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  1. Awesome thank you all so much!!
  2. Thanks, you by chance have the links to those forums?
  3. First time caller long time listener. Just curious on what other forums do you all frequent?? Just looking for more info on rosters/ red shirts being pulled etc. Thanks MML
  4. Mark Ironside vs Cary Kolat Johnny Hendricks vs Mark Perry
  5. I’ve heard he could be done for the season and need surgery on the MCL. Hope I heard wrong, kids tough.
  6. Man that Michigan team is going to be SCARY next year.
  7. Who’s shirts get pulled this season? Who could we possibly see second half of season that could shake up the podium a bit?
  8. When does Lovett make his debut?
  9. I was expecting Lovett as well, hoping he pops up here soon. Kids tough!
  10. Super dumb question and I know it’s been answered in this forum before but if they enter the transfer portal they can still compete this season?
  11. First time posting mistake, crap.
  12. I always look forward to the yearly “Dark Horse” thread. If it hasn't been created then let's start now!! Define a Dark horse however you want. My definition of a Dark Horse would be a first year blue chipper or returning guy to potential AA or be the Champ come March.
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