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  1. He is in State College taking classes this semester.
  2. I hope he doesn't have a work-study job cleaning the pool!
  3. The use of that screen name proved quite prescient. edit...damn that was Pyles, not Nomad. So much for that laugh!
  4. He who deletes information that turns out to be wrong. In this case, Pat Mineo claims to have seen the screenshots of the DMs in question.
  5. It was allegedly a complaint from 8 high school underage girls.
  6. To go where? Anywhere in particular, or just a sign of the times?
  7. Even though I (in attempted humor) took a jab at Jersey, I must admit the areas of Avalon/Stone Harbor are beautiful and loads of fun. While working in Philly back in the 80's we rented places there and spent many nights at Fred's, the Little P, the Windrift etc... In fact, The Stone Harbor Police department owns the distinction of having been the only department to place me under arrest.
  8. New Jersey = great because it is close to NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and all their great attractions Armpit = great because it is close to heart, lungs, arm, shoulder and all their important functions
  9. The key for football is that they play the games and put it on TV. That is the revenue stream they can't do without.
  10. Ira Lubert seeded the funds for renovations to the PSU Wrestling Room named after his PSU Wrestling Coach, Rich Lorenzo. It has been rumored that his money funded a rich contract for Cael Sanderson to lure him from ISU. However, that is not true. He also was the primary donor initially to the NLWC, which makes up the majority of the $8 million referenced above. Ira Lubert has also donated to a number of Penn State causes, both athletic and academic. He also is not a billionaire, not even close. The NLWC has a number of members that support the club financially (as you can see from the tax filing that you attached). Annual giving has increased from $500,000/year to over $1,000,000/year. The NLWC is the premier RTC without a doubt. It is likely that they will continue to attract top Senior Level Wrestlers going forward. It is what it is. It is definitely an advantage for Penn State when it comes to recruiting college talent. The question is, how do you address it as a question of fairness? If you limit the RTCs, you hurt USA Wrestling. If you disaffiliate RTC's from Universities, you lose the funding. Donors are definitely university driven. It sounds like Iowa has raised some money to build a new wrestling center, and tOSU and Rutgers have built new wrestling facilities. Why no money is going to their RTCs themselves is the question.
  11. I think this is the clip you were looking for.
  12. It would be a little premature don't you think? He is 28-2 in his career with losses to Conner Flynn and Isiah White. That's not all time great yet.
  13. The details are it was enough that his own school chose to sit him. By their stated policy it would have been at least his third offense. He let his team and school down. That's not great in my opinion.
  14. How do you factor Zahid's freestyle wins in your ranking, but discount his suspension from ASU by his own school? That IMHO, makes him less than great. And IMAR was under ranked as previously acknowledged. Yes, Stieber has those 4 titles, but one would not have happened had the replay rules changed one year earlier. Also, I think Cenzo is ranked too high considering the number of losses he had outside the NCAA Tourney. That said, nice job on the list.
  15. It aids in social distancing to be the only member of the team. At least that's their pitch.
  16. They just picked up Tate Orndorff from the portal last week. I'd say they're set at 285 with him and Gas Tank Gary.
  17. He'll be trying to make the team at 125kg too. Beard is the man next year at 197. He'll be fine.
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