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  1. Not a bad idea, I was hoping to see Hall bump and put the Hodge on the line tonight! I'm just not sure how Hall could win the Hodge w/o that win considering the past.
  2. I thought Gable was wrestling in this event, anyone heard anything similar or different?
  3. I have to agree, the moment I read it I thought of him in the gray/black Hawks wrestling sweatshirt. Still a fine coach at Portal-U
  4. I know I'm new here but this comment is a stretch. Giving their ages being so close I'm not sure he'd ever touch Cox or Snyder.
  5. With the US Open shortly after the Trials, what can we expect from a participation aspect? I imagine the winners of the trials won't enter, right? Sorry for the obvious ?'s, very new to Sr. level.
  6. Question for some of us newer to the international scene. Baring injury will this all happen in one weekend? No Final X one weekend and Finals the next? Hypothetically can we expect to see Dake sit until Semi's and then take on Jordan Saturday?
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