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  1. Press Release: For Immediate Release Beat the Streets Boston (BYW) is a young, dynamic, and growing non profit organization that focuses on sport for good. Throughout the past few years, we have become a regional leader in creating youth development opportunities for young people in under-resourced communities. Beat the Streets Boston (BYW) is excited to be adding a Program Coordinator/Manager to our diverse and dedicated team, in order to provide even more opportunities for our young people to succeed on and off the mat. Application Deadline is Wednesday, October 30th, 2019. For more information on the position please see https://beatthestreets.org/careers Beat the Streets cultivates youth development in underserved communities by encouraging a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, integrity, and perseverance through induction of quality wrestling programs. Together with your support, Beat the Streets strives to enhance the lives of young men and women in school, sports, and the community. Beat the Streets National empowers city leaders in eight member cities to deliver sustainable sport for good wrestling programs.
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