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  1. Interesting Yianni interview. Around 1:12 he mentions that he's doing some functional patterns work. And then around 2:25 he gets asked about his coaching change... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY97Lg0tmlU attempt to put a time stamp in -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY97Lg0tmlU&t=145
  2. Good luck to him. I've got rib cartilage that still hurts 10 years after the injury. I don't think the Columbia guy will fare well if he sees Darmstadt again.
  3. The Columbia guy knew he was at the edge, imo, but tossed Darmstadt off the mat into the edge of the 1st. row after giving up a 6 pointer. Luckily, it looks like the step edge is rounded and maybe even padded. Hopefully, the ribs are OK and he's just going to be sore for a week. Cornell is going to be 2 deep at all the higher weights next year.
  4. This should be a good match. It would be disappointing for Lehigh if they can't win with both Yapoujian and Womack out for Cornell, which opens up both of those weights for bonus points, imo. But, the Evil Ivy empire has 2 locks and good chances in the 4 swing matches, so there's definitely a path to victory for them. I think Hoffman would have matched up better vs Richard, but Karam has been written off a little too quickly by some fans. Kutler doesn't get too many back points or pins, but he's definitely capable of putting on a takedown clinic vs a lot of guys (ask Berryessa). Jake has given up a pin and a major vs Darmstadt in the past, but you'd think that as the tallest Lehigh wrestler should be able to match up against the 6'5" pin machine. Looking forward to this one. I'm even going to get back on ESPN+ for a month.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. That's obviously a way better choice to add specific Lehigh threads.
  6. 125 – Brandon Paetzell vs. Mitchell Polito (or Luke Resnick) 133 – Jaret Lane vs. Joe Lobeck 133 – Connor McGonagle vs. Nick Farro 141 – Ryan Pomrinca vs. Malyke Hines 149 – Jimmy Hoffman vs. Luke Karam 157 – A.J. Burkhart vs. Josh Humphreys 165 – Chase Gallik vs. Brian Meyer 165 – Luca Frinzi vs. Trey Cornish Edmond Ruth vs. Kent Lane Jake Logan vs. Andrew Shedleski 184 – Chris Weiler vs. Eli Grape 197 – Elijah Jones vs. Andrew McDonald Pretty interesting slate of matches. There's a good amount of talent on the team, but it remains to be seen if any of the guys beyond Kutler and Wood can up their game to the AA level. High hopes for Humphries, who came close last year, as well as Jake, Weiler and the returning Karam. Paetzell, Lobeck and Farro have always been solid, hopefully one of them can make a breakthrough. Several intriguing Freshmen who will probably redshirt.
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