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  1. Almost every all-American is powerful, and can maintain their power through 7 minutes. Brutes tire easy. Tired people wrestle sloppy, sloppy wrestling leads to bad stances and bad shots, which lead to opportunities. In the old days of wrestling (and for Greco until the end of time), physical attributes won the day. Until the beloglazovs came around and had a counter for everything and understood how to be strong in certain positions. Come to think of it, Sidakov and satiev never appeared to be jacked. They were strong in positions, but probably could bench press a poodle.
  2. So circus level feats of strength correlate to wrestling.
  3. What did they do in the golden years? Was it they had to wrestle another match? They should do that. Make them go another 7 minutes. I think they should take away the ride outs and just wrestle another FULL 2 minute period. Too many wrestlers content with overtime, and trying to get through SV so they can get to the ride out. If no score after that period, another 2 min period. With stall rules it shouldn’t get to that.
  4. Too bad he wrestled since he was 10. So you have another example? What I witnessed at West Point is the boxing coach pulling someone aside from class and asking if they wanted to do boxing...never boxed before...and made THEM national champs in less than a year. Not just one but several guys.
  5. Marciano would have been murdered by an early or late Tyson. Not fast enough. Boxing is even more a sport that benefits natural athletes (strength speed reflexes). I know because I taught boxing at USMA and graduated from there. The reason why West Point has had so many NCBA championships is because a good boxing coach can take someone with the build and physical attributes and make them into a national champ in less than a year. You CANNOT do that with wrestling.
  6. In a non absurd fantasy match-up that doesn’t compare two wrestlers from a galaxy far away and a long time ago that would realistically be a lopsided tech fall, I go with Marinelli in a 2 point decision. 6-4.
  7. This is absurd. Hodge would get pinned or teched. You take last years NCAA champs and put them against champs from 2000, there would be multiple major decisions and tech falls. here is another one, if Tom Martucci was a 197 for TCNJ this year, would he win the DI tournament? Actually, what DIII champs could have won DI NCAAs in the last 20 years? BETTER YET, if last years DI champs had a dual against last years DIII champs, what weights would NOT end up in a major, tech or pin? Hodge v Cael is like asking if Vince Lombardi’s Super Bowl champ packers played the Super bowl champ chiefs, who would win? I say the chiefs score 30 touchdowns and the packers have over a hundred negative yards in the worst game of football ever played.
  8. As long as they don’t try to get Ferrari to certify and hold 174, they should be fine.
  9. What if Hopkins was named starter after army navy? Looking at coaching as a “business” Hopkins has much better wins than brown, scores more points in matches and has a 72% win record. He beat the guy that beat Darmstadt, so pulling brown and adding Hopkins would get him simply replaced in the coaches panel and would probably be a higher RPI. Hopkins would get the conference another AQ with that coaches decision. I do not see how coach ward can go with a guy who lost to three wrestlers ranked 4, 5 and 6 in the conference (plus a loss to Lowe at 197). Ward could argue a higher seed for Hopkins at EIWAs despite lack of conference wins. speaking of army 197s, there is another 197 with a 21-6 record who has only lost decisions to teammates Hopkins & brown, Cardenas, Lowe and Jakobsen. In terms of wins, he pinned Noah Adams as a prepster and pinned Koser last year at NCO. Plus owns 3 wins against teammate brown. That person is Bennet Paulson You have to wonder what he did to get into the doghouse. Wrestlestat has him ranted higher than brown and Hopkins.
  10. I don't have a link, but I know that medical forfeits don't count towards win%. Wrestlestat incorporates them in win percentage, but takes out non-DI competition.
  11. Guess you never heard about Dan Gable and his red flag practices. Dan Gable trained his wrestlers all season like JROB rubs his camps. If I recall, he was a pretty good coach and won a few matches as a coach and competitor.
  12. The JROB camp is not ranger training. The campers aren’t rationed one meal per day and get ample sleep. You fail to understand that the goal of camps like that are to learn more about yourself. You argued you can do all that training at home, I said you can’t. The goal of the camp is to see how well you can perform when you are broken tired and want to quit. At home it is easy to quit...you can go home. You don’t have other people seeing you quit. You aren’t disagreeing or offering any counter point in an intellectual discussion. You are just hanging on an opinion based on ignorance. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  13. NCAA seeding is well through tour and argued for the 1 and 2 seeds. Decently thought out for the 3/4 seeds. The rest aren’t really thought out for the wrestler but more for a TEAM so they can put a wrestler in position to stay alive longer in the championship round. for instance, a wrestler might be good enough for the 5 seed, but they have a better chance of beating the 3 seed in the quarters than the 4 seed (match up). So a coach might lobby for the 6 seed rather than the 5 seed.
  14. Maybe you lack the intelligence to comprehend what I said. A camp is 2 or 3 weeks. The goal of the camp is to learn more about yourself. Army rangers don’t go to ranger school year round (training is 3 months if you don’t get recycled, max 5 months). In fact, they can’t! It is a leadership school . Once you graduate and go to an infantry unit or ranger battalion, you train in a periodized training schedule. You can’t be cold, wet, tired and hungry every time you go to the shooting range or go through small unit tactics drills. The way you come off, you must have been the scrub who would get beat in practice all the time and say, “it’s just practice.” But wrestle the same way in competition. if you are so smart? How many national titles or all American honors have you won with your “smart training method?”
  15. I am not completely sold that Darmstadt’s spot at 197 is safe from Cardenas.
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