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  1. I guess Borrelli's hiring will kill the rumors that American was getting ready to cut its program. And American's always been open to the occasional transfer so I can see a few of Stanford's guys following him east. I agree, this isn't good news for those hoping to save Stanford's program.
  2. Yeahhhh ...... I'm not sure. Applying Humph's situation, if he were an Ivy Leaguer: he's wrestled two and was in school but not competing this year. Under normal Ivy rules as I understand them, he'd have one more year remaining but he could do the thing where he sat out of school in the next two fall semesters and competed in the next two spring semesters. Using the Ivy waiver you cite, he could compete two full seasons; that's the same he could always do at Lehigh under existing NCAA rules. My original question remains -- did this year not count at all, leaving him still with the prospect of a r/s year and two competition years?
  3. Sort of along those lines .... the original NCAA release announcing that this year wouldn't count against eligibility was pretty narrowly worded. The wrestlers who competed this season wouldn't use a season of eligibility. We can assume that everyone got a free year, but is that what the NCAA meant? For example, Lehigh's Josh Humphreys didn't compete. He's wrestled two years and this season was originally to be a redshirt season. Does he still have three seasons to wrestle two, or did he burn his r/s year because he didn't compete?
  4. The NCAA mandated that wrestlers, coaches, and staff be tested for Covid three times each week during the season. One vaccination is cheaper than three tests and lasts a lot longer. By November there will be vaccines available for all. Doesn't make sense to keep testing when you can just require proof of vaccination.
  5. Don't you think there's a better than 95% probability that wrestlers will need to be vaccinated in order to compete in 2022 conference tourneys and NCAAs?
  6. Didn't Kentucky hire Fletcher Carr as their head coach because his brothers Joe and Jimmy would follow him there?
  7. A very different EIWA from 1975, though. Just 14 teams, two weight classes had just 11 entries, bonus points were double what they were in 1975 (when a 10-point superior decision earned 0.5 bonus and a fall earned 1.0). Pitt and Yale were still EIWA powers in '75 (Syracuse 5th but fading by 1997). Not quite apples and oranges, maybe, but possibly Delicious vs. Jazz.
  8. Wonderful thing about prospects; they haven't had a chance to fail yet.
  9. Wrestlingstats.com. The only site with all NCAA tournaments posted. http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/brackets.htm
  10. Yeah, I saw. It's not an upset if anyone expects it to happen, though.
  11. Seems to me it's going to be a tough year to transfer successfully, since so many guys sat out the year and many more will be returning after their "free year". There was going to be a crunch for aid money as is with incoming freshmen; now teams have to find more aid for transfers. It sounds like a situation where a lot of guys are going to involuntarily retire prematurely.
  12. 125 lbs -- Micah Roes takes out #3 seed Brandon Courtney. Probably not gonna happen. But I like Roes and there are generally a few guys at the lower weights who have a case of scale flu.
  13. You can in 2021-22. Don't you remember the earth shaking when the Ivies announced that? Don't know if they'd accept a grad-level transfer, though.
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