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  1. I see that Sal Jones has been added to Cornell's roster as well, at 141; he's a 3-semester member of the Finger Lakes contingent.
  2. He's already back on Cornell's roster. Didn't they just remove the four ORSs about a week ago? I remember hearing that he struggled to make 165 a year ago, but he'd only need to do it for a couple of months this time.
  3. Iowa's population is just over 3 million, which makes 500K high school students a bit suspect. Sounds like around 150,000 in public high schools is more like it; maybe 7500 in private schools: https://educateiowa.gov/documents/public-district-prek-12-enrollment-grade-race-and-gender/2019/01/2018-2019-iowa-public
  4. George Steinbrenner paid him $100K to play A ball for a summer, in an effort to get him to switch sports. Best paying summer job I ever heard of.
  5. Yeech -- a cartilage injury is what pretty much ended Mike Pirozzola's promising career in the early '00s. Didn't take an impact -- Mike was being ridden by a tight waist, turned the wrong way, that's all it took. Let's hope Darmstadt's injury is less severe.
  6. Hofstra just topped Binghamton, 25-11. I didn't see that coming a few weeks ago.
  7. In a private e-mail my opinion was that Lehigh was favored in six bouts, Cornell in two, with two close to even. If everything breaks Lehigh's way (when does that ever happen?) it'll look like a rout. If everything breaks Cornell's way and Lehigh drops one upset, then it comes down to bonus points or the dreaded criterion c.
  8. Doesn't matter .... Darmstadt has only faced D1 opponents this season.
  9. Army has seven wrestlers who have competed exclusively at 197 this year, and seven who have competed exclusively at 285 (plus one more on the roster at 285 who hasn't competed). Enough for three teams.
  10. I don't know how much things have changed in recent years, if at all, but one of the most important findings of the Cohen v. Brown University case was that colleges recruit their athletes since walk-ons don't have varsity level talent. So the schools certainly can force the under-represented gender to participate, in a sense, by recruiting athletes for their teams. The "expanding opportunities until proportionality meets the student body ratio" only works if eventually the school actually does that. Otherwise, they'll eventually be in violation.
  11. That's a temporary fix, though; at some point they'll have to show proportionality.
  12. They've added a few guys since I counted a couple of months ago. They were in the upper 40s then.
  13. Hoffman had been ranked by some services, but he's not shown in any updates this week. That means they know something and that he'll be out for awhile.
  14. Hofstra's cap is moving upward. I think it will be 24 next year. Right now the EIWA school with the largest roster is Sacred Heart. Lehigh and Cornell are usually in the upper 30s or low 40s. Army and Navy are both usually in the 40s, but neither has Title IX issues.
  15. Track's making it hard to find the individual bout matchups. You have to search for South Beach College Individual (completely separate from South Beach Duals), then search through the brackets to find single bouts. Hope this link works: https://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1577714305987&pageName=
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