutes. 520 total minutes...8 hours and 40 minutes. The boxing team is comprised mainly of former HS wrestlers. The only "recruiting" the team does is during boxing class when Dr Barone approaches them for interest in the team. That man can take any individual with the tools, and make them a champ. Every guy on that team wants to be a national champ and they all believe they can do it. Here are some fun feedback quotes from Cadets I taught when they completed their "End of round survey" : 1. I wish I had this class before I went to junior hockey. I was pretty tough, but I would have destroyed guys during fights with what I know now. 2. I went on pass to NYC with some friends and we were approached by an unarmed mugger. We both got into our boxing stances and the guy ran away. Lions not lambs. 3. For graded bouts, we should be allowed to bring melee weapons and wear helmets instead of boxing headgear. 4. The class was great and I was glad I did well, but MAJ "CPTAFW163" was very aggressive with trying to get me to join the boxing team. I was flattered, but that team looks more like a club for troubled youth than a sports team. --If you peek into a practice, all you see are guys with their shirts off, sporting more ink than a sharpie factory and beating someone or something.
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