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    SettleBoys reacted to russelscout in FLO's infatuation with Seth Gross   
    The idea that you need accolades to have an opinion is not only wrong, but is bad for the sport. 
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    SettleBoys reacted to pish6969 in ASU vs Penn St   
    Check out FuboTV. They are offering free 7 day trial. I just signed up. Make sure you have the sports package as part of it as it offers the PAC 12 Arizona network included.

    I pay nothing unless I don’t cancel by Wednesday next week.

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    SettleBoys reacted to HokieHWT in Lee's olympic run isn't legit   
    There is no third period in freestyle so he’s golden
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    SettleBoys reacted to Fletcher in Flo Kinda Explains why Flo is a joke   
    "Betting on myself" is my new favorite euphemism for unemployed.
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    SettleBoys reacted to TBar1977 in Calling my shot: PSU doesn't win this season   
    Those are some good drugs you are taking. 
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    SettleBoys got a reaction from scribe in World Series champs Washington. What do you guys think?   
    Is it possible to like scribe and PSU wrestling both?
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    SettleBoys reacted to bnwtwg in 2020 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials   
    @SettleBoys the qualification schedule for the 2020 Olympics is as follows:
    Dec 20-22
    Senior Nationals qualifier
    This can be thought of as the Senior US Open for all intents and purposes
    March 26-29
    Last Chance qualifier
    April 4-5
    Olympic Team Trials
    74kg Jordan Burroughs has a bye to the finals
    97kg Kyle Snyder has a bye to the finals
    74 or 86 Kyle Dake has a bye to the semifinals (he has announced he is going 74)
    86 or 97 J'Den Cox has a bye to the semifinals (he has not publicly announced his weight)
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