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    Upstate NY resident here - almost hit their horse and buggys a few times
  2. Looks like NC will be wrestling Cornell at 1 pm on Saturday, then packing up, and heading to wrestle Binghamton at 7 pm. Hidlay (#9 wrestlestat, #15 Flo) has got (#8 wrestlestat, #3 flo) Ben Darmstadt of Cornell and (#7 wrestlestat, #2 flo) Lou Deprez of Binghamton. Anybody know if these matchups are still valid? What are your predictions? I’ll say he picks up the W over Darmstadt but loses a tight one to Deprez
  3. I feel like I wouldn’t just because of the fact that I’m not interested in women’s MMA. Nothing against the female competitors but the physical attributes of combat sports are lacking in female athletics. Also, couple this with how much time we have to allocate towards following sports. I wouldn’t sacrifice watching men’s wrestling to watch women’s.
  4. Agreed. Did Teemer get injured against McCoy?
  5. Same haha. I don’t know much about Robison, do you think he has the potential to be a threat to other ranked guys ?
  6. Theorius Robison (freshman) had a good match with Montorie Bridges in the Finals of the Cowboy open (I won’t give any spoilers). I think Aragona has a lot of potential and will particularly benefit working with Suriano as I saw similarities in their styles. Andrew Fogarty looked a bit flatter than I anticipated but still got the job done. 33-74 for Rutgers has caught my attention overall. Found the big names on Wisconsin’s roster fun to follow
  7. Perhaps I described it wrong. Unfocused would be more appropriate. Did you see the match?
  8. Just got stuck at the end of the 3rd in the South East Open finals when it was 3-3. Looked quite a bit sluggish and disinterested in the match. Does he/the rest of the roster typically have cardio issues in the beginning of the season? What’s the board’s thoughts on his chances at AA this season?
  9. That is true. I still think Suriano would rack up enough points to survive any trouble on top. Fix maybe not and would have to decide the match on top/bottom. If you had to make stance, do you think Gross could ride Fix out?
  10. That’s a good point. I liked Wisconsin and hope to see them continue to succeed this year
  11. Great guy, hard to say anything against him. But... I don't think he would have made the finals last year. Based on the AFC Duals I think Suriano would have beat him in a tight match with a TD being the difference. Probably a similar story with Fix. Gross just didn't look clean enough to stop those guy from taking him down. I do think he'll make the finals this year and do very well. His style matches up well with the rest of the weight class. At this point, I think that the biggest threat for him this year will be Gomez. I know it was kickoff weekend and he has plenty of time to prove me wrong, but I think he's very fortunate that Suriano and Fix aren't around.
  12. Nick lee by Demas or Mike Carr Rivera by Spencer, Picc, or Glory Everybody at 165 by the Bull
  13. Flo & ESPN cover a decent amount of events but are their any other streaming services/networks that cover wrestling outside of the B10? How about the wrestle-offs- does anybody have any recommendations for watching them? By the way, I’m new to this forum after following it during the 2018-2019 season. Love watching the back & forth of this community and am looking forward to discussing the season with y’all
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