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  1. Ty Cobb was a great believer in chopping wood for exercise. He hit .367 lifetime.
  2. Cornell has posted a draft of its 2020-21 roster. The Olympic Three are back, as is Yapoujian. No Stroker, no incoming freshmen yet. Nothing surprising about weights -- Furman still listed at 285. As I was posting this I thought of a question -- if there's not going to be a wrestling season in 2020-21, should the NCAA allow a second greyshirt year before enrollment? Not granting another year to athletes because the NCAA tournament was canceled was one thing, but this would allow students not yet in school to delay their enrollment and save their teams some dough on budgets that we know are being trimmed, at least in the short term.
  3. Can't believe Lincoln cut much weight; he was pretty gaunt as it was.
  4. Yeah, that damn modern medicine just messes everything up. My whole family should have just accepted death or crippling injuries.
  5. Vaccines don't grant individuals 100% protection. What keeps us safe is when everyone else is vaccinated as well; then there are so few active cases that we're all less likely to be exposed. Not everyone can be vaccinated, either; some with compromised immune systems aren't candidates, and children who haven't received their shots yet are at risk. Their only protection is derived from our vaccinations. I really have a hard time understanding not wanting to be vaccinated, but then I buckle my seat belt too. My sister was born in 1951, I was born in 1954. The last big polio outbreak in this country was in 1952-53, and I still remember seeing a couple of kids in the apartments we lived in then in wheelchairs with leg braces. The Salk vaccine came out around 1956 or '57, and my mom grabbed the two of us and ran to the doctor to get us vaccinated. I got the rest of my immunities the old-fashioned way -- I had measles, mumps, chicken pox (all within a year), and rubella. Not any fun and downright dangerous.
  6. Lehigh's Derek Zinck was best on his feet. 95-28 career, 2x A/A. 11 falls, but I don't remember any. Mike Brown, from 1977-80, was best on bottom. One of the few guys I've ever seen, and the only one from that period, who refused escapes.
  7. I also attended the EIWA tournament at Lehigh; I was on the road, staying in PA and at my Mom's house in NJ, for nearly a week. When my son and I left for Bethlehem there were no deaths and very few confirmed cases; that was all still in the future. Doesn't mean we weren't thinking about it, though, especially after hearing that about 100 regular attendees didn't come due to Covid-19 fears. While we were there we heard of the first confirmed cases in NJ and PA; the day we drove back VA confirmed its first case. The day after we got back home the NCAA tournament was canceled. BTW, I don't think we came close to 3,000 attendees at any point in the tournament; not with so many seats not deployed. I don't personally know anyone who has had the virus. Bedford County, VA, where I live, has had just 41 confirmed cases and two deaths (pop. 85,000); just four new cases in the past two weeks. My sister and mother live in New Jersey, which is the current hot spot in the northeast. They don't go anywhere. Three weeks ago tomorrow I sat in on the spring EIWA coaches' meeting, held on Zoom (something I did not know existed four weeks ago). As I joined, Hofstra head coach Dennis Papadatos was telling the others how his father had recently passed away from Covid-19, and both his mother and brother had been ill with it for more than a month. So they all had the virus before the end of March. I'm making as few trips out as I can and wearing a mask every time I go into a store, and I try to keep my distance. My personal feeling is that anyone who would attend a sporting event (or any other discretionary event) and not wear a mask has rocks in the head. We're nowhere near being over this thing. The life you save by playing it safe may be your own; even more important, it may be mine.
  8. Jack Benny's response was: "I'm thinking it over!"
  9. Yeah, both pro leagues start their playoffs in mid-April. Wrestling would need to wrap by around April 10. That's about three weeks later than now. As long as Dolan owns the Knicks they're probably a safe bet to miss the playoffs, though.
  10. Just need it for four days; that ought to be manageable. Could also just keep booking indoor football stadiums. Ringling Bros. used to stop at Madison Square Garden for a couple of weeks every spring -- it didn't interfere with the Rangers and Knicks. Their schedules were juggled a little to push more games on the road. It was kind of neat to watch hockey with the trapeze stuff hanging from the rafters.
  11. What are there now, 6 weight classes for both free and Greco? I don't think rearranging the NCAA season to fit the plans of 12 wrestlers who may or may not be active students is in the cards.
  12. I'm willing to bet that coaches currently working on next year's schedule are trying to schedule their important duals in January and February. I've wondered if cutbacks on travel expenses will kill the South Beach Duals.
  13. I'm just going by what I've been told by coaches. At some point I need to ask exactly what goes into the budget. I'm sure it varies from school to school so it may be apples and oranges. Maybe endowed coaching positions, endowed scholarships, that sort of stuff, don't show up in a budget. I recently heard right from an EIWA head coach that his annual budget was right around $100K. I didn't have the opportunity to ask what that included. I've heard that at some schools the programs have to pay for the use of the arena for their home meets. That sure explains why some teams use two facilities, with the larger one only for big attractions. Virginia Tech hosts wrestling at its big arena, with free parking and free admission. Things might be different there if the program had to cover those costs. And maybe they do -- no telling what their budget looks like. What I heard about college funding while I was a resident graduate student years ago was eye-opening. Our department had 17 professors but the U only funded 10 positions. The rest of their compensation came from grants and industry support. My MS was underwritten by a grant from a research council funded by industry; I had to produce certain data that was of interest to all the council members, but I was free to do anything I wanted beyond that. My tuition, stipend, office space, research materials (which included A LOT of machine shop charges) were all covered by the grant. I figure things like this are why schools are creative with funding for graduate athletes -- if a wrestler is earning an MS the way I did, none of his funding comes from the school. Should that count against the 9.9 limit? Who knows? I also taught one lab course and blew through the course's machine shop budget in three weeks. Courses have machine shop budgets? Really? Nobody told me.
  14. Don't most (all?) of the power schools have athletics dorms? It should be easier to control lights-out in that environment than when the players are spread all over campus. One of Lehigh's best players told me once that he could never sleep the night before a game. He tried to get a good night's rest the night before that, then just not do anything too stupid the night before the game.
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