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  1. Snarky could be ignored. The shrill screaming could not. So I just muted and watched. I can do my own commentary.
  2. Definition of charisma 1 : a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (such as a political leader) His success was largely due to his charisma. 2 : a special magnetic charm or appeal the charisma of a popular actor I would say the fact there is a thread on the subject almost proves Cael is extremely charismatic. I think too many people are confusing charismatic with charming. Charming is a more shallow influence over people. Charisma is a gravitas and presence that draws eyeballs to a person.
  3. Darkus also won the NCAA title in 84, in addition to his other accomplishments.
  4. Nate went to Tech Memorial, Kevin went to Prep. One of the best matches I ever wrestled was losing 7-3 to Darkus. But he probably was just taking it easy on me.
  5. Kevin Darkus was from Erie. He lost in the 118 final to Barry Davis. But I probably confused you by referencing the finals match-ups when the topic was Champions.
  6. How big were those matches at 118 and 190 in the team race? Must have been something else to watch. Nice to see two Erie, PA boys representing in the finals!
  7. Flo is turning Willie into a Don Quixote character and keeping him in the conversation. They would probably be better served to let him fade away. But this probably has more to do with Martin than Willie. Willie is just caught in the middle. As non-competes are very hard to win, Flo is more than likely trying to financially strangle him. Hopefully he has made some good lawyer friends along the way...but I bet they're not from Cornell!
  8. He considers himself a fashionista. He is a theater major. No MMA for him. He's planning to head to Hollywood.
  9. Fair enough. Then the benefit of the doubt I gave ZV for the weight cut gets thrown out. They've wrestled all close matches, save for handling each other once.
  10. Have you ever seen Shak in person? He's wears womens...wait, I mean Prada clothing.
  11. Hall "handled" Valencia in a more convincing fashion 4-0. Zahid spent half the match flat on his face. However, he did just make 174 pounds after crossing the country. Which doesn't meet my definition of "handling" in either match, 5-0, or 4-0. They are just 2 evenly matched wrestlers, and one has a size advantage.
  12. It seems like Flo has a strategy of regularly putting wonky stuff out there to create dialog. It keeps them in the conversation, no?
  13. I think Hall's future is at 74kg. I don't think he has the size for 79kg at the senior level. Zahid is a monster at 79kg. He definitely could be a force on the world stage at 79kg. He's not there yet at 86kg, but he will be soon.
  14. And on the topic of Zahid and Brooks, Zahid is a clearly a big favorite. But they wrestle the matches for a reason. I sat in the stands in Pittsburgh this March thinking I was going to see Vincenzo Joseph sew up his third title. We all know how that turned out. Now Valencia would be a much bigger favorite than Cenzo was over Mekhi, but it's V week. Survive and advance. You never know what will happen after the whistle blows.
  15. I think if you assess that last freestyle match fairly, you come away with the following: 1. Zahid is and always has been a much bigger 174 pounds than Hall. Eventually you pay the piper for giving up that size advantage. 2. Hall looked really lethargic with a half-hearted high crotch that resulted in some easy points for Zahid. 3. Given 1 and 2 above, Zahid did not "handle" him. he managed the match and wrestled wisely. He should have given up a passivity point in the last 90 seconds. If you are "handling" someone, you don't have to back up for the last 1/4 of the match. You keep scoring and end the match. Zahid got a couple of easy go behinds and managed his lead. But there is no sense arguing a definition of "handling". If they wrestle today, Zahid is a clear favorite. But I wouldn't bet the bank on the result. There isn't that much separation.
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