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  1. I was at grad school in ‘11-12 when Goldman was there. He was the lowest paid B1G head coach and the school didn’t give the full 9.9 scholarships to the team. Most recruits just got room/board and books. The big scholarships were for the HWTs and 125s expected to hold the weight for 4 years. He did well with what he had. Focused more on the wrestlers than getting donors. However, that was just the start of the RTC landscape before teams were getting stables of resident athletes. Nowadays you need donor money to “build the barn” and “feed the horses.”
  2. I was joking. I should have been more up front about it. However, I would be perfectly fine to list every match at EIWAs where navy wrestlers stall for 6:30 and wrestle the last 30 seconds of a match to vulture a win.
  3. I bet the EIWA will have the most examples of these. Not a fan of vilifying those who do well. Maybe change it to “busts” and “overachievers.” “Overrated” and “disrespected.”
  4. Academy athletes take whatever classes they want. Some teams are authorized more summer school slots than others, but never more than one class per summer. Also, academy athletes can be recruited, use athletics to help admittance, then never join the team when they get here. There is no athletic scholarship binding them to a sport. I do know of an example at a state institution where the football players needed “special approval” for certain majors, like mechanical engineering, because those disciplines required taking classes at times where they could not deconflict time and space. The football players needed their days done by noon. if Cael Sanderson had Nolf, Joseph, Nickal, and Hall leave for grad school after three years AT PSU (2 years of eligibility) I don’t think most people would think that was good management. (Let’s just say PSU had the Ivy rule on grad students).
  5. If Seymour was named the “starter” prior to the RPI and final CP, with the same matches he most likely would have qualified an AQ. Unlike the way Seymour wrestles and he has as good a chance as the 3 seed to get 3rd.
  6. Mentioning Lane has me thi going more deeply. How many more AQs could the EIWA secured if the wrestler assigned to Easterns were named the starter before the last RPI and coaches poll? I follow many EIWA teams but I know Army may have had a couple extra AQs for: 141, Thomas Deck. He is 16-3 for countable wins and when you subtract a loss to a teammate and the loss to Kamal Bekakov. Has a win over Darren Miller. Deck and Shie splitting duals may have confused the rankers. These two are just cases where the back-up was good enough to get an AQ. 149: Matt Williams. He is 19-2 (countable) with a win over Brignola. 157: Nate Lukez (soph). He is 18-4 (countable) with wins over Kropman, Elfvin, and Jaffe. Not bad for someone who never qualified for PA states. He was also 2-0 last year in ECMs. (NOTE: I know Hartman also qualified an AQ, but I just wanted to recognize nate.)
  7. Nothing in the NCAA manual for an academic department to “recommend a lighter load” and coaches to schedule practices at specific times which don’t allow certain courses to be taken. football is a different animal, but I know one institution which limits the majors of its athletes due to “academic and practice” scheduling. it is completely legal.
  8. 1. I went off this for the 3 years: https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/49296/brucki-patrick/profile 2. I said “stingy.” I know your Ivy League education has taught you bigger words, so I’ll use them. Maybe you will understand better: “For scholars taking the primrose path of Ivy, thy committee dost commonly besmirch young scholars of garnering AP for thy; the committee is most avaricious and thou standards most rigorous.”
  9. He was only at Princeton for 3 years. And I completely understand you can grad in 3 years. My point is WHY would an IVY coach allow enough summer school to graduate in 3 years KNOWING Ivy League graduate rules and sports. Also, Ivy League departments are stingy with the AP credits if they recognize it at all.
  10. Who is the guy that makes the EIWA brackets that calculate team scores? I need that excel for a pick-‘em contest. im willing to pay.
  11. How could an Ivy coach allow a student athlete to load courses enough to graduate in 3 years?
  12. This brings up another point. If a competitor is RTC, military prep or HIGH SCHOOL, what incentive does a DI wrestler have to wrestle the match and not medically forfeit? Sure, a back-up would still wrestle. Sure you might wrestle the match if it were the finals of an open. You might also wrestle the match if it meant wrestling a ranked DI wrestler the next round of you win. Are “prep” wrestlers bad for college wrestling? No…just bad for RPI. We are now in an age of wrestling where “if it doesn’t count, don’t wrestle.” That seems to go against the spirit of wrestling.
  13. ECMs aren’t the real problem. Scheduling is. ECMs serve only to help correct the mistakes of a coaching staff. Issue: Coaches are scheduling less matches and tournaments for their starters using too LOW a “match count” to plan from. DISCUSSION: Ever since Cael started getting his starters less than 20 matches prior to conferences, many coaches saw this as a good thing. However, Bo Nikal, Jason Nolf and zain were never in danger of slipping in the rankings for missing a week or two. NOT the case for other wrestlers at other schools. RECOMMENDATION: 1. schedule more QUADS or TRI meets. This provides one weigh in for 2-3 matches that COUNT. Rutgers did a great job getting the highest match count with the lowest weigh-ins. 2. Have starters go to an early season open. Possibly TWO of your team is planning on going to MIDLANDS. if someone doesn’t have AT LEAST 10 matches before January, you better start worrying! 3. ECMs should ONLY be for people not starting in the dual. This gives a coach wiggle room to get a starter a match against a lesser opponent (might be coming off injury or sickness) without having them start the dual.
  14. Yes! Use the ECMs more to get back-ups some competition. But none of these “Philly” ECMs where people get 4 matches in one day wrestling people in lower weight classes. Two matches per dual (the dual and an ECM). However, I would say that 90% of the Spartan and USMAPs guys can beat 100% of people 3-5 on a depth chart. So YES we agree again, the opens have better COMPETITION.
  15. I’m sorry, I blacked out for three hours. What happened?
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