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  1. Hofstra could hire Cael .... if they don't give him a budget or help with admits, it's not going to make a difference. 15 years ago Ryan worked in a completely different environment. No sense scheduling a top-flight schedule if you'll get pounded every time out. Every team Hofstra wrestled was Div I which is more than you can say for many teams.
  2. Hofstra needs more commitment from its current administration; until then the team is fighting with one hand tied behind its back. A few years ago the Pride was barely able to field a team because of roster limits. Papadatos has pushed to get the limit up from 18 to the mid-20s, which is a start. They had a good dual meet team last year, but they're not wrestling in the CAA anymore.
  3. The EIWA coaches met via Zoom yesterday; we're all over the place. Many schools won't be able to use their wrestling rooms until January. Others can gradually phase in during the fall if things are going well on campus. A couple are working out off-campus. According to a recent ESPN article, basketball competition would normally begin on November 10th. Teams can begin practice six weeks prior to their first competitions, which would be Sept 29th this year. The NCAA has been waiting until just about the last minute to issue guidelines. So I don't expect to hear anything about winter sports until mid to late September. We won't know anything for at least two more weeks.
  4. Ouch. The MIAs look to be Arujau, LaJoie, Yianni, Yapoujian, Brindley, Dean, and Furman. I suspect that some are taking a second ORS year and others are not in school for the first semester, are planning on stretching the time at Cornell over five years.
  5. Did you mean "prosecuted"? Either could be correct.
  6. Norman Jack Kleiss (pronounced Kleece), USNA '38, wrestled against Lehigh in the 1937 and '38 duals. I don't know how good he was overall because Navy wasn't in the EIWA at that time, but he WBF in the 1937 dual and drew with Gus Hagerman in 1938; Hagerman won EIWAs a few weeks later. Four years after he graduated, flying a dive bomber off USS Enterprise at the Battle of Midway, Dusty Kleiss put bombs into two enemy aircraft carriers and a heavy cruiser, the only pilot to score three hits in a battle, ever. Kleiss retired in 1962 as a captain; he lived to 100 and was the last surviving bomber pilot from Midway. Written late in life with the help of two co-authors, his autobiography Never Call Me A Hero was a bestseller.
  7. John Irving, award-winning novelist, wrestled at Phillips Exeter Academy.
  8. SVFT never cared about his service, only his politics. I gave up on CNN when Wolf Blitzer "interviewed" the leader of the group. Wolf kept bringing up the citations for Kerry's medals and the guy kept repeating "It didn't happen that way" without explaining how it did happen. At some point the interviewer needs to cut him off and say "You're a liar, sir, and I'm not giving you any more air time to spread your lies." I remember the Vietnam era and I also remember many of the older veterans complaining that the war protesters needed to shut up until they'd done something. Kerry served on a frigate before requesting duty on the swift boats. He went, he served with distinction, so by the terms set down by the WWII/Korea generation he earned the right to protest the war.
  9. Since there's never any possibility that Trump will cure anything, that's completely hypothetical. Did you see the Senate Intelligence Committee's final report, btw? You never saw anything like that before Trump either. Re criticism: Lyndon Johnson once complained that if he left the Oval Office, walked down to the Potomac, and walked across the river surface to Virginia, the headlines the next day would read "Johnson Can't Swim!" There's nothing new about the press ripping into the President. John Adams signed the Sedition Acts into law in an attempt to shut up the press. Thomas Jefferson signed the repeal, then regretted doing so. This is why someone with the world's thinnest skin shouldn't seek that office. Johnson was another liar, though not on a scale with Trump; but he never discussed delaying the 1968 election so that he could remain in office. If Adams had been able to delay the election of 1800 three months he might have been a two-term President. Only Trump.
  10. Because he said so? "I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements. I have no idea if that’s right." Maybe if the guy would answer a yes/no question with a simple yes or no, there'd be no problem; it would probably take one of his staffers all of 30 seconds to verify the facts. But since I believe his purpose is to sow doubt in the minds of his base, I believe that he intentionally didn't answer the question directly. And yes, there should be a special torment awaiting headline writers, who it seems often don't read the stories for which they craft headlines.
  11. What he actually said was "I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements. I have no idea if that’s right. I would have thought, I would have assumed, that the Democrats would have checked that out before she gets chosen to run for vice president.” So strictly speaking he didn't say that she wasn't eligible, he just didn't say that she was and that the issue was in doubt. As a child of an immigrant himself, maybe he doesn't meet the requirements but I have no idea if that's right. He'd be a whole lot more believable if he hadn't spent years touting the belief that his predecessor hadn't been born in the United States. I guess we're still waiting to see the very interesting things that the team of investigators that he sent to Hawaii found.
  12. High places are preferable to low places, no question about that. It's just that things have changed. I'm not going to bore anyone with stuff from the 1930s, but in 1965, the year that Mike Caruso won his first NCAA title, there were 20 wrestlers in his bracket at 123. There were six medals available for 20 wrestlers. Bump it up ten years to 1975; the tournament was at Princeton, the only time I've attended NCAAs, where I witnessed the reason I like eight places. In the 190-pound class 36 wrestlers were entered; one of them was the EIWA champion, Don McCorkel of Lehigh. I'm biased, of course; I'm a Lehigh grad and was a big fan of Don's. With only eight seeds, Don was left unseeded and began in a pigtail against another unseeded wrestler, Greg Stevens of Iowa. Stevens won, so in an era when only those who lost to semi-finalists got to wrestle back McCorkel entered purgatory, waiting more than a day to see if he'd get to wrestle back. Stevens won in the quarters the next afternoon (he actually made it to the finals), so McCorkel got to pull his warmups off; it had been something like 29 hours since his pigtail loss. He won in the consi pigtail bout, then beat the 6th seed, Roy Baker. They held his next bout until he had the required hour of rest, then he beat the 3rd seed, Rich Calderon. They held his next bout again for the hour of rest, then he finally lost 3-1 to unseeded Bob Orwig of Air Force, who finished 5th; it was clear that after four bouts in around 3-1/2 hours, McCorkel was exhausted. There were still only six places, this time for 36 wrestlers; McCorkel fell one win short of the medals. In 1965 the consolation brackets were even more exclusive -- only those who lost to finalists got to wrestle back. But that left the field so small that a consolation wrestler only had to win one bout to receive a medal. Allen Peterson wrestled four bouts, won once, and received 6th place at 123. What McCorkel did ten years later was far more impressive and if it takes eight medals for guys who do what he did to receive recognition, I'm all for it.
  13. Best to wait another 300 years.
  14. The NCAA has been awarding 7th and 8th place since 1979 so I'm not sure why this is an issue for 2020. 5th and 6th place were first awarded in 1963. Before 1940 just three places were awarded, the defeated finalists went into wrestlebacks and frequently didn't place at all. So what do you consider to be legitimate? Top three, top four, or top six? And why?
  15. Jeez .... an angry post that I agree with ....
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