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  1. Doubtful. It’s not how Whitman operates.
  2. You're averaging 2.7 posts per day since the day you joined. If you want to hit 10k this year, you're gonna need to up your average there big boi.
  3. I'm from a Sunny peninsula that produces fast cars. Have you seen AJ Ferrari's body? That's me, just taller.
  4. Stick to your day job. You come heavy or don't come at all - Jr. Soprano
  5. What's your colors? Black & White? Ying and Yang? 1 ugly tone of green? Another Mizzou fan with the correct take. Gosh we are a world class university. MIZ!
  6. Can we get this to a 100 pages? LJB do your thing.
  7. Whitman wouldn't hire any of them. I guess he might hire Burroughs, but Jordan already said he isn't interested in coaching.
  8. I've thought about this a little more and have a better list of who I think Whitman will target. Unique thing about Illinois AD Josh Whitman is he doesn't use search firms at all. He absolutely loathes them and thinks you job as an AD is to hire coaches, not farm them out to some 3rd party consulting firm filled with agents and ex-coaches. Names in order of most likely to be targeted: 3.) Terry Brands: This really fits the bill of what Josh is looking for. He wants to make a splash and get the entire wrestling community talking about Illinois Wrestling. Would Terry leave? I doubt it, but how many big time Big Ten jobs open in neighboring states. He won a title at Iowa, Nelson could benefit from dropping to 174lb and Terry is approaching the age where he likely never gets an opportunity again to run his own shop. 2.) Doug Schwab: Head coaching experience, Olympian, recruiting ties in the Midwest, high-energy and can go toe-to-toe with Big Ten coaches. Illinois could likely give him a big raise, but would he leave his home state, especially with a young family? Money talks in these situations and I couldn't find his current salary but I am estimating it's around $130k per year. Illinois could easily go to $215k or more if they needed. Would he turn down a $100,000 raise and a chance to be one of 14 Big Ten Coaches? 1.) J Jaggers: Big time recruiter, knows the Big Ten, would be a big time name. This one seems the most likely to me if I had to place a bet. Something doesn't seem right at Ohio St. and it would probably be good for all parties if Tom Ryan was able to shake-up his staff. Tervel is already leaving and I wonder if Bo doesn't try something new. Jaggers brings instant credibility on the recruiting trail and saw firsthand how Tom Ryan built a behemoth. Additionally, Jaggers seems like someone who can raise money, which will be an even bigger deal after COVID. Terry & Doug are not schmoozers and I can't see them interacting well with wealthy Chicago donors. The whole intense Iowa style and bragging about Casey's Mexican pizza won't impress them. Who I don't expect to get the job: 1.) Mark Perry: From what I understand, Perry did a hell of a job recruiting nationally, but alienated a lot of coaches in Illinois. When Perry left, Hef targeted Poeta as a way to repair those relationships, but Illinois is still struggling to get the top kids to remain in-state. 2.) Big time assistants with zero ties: Donny Pritzlaff, Zach Esposito, Brian Snyder, etc. If Whitman is going to make an exception and hire a coach with no head coaching experience, then he at least will target someone who knows Illinois and the challenges of recruiting here. 3.) Imar: Too young, no HC experience and still a senior athlete.
  9. Illinois AD Whitman has made a couple football and basketball hires already with a few characteristics being the same. Friends with a bunch of grads from there, so I follow the program pretty closely. 1.) Head coaching experience 2.) Ties to the state and broader Midwest 3.) High profile name in the sport. 4.) Ability to make in roads into Chicago. Now hiring profit generating sports versus Olympics is different but Whitman has been pretty consistent in who he targets. Question is who fits the bill there? I doubt Whitman hires a big name assistant considering that head coaching experience is his top characteristics. NIU Ludwig would make sense. Steiner would too but Whitman doesn’t like bad PR. Borelli at Stanford makes a ton of sense but it looks like Stanford wrestling might remain. Of all the assistant coaches, Tony Ramos makes the most sense. Chicagoland kid, big time name, world team member and national champ. Could recruit the whole state and Midwest. But if you’re going to hire Ramos, why not go Poeta? He has similar traits and is already there.
  10. If Cox gets a wrestle off, LJB might get to 10000 posts by August.
  11. If Sharifov is done, Aslanbek Alborov is his replacement and happens to be 2-0 versus Kyle. Sadulaev and Mohammadian are both freak athletes and should be the heavy favorites for the gold medal match. I wouldn't be surprised if Mohammadian even beats Sadulaev. He's a superstar.
  12. It has nothing to do with pressure. It's all about peaking in Japan. In the last few years, Kyle has been dominated by Russia and Iran and lost to an aging Sharifov. As Kyle said, "It stinks" because Kollin Moore, Kyven Gadson and whomever else we have been sending at Kyle the last several years has not helped him at all. If anything, it has been a detriment to his growth. No matter what happened between him and Cox, the winner would have beaten a Top 5 97kg guy. Instead, he dominated an undersized Kollin Moore. Kyle looked great and he clearly has decreased his size to up his speed. But if anyone in the world would have shown him that his increased speed is making a difference, it is fellow freaking American J'den Cox. This is what drives the pro-J'den crowd absolutely bonkers. We didn't just hurt J'den Cox. It hurt Kyle. We hurt America's chances at gold. I know for a fact Kyle Dake is a Top 3 74kg because he just beat a top 3 guy. All I know about Kyle is that he is skinner and beat a no-name on freestyle circuit.
  13. If Yazdani failed to make weight by 13 minutes, would they bar him from going to the Olympics? Asking for a friend.
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