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  1. I hate to bring this up, but when John referred to The Mat forums, the word "cesspool" was invariably included in the sentence.
  2. 2015 NCAA SF: Realbuto-Miller; Realbuto advanced because the refs lost track of the score.
  3. My memory may be faulty, but I swear I remember Spike Israel leaping over the two wrestlers to get an angle to call a fall. And Spike wasn't a kid at the time -- Grace Hall at Lehigh, late '70s or early '80s.
  4. I haven't even tried to keep up with eligibility given the Covid year; too damn hard to figure out and that's before you get to the special Ivy rules. F'instance, one case I know of regarding a possible transfer -- guy graduated HS in 2020, took a class or two in college in 2020-21 but didn't wrestle, then wasn't enrolled anywhere in 21-22. Did 20-21 count as a greyshirt year, or did that year not count at all and 21-22 was a greyshirt year? Is he a true freshman, a r/s freshman, or something else? I won't bother guessing, I'll just wait to find out, which could take a few years. To name a name -- what is the status for Bucknell's Zach Hartman? Bucknell almost never redshirts (only one case ever that I know of) so all their guys graduate in four years. Hartman has wrestled four years and was honored at Bucknell's senior night. By NCAA rules he has a year of eligibility remaining but was not shown in the transfer portal at any point. A top student, grad school should be a likely option. Anyone want an A/A 165-pounder for a season? Seems like there ought to be some interest somewhere, no?
  5. Cornell holds most home duals at the Friedman Center; I think the capacity there is around 1000. This year they had limits on attendance due to Covid (I remember 50% capacity, but it might have been lower at times), which included EIWAs at Bartels Hall; they were limited to half capacity there as well. Evidently it wasn't certain that EIWAs would be held at Cornell until about three weeks before the tournament.
  6. Right. Like football heights and weights are believable. Maybe with pads and helmets.
  7. Kitco Gold & Silver prices suggest that Duke would be better off recruiting Randy Rhodinium.
  8. I think it's unlikely. I looked up Beard's prep career and he went 170-180-195-195, then a greyshirt year, then three years at 197 at Penn State. Garcia, as a wrestler, would be a 184/197 IMO. Plus Lehigh seems happy with Nathan Taylor, who has to cut to make 285. If they can get all three of them on the mat in the same events they might have an awesome closing threesome.
  9. "Let's wait until they win a few!"
  10. Messier screwed up some. A couple of the items on his original list aren't there. And one item has two Messier numbers. We'd need to be better than that (right now, we're not).
  11. I suggested on another forum that weigh-ins should be handled the same way as drug testing -- several times during the course of the year (not the season) wrestlers are required to step on a scale with no notice. They can't wrestle at any weight below the average of their most recent x weigh-ins. No need to weigh in before duals and tournaments. Nobody liked the idea, though.
  12. Have you seen a photo of Darrius Little recently?
  13. Thanks my projection would be: 125: Seymour / Lane 133: Paetzall / Bailey 141: Hines/ McGonagale / Moran 149: Brignola/ Bryant / Hoffman 157: Humphreys / Martin / Frinzi 165: Meyer / Lawrence 174: Logan 184: Burkhardt / Grape 197: Beard / Garcia/ Jones / Davis 285: Taylor / Lacombe Hoffman, Grape, and Lacombe have graduated; we won't see them. Based on what I've heard (some rumors, some not) I don't expect to see Lane again at 125 unless everyone else who can make the weight is injured; Lawrence probably at 174; Caden Rogers possibly in the mix at 184 as a true freshman; Garcia will wrestle this year (though the source was silent on if he'll be unavailable until after football season, what weight he'll be at, and that was before the Beard transfer was announced). Guesswork on my part -- Brignola might redshirt this year with Bryant handling 149; my information on Paetzell (will never see 125 again) is from two seasons ago in the aftermath of a couple of medical issues, so maybe now 125 is possible again; a few guys seemed to be in-between weights last year (it appeared to be obvious) so although our wrestlers tend to move up in weight during their careers, this season could be an exception; I'm expecting Seymour to r/s somewhere along the way, but this year doesn't appear to be favorable; I'm doubtful about Hines moving up (and I thought Bailey looked pretty thin for 133 this past season). This won't all happen, but the potential is there for this starting lineup: Paetzell, Crookham, Hines/McGonagle/Munch, Bryant, Humphreys, Meyer/Logan, Lawrence, Rogers, Beard, Taylor. If so, I like our chances at EIWAs and for more than two All-Americans. But some of these guys have to prove themselves over the course of a Div I season.
  14. I haven't heard anything, but I know he had problems making 125 at times this past year. Doesn't mean he's outgrown the weight, might have lost focus for awhile.
  15. Just happened. This story wasn't on Flo 15 minutes ago: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7743130-all-american-michael-beard-lands-at-lehigh Three years of eligibility remaining four years post-HS: the modern world.
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