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  1. Let the ivies have the RTCs. They must disenroll from school which opens them up for recruitment. Just like how teams poach wrestlers from academy prep schools. Rutgers is a good poaching school. Poached Gonzales from USMAPS and Angelo from FLWC.
  2. That is more realistic. Paetzell is 8points better than Teske. RBY IS 8 points better than Farro. Verk and Hoffman are “keep it close” guys and Verk is better at that game. Meyer can’t put up much of a fight against cenzo. Weiler lost to an army back-up, so he could lose his match.
  3. Freestyle used to be better when people still went for lifts in par terre. Now it is just a takedown contest. plus, with the new stalling guidelines, the referees are penalizing stalling as intended. Thusly the wrestling has improved. Although I don’t understand how someone can win 1-0 without being called for stalling at LEAST twice.
  4. Caldwell had him flat for at least 2 seconds then the ref got into position to view. Were his blades down for the 1 second ? Yes. But not when called.
  5. Cullen is awarded 2 against Chalifoux at the buzzer. Even the second ref is shaking his head sayin it needs to be reviewed. Evidently there “is no video to review” and the refs are talking for a while to seemingly agree to disagree. Sometimes refs have to make sure top ranked teams stay on top. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6559583-2019-afc-duals-at-broadway-pier/videos?limit=57&playing=6588179 start at 3 hours 7 minutes and 34 seconds. It is the first match on that video. For some reason FLO doesn’t have THAT video on its own. Gould have been a “was that 2” video on the front page.
  6. Is Cornell actually any worse than the other Ivies? My whole family has gone to Ivies and I don't want to be "the disappointment". someone actually asked that question on Quora! Happy thanksgiving.
  7. Desanto is like how brands was when he was in college. He pinned an OKSU opponent then pointed with both hands to his pinned opponent and yelled in his face. not great behavior but both desanto and brands probably have some chemical imbalances that get stimulated when they step on the mat. Gives new meaning to “crazy good.”
  8. I also think three finalists can win the title depending on how much damage a 5/6 seeds can do in the quarters...especially teams not in the pre-seed championship race. So, Princeton, Cornell, army and Lehigh all have pretty even chances. I like it being more even because it makes for less medical forfeits.
  9. I was talking of the dark horse finalists for Cornell as “possibles.” Guys who will be seeded 4th or worse (current standing but they could grow into 2-3 seeds by the tourney). 133 and 184 are locks. Although I think 184 has more chance of upset than 133 because ben has resembled FLWC Darmstadt the past two weeks.
  10. i was using wrestlestat. I think that wrestlestat is more credible than intermat. Intermat has Trampe in the top 10...with no top 10 wins. I think that might be a typo.
  11. From today, with little other EIWA competition, I think Lajoie, Yap, Baughan and Loew are dark horse finalist threats at Easterns. By then they may be seeded anywhere from 2-4, so not much of a Dark Horse. But they could provide the horsepower to EITHER help Cornell win Easterns OR spoil the finals party for Lehigh (157, 197, 125), Army (141, 197) and Princeton (157). to be competitive for a title those three teams need three or more finalists at their strong weights: princeton: 125, 149, 157, 197 Army: 141, 149, 165, 174, 184, 197, HWT. Lehigh: 125, 133, 149, 157, 174, 184, 197, HWT. Cornell has very possible finalists at 125, 141, 157, 174, 197 (three are former finalists). I don’t think Furman is a finalist contender because he lost to Army’s starter and backup (Still being ironed out), however, seeding could make that another possibility. the team title could come down to a few points and the last finals match! Also, I would favor Army because they placed 10 last year, and with 8 of their 10 wrestlers ranked by flo, they can not only place all ten again, but QUALIFY all 10.
  12. Me too. Not sure who he can redshirt. So what would “punting” entail. Carl doing a press conference saying he is instructing his team to not take this season too seriously and have fun?
  13. They can still win the team title. It is just not “automatic” like the previous several years. Also, I don’t know how you “punt” this season. What would he do?
  14. I thought flow had it for a while as the first article when you go to their website. Then as stories come in, it gets moved down the queue. Same as intermat. i don’t see any bias. Since that match, there is just more news and the way those sites work is that they list the most current stories to the top.
  15. They would lose to Columbia or Penn with their roster this year.
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