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  1. Military service stops the clock indefinitely. You could enlist in the army right after HS. After Basic training and “job training” )AIT, you could go WCAP for 10 years and win 10 world and Olympic medals. You could apply and get into a college after that and still have 5 years to do 4. Heck, you could add a PG year at Blair/SEM to that 5 years. I wonder how old the American U wrestler was? It was their first All American. Dan something. He was a SEAL then went to AU. A big reason why Josh Glen went into the Navy and became a SEAL. Glen is still serving.
  2. I am a USMA alum and former member of the wrestling team (I dare not call myself a wrestler). Ned IS a great coach and I knew West Point simply couldn’t hold onto him for as long as all is fans would have liked. After his first year at army I would sweat every time a D1 HC job opened. Im sad to see him go, but I’m genuinely happy for Ned. We were lucky to have him as long as we did.
  3. Those Belgian blue cows were selectively bred. The selective breeding isolated the cows which had the Myostatin blocking gene.
  4. Oh, the research is published in peer reviewed journals across the world.
  5. I do not think your assessment is incorrect because he would have scored less in folk. However, Foca’s internal gyroscope is uncanny. He wrestles folk the same way, and if him and dean wrestled 10 matches, Foca would win half with some of them as pins. I don’t think Dean would pin Foca. bottom line, you don’t want to roll around on the mat with Foca. Foca having an elite fireman’s carry helps for quick 4 point scores on freestyle that would only be a takedown and 1.5 swipes.
  6. In one of his Flo-episodes, he talks about bio-hacking. I watched a Netflix documentary and it seems to be about hacking your genetics with a “gene splicer” to give you enhanced physical attributes. Specifically by using the CRISPR protein to splice into DNA and add or delete a gene. One such “therapy” is using CRISPR to splice into DNA at the Myostatin gene to block myostatin production. Myostatin is what blocks muscles from getting bigger. If you delete that, your muscles will get bigger without the need to lift weights. If you amplify Myostatin production, your muscles will decrease (like muscular dystrophy). The medical field sees this as a way to cure disease. However, you can order a “do it yourself” CRISPR kit and get massive, if you wanted.
  7. Didn’t FOCA tech dean at a qualifier?
  8. 1. Rename stalling “passivity.” 2. 5 count when bottom wrestler gets to his feet. If the 5 count is reached, award 1 point to bottom wrestler and start NEUTRAL. (Same with hanging on leg after takedown awarded). Too subjective when referee gets to determine what an “attempt to return” the wrestler is. Basically this is the “top” version of linear danger when in neutral. 3. Award 1 point and neutral if bottom and top wrestlers go out of bounds while both on their feet. Prevents pushing opponent or pulling opponent out of bounds. DOMINANT TIES/Holds: Russian tie, leg riding with bottom man hip off mat, sitting on ankle. —referee restarts (neutral/referees) if there is no attack or imminent turn within 15 seconds of securing a dominant tie or position. If the top wrestler releases the leg ride and gets legs out, they can reapply to restart the chance for an imminent turn. —Example: spiral to leg ride. No turn imminent, release leg ride and transition to wrist tilt or far wrist half or cross face far ankle.
  9. I never thought of it as an accomplishment when old geezers would brag about never being pinned in college. I got pinned once in college. But I averaged about 10 matches per year and only wrestled 3 D1 all Americans and two D3 all Americans in my college career. Oddly enough the pin was against another “non starter” wrestler. I think being teched is worse than being pinned. You can be winning or in a close match then get pinned. You can’t win due to a “fluke” technical fall.
  10. Probably why Cael didn’t think it was important in 2000.
  11. I think the argument is someone spending 7 years in college culminating with a bachelors is stretching it out a bit too long. The age at graduation is not the argument. You spent 6.5 years to get your degree with basic/AIT plus a deployment, plus 6 weeks. That is at least 1.5 years of time you are not in school. Subtract that and you got a degree in 5 years. If your internship was after graduation, that means you spent 4 years in school. highly normal.
  12. Instead of push out, I would rather see stalling taken away and substituted for PASSIVITY and the shot clock (first period only for SC). Then straight passivity calls for the rest of the match. 3 passivity calls and you lose.
  13. Referees are calling stalling a lot more than they used to, in terms of backing up to the edge of the mat. Creating a push out just let’s the referee off the hook. For example, someone back last up to the edge or is forced to the edge, he just circles back in. Coaches look at the ref looking for a stall call...the ref says, “not my problem anymore.” instead of calling it STALLING, call it PASSIVITY. Stalling lends to thinking a wrestler is preserving a lead. Passivity lends to a whole new interpretation. is sitting on an ankle more passivity? Or stalling? Riding is passive, working for the pin fall is NOT passive. if there is a push out, we need to take away riding time as well.
  14. I think the ivy leagues and academies do it better than the rest. The ivy and academy “prep” program are pretty much the same thing wherein they are taking classes at another school trying to be ACCEPTED to a school. Meanwhile, they can get college competition. The academies used to have people disenroll during injury, then they “re-apply” and come back. (actually, it was just Navy in recent memory with Joe Baker). However, I don’t think the academies do that anymore, but Cornell does. I know for a fact, that dis enrollment is an “option” at USMA, but it will never be approved under any circumstances. The thing that people on this forum think is unbelievable and somewhat “sad” is this: 1. You must take 12 credits to be a full time student per NCAA bylaws. 2. 12 credits per semester in order to compete; 1 redshirt year; 5 NCAA years. (I don’t count ORS because I assume they aren’t taking classes for THAT redshirt). 3. Math: (12*2)6=total credits = 144 credits. About par for any bachelors of science. It is not outside the realm of thought some guys take 1/2 classes each summer to stay on more of a 4 year track. I think we just need to decide if college athletics are about pursuit of a degree or pursuit of a championship. Sure you can have both, but if we REALLY are thinking about the INDIVIDUAL athlete, we should do this: Allow two additional NCAA competitors per weight class who have graduated. They will wrestle unattached and qualify for the NCAA tournament through a type of “last chance” qualifier. Must be a previous R12 NCAA competitor. Points don’t count for any university, even though they are tied to a RTC and taking classes. They wouldn’t be on scholarship, and they won’t clog the lineup.
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