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  1. After the NLWC chatter about kids getting 10's of thousands of dollars to wrestle at Penn st., we finally have some data. Drum roll please.... The average D1 athlete has made $391 on NIL with a whopping 70% going to football and men's basketball. Of all the NIL deals signed, wrestling is behind sports like women's soccer, softball, and track & field. Early results show NIL will have a negligible impact on the sport of wrestling at all levels and for all schools. Barring a Spencer Lee at Iowa, J'den Cox at Missouri, or Kyle Snyder at Ohio St., your average wrestler will probably never make enough to afford a hamburger.
  2. No they don't. Uguev means no Gilman gold. Rashidov wins gold. And Dake loses to Sidakov.
  3. Can you give me a status report on Pyles btw? Before Oslo he made two pretty bold predictions: 1.) Yazdani had the perfect strategy in Tokyo and still lost. So Taylor was the clear favorite. 2.) Kyle had a legit shot against Sadulaev. Luckily I fade his picks pretty consistently.
  4. The Russians don't get worn out by Cary Kolat and Dan Gable stutter steps. They do exactly what Sadulaev did: They maintain good position and out handfight you. Kyle beat Sadulaev 1x when Sadulaev looked very undersized for the weight. Since then, it's been pure domination. I just watched the match: Kyle not only didn't sniff a leg, he was lucky he didn't get pancaked for 4 on the edge. Kyle did a couple half-shots and generally looked scared to attack the legs. Jordan was smart. Avoid the handfight and use your superior athleticism to beat the Russians. Once his speed dipped a bit, Sidakov started beating him. Kyle doesn't have superior athleticism. The only 97kg we have with elite athleticism is J'den and he looked way too passive versus Iran. So I have no idea what we do, but Kyle isn't the answer at 97KG.
  5. So they were missing 3 Olympic Champs versus our 1. Sounds like a pretty major advantage for the USA.
  6. Did I say abandon folkstyle? No. I like folkstyle and I do think it gives us an edge in terms of conditioning and scrambling. But we are clearly WAY behind Iran/Russia when it comes to technique and hand-fighting.
  7. Of course that's Dan Gable's answer. That's like asking the hammer what is a nail - it's everything to the hammer. We need to accept that Russia is a superior wrestling nation and even the mighty Cael Sanderson has zero answers for Sad. I really wish America would adopt Russia/Iranian best practices into our style.
  8. Remember the Russian coach made a prediction before 2018 worlds? 1.) Kyle wouldn't score a single point. 2.) Kyle would never beat Sad again. Kyle got pinned and has never won again! I need to get stock tips from this guy.
  9. Russia basically sent their B Squad + Sad and still won. Holy smokes that is impressive.
  10. Ah, see that was mentioned on Twitter. Just people complaining that Kyle went on the shot clock twice.
  11. Serious question: At what point does Kyle mix it up and go somewhere else? He left the OhioRTC because he was trying to beat Sad. That hasn't worked and according to y'all, Kyle wasn't even close to scoring. Does he go to Nebraska and reunite with Tervel? You're trying to be the best in the world and right now the plan isn't working.
  12. Kyle has had a massive weakness on par terre defense since I can remember. Sad pretty much guts anyone on the planet.
  13. Didn't watch the match. Did Kyle get to a leg any point?
  14. Moved to Zurich instead. How’s BFE treating you?
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