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  1. Paetzell was ill last year and unable to wrestle below 141. I'm certainly rooting for him but it remains to be seen where he certs and how good he'll be.
  2. It's not unknown for lightweights in HS to wrestle up a weight class, in order to impress college coaches that they're big enough for the big time. Back in the day, Bobby Weaver wrestled 116 in a PG year at Blair, wrestled 118 (more or less, mostly less) in college at Lehigh, then made 105.5 for the '84 Olympics. Good thing there was no internet back then or some guys' brains would have overheated.
  3. To be fair, it's been a strange July.
  4. I've sent long lists of corrections of all kinds to EIWA coaches, the NWCA, Wrestlestat, and the NCAA. Happens .... all .... the .... time. A quick look at my records and here's one case: 11/4/2018, Princeton Open, 141, Trackwrestling: Bout 445, Peter Ogunsanya, Army West Point FF over Marshall Keller, Princeton. The bout is shown on both wrestlers' ISRF pages as For. Keller had already wrestled six bouts (wrestled, no forfeits or byes) in the tournament, so this should have been a RULE enforcement bout with PJ advancing by the 6-bout rule. Instead, this was counted as a win in his Div I results, although not at his EIWA tourney weight. It was counted as a loss for Keller. The RPI calculations are very precise. The one case I've seen that shows the actual RPI values, not just the rankings, is on the NCAA website and is from the 125-pound class in 2016. The difference between the wrestlers with the 27th and 28th RPIs was 0.00005. If a bout that shouldn't be counted is counted in a wrestler's record (or vice versa) his RPI can be changed by as much as 0.005. By adding or deleting a single bout result I was able to artificially change the RPI rankings by as much as three places for some wrestlers on that list. In the case I cited, Ogunsanya was credited with an extra win and Keller was charged with an extra loss by the NWCA, for a bout that didn't (and couldn't) happen. It affected their RPIs, the RPIs of their opponents, and of their opponents' opponents. One erroneous report.
  5. It happens all the time in open tournaments; anytime there's more than 16 in a bracket it's a possibility. Much of the time it's reported as a forfeit, so if you're not careful a guy is charged with a loss for a bout he wasn't permitted to wrestle. Can really mess up RPI.
  6. South Dakota State? Be funny if Hahn's guys beat both teams.
  7. Goes along with the Cornell tradition of unpronounceable names.
  8. If the guy graduated HS at 19, he finishes with college at 31; so, yeah.
  9. 2018 -- Greyshirt 2019 -- Compete 2020 -- ORS 2021 -- ORS/"Free" year from the NCAA 2022 -- R/S 2023 -- Compete 2024 -- ORS 2025 -- Injured 2026 -- Compete 2027 -- Injured 2028 -- ORS 2029 -- Compete 12 years, including four ORS years for three Olympics. Vitali Arujau's done the first four, probably along with some others.
  10. Has Trampe actually landed elsewhere yet? Just because he's in the portal doesn't necessarily mean he's going anywhere; could just be exploring his options.
  11. I don't know if the situation is similar in New York, but in Virginia the top schools like UVA and Virginia Tech are required to accept in-state CC transfers with GPAs of 3.4 or higher. Not the easiest thing to do, but probably easier than the 1400 SATs and the "unique" background that UVA wants in its applicants. Cornell's Ag school may be required to accept New York CC transfers above a given GPA, which would explain such a high transfer rate.
  12. Cornell's got three recruiting groups who basically haven't wrestled in college yet. Big reload coming in a hurry.
  13. Transfer portal closes on June 1st. Wonder if it works over a holiday weekend?
  14. Never heard that about Koll. Roger Reina was, for a couple of years.
  15. Brosnan's first book, which is better-remembered, was The Long Season (about the 1960 season). You'll want to look up that one, too. My opinion is that Pennant Race is the better book (and definitely has a much better ending).
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