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  1. Here’s a likely scenario: You need a certain percentage of D1 participation to have a championship. I don’t have the exact number but it’s already being eroded due to the Ivy League shutting down. If the MAC, PAC or Big12 decide to do the same, it’s not a real championship. How can the 149lb champion be a true winner if Yianni isn’t wrestling? We might get a few duals, but I have a 10-15 percent chance the championship occurs.
  2. For the first time in his career, Smith recruited a top-to-bottom elite class.
  3. Don't worry everyone, the NCAA is allowing athletes to be on scholarship for 6 years now, so this is likely just the start!
  4. Pretty idiotic ruling that will only exacerbate issues within athletic department revenue shortfalls. Programs will be done tens of millions of dollars without football fans able to attend this season and overall fewer games, yet wrestling programs (that operate in the red) will be getting more scholarships? Is this serious? Very few seniors or underclassmen will ultimately be able to use this extra year because there is simply no money for them. The Floboys, especially Christian, seems to operate in this world where athletic department aren't furloughing employees, cutting programs and trimming salaries. But somehow wrestling is going to receive an extra $100-200k per year while athletic department revenue is down 30-50 percent. It's a joke, it's a bad ruling and it will hurt more programs than it helps.
  5. Alright, I am not going back-and-forth. Askren isn't leaving Wisconsin, period. It's not happening. He is affiliated with the Badger RTC and says he barely has time to visit Madison, which is only 90 minutes away. He's not taking a pay-cut to be the lead assistant in a part of the country he has no ties or affiliations.
  6. Well he runs five training sites along with camps, multiple podcasts and other promotions. If he is a university employee, he wouldn't be able to do FRL and voice his opinions as freely. Secondly, he's from Milwaukee area and has built a great business and family there. Why would he go to Oregon St. for $75k a year?
  7. Trying to compile a list of the top assistant coaches. Who are the next coaches that should be eligible for future head coach openings?
  8. It's about recent performance for them to reclaim their spot as the top RTC. When Lou Roselli was there, the OhioRTC was clearly the top program. His departure and Kyle's performance in 2018 and 2019 really hurt them. It single-handily cost them Kerk when Kyle left for NLWC. I honestly don't think having a high-level RTC matters. Missouri and Okie St. are getting top recruits without them. A vast majority of these RTC's are doing very little on the senior level.
  9. It's about recent performance. Is there any indication that Kyle is ascending over the past 2 years versus Cox? Cox just won America's top wrestler and hasn't lost a match in almost two years. Meanwhile, Kyle is getting pinned and losing to 31-year-old Sharifov. There's a reason Kyle made a big change and left the Ohio RTC; it was clear he was on the wrong track. Spencer just ran through Senior Nationals in December dominating Vito, Tomasello and Darian Cruz. Daton and Thomas have traded matches and both made SENIOR world teams. It's clearly Spencer, Thomas and Daton as the top 3 of 57kg and they are an overwhelming favorite versus the field. Same as 65kg. JO looked great recently and Zain has Yianni's number. If I ranked 65Kg I'd go 1.) Zain 2.) JO 3.) Yianni. This isn't directed towards you, but we can we stop with the Cadet world team or even junior world team crap? Berge isn't a threat at 65kg despite him making a world team. It's about recent performance, not 5-7 years ago.
  10. No. 1.) We don't even know if Cassar will wrestle in 2021 with his shoulder issues and previously stating he wants to go straight to MMA. Also, Dom Bradley beat him. Top 125kg: 1.) Gwizz 2.) Gable 3.) Dom Bradley 4.) Tony Nelson 5.) Cassar
  11. Garrett is not top 3 at 57kg or 65kg. Yianni is, but with all the hype he has never made an actual team. Dake is obviously a legit contender. Here's the thing, would you be surprised if Yianni, Garrett and Dake don't make a team? You shouldn't. Here's the favorites: 57kg: Spencer or Fix or Gilman 65kg: JO or Zain 74kg: JB 86kg: Taylor 97kg: Cox 125kg Gable or Gwizz Granted, this is chalk and unlikely to be the team. But bare with me, if it is the team, you have: Iowa RTC - 1 NLWC - 2 Minnesota - 1 US Training Center - 1 (Cox) Nebraska - 1 So, again, outside of NLWC you have a vast, vast majority of RTC's that are funding 1 legit contender.
  12. This RTC free agency period solidifies my prior thesis that there is basically 1 functional RTC in the country: NLWC. The rest of the RTC's are glorified training places for high schoolers and ex-college wrestlers with little chance of making a world or olympic team. People will see this Dieringer news and question whether John Smith and Okie St. are good enough to challenge the Penn St. and Ohio St. of the world. Well, guess what? Okie St. and Missouri got the top recruiting classes and they both have barely functional RTC's. And do you know why Coach Brian Smith and Coach John Smith have weak RTC's? Because they do not care about them, nor do they believe the benefits outweigh the problems. Liability issues with high schoolers around adults, diverting precious resources from the college team to other non-university wrestlers and the lack of oversight are all reasons that many choices have basically eschewed RTCs. Take a cursory look with me: NLWC has legit contenders (meaning top 3 at the weight) at 57kg, 65kg, 74kg, 86kg, and 97kg. And Gwizz occasionally trains there too. Now look at every other RTC. The vaunted Ohio RTC has J'den Cox visiting once a month max to vary his training and J'den recently said he didn't enjoy traveling to Columbus from Colorado. Ohio RTC has zero contenders at 57kg, 65kg, 74kg, 86kg or 125kg. Kollin Moore and a part-time Cox is all they have to show. What about Iowa? Per usual, a stud at 57kg and nothing else. Jaydin Eierman, a guy that couldn't qualify for the olympic trials, is apparently the guy at 65kg. Alex Marinelli is the 74kg and Kemdawg is 86kg, but both guys have a slim, slim chance of making a world team. Nothing at 97kg or 125kg. Hell, the most successful RTC besides NLWC is Michigan and its merry trope of non-American competitors. So much discussion revolves around the RTC, but they mean basically nothing. Most schools like Okie St., Mizzou, Cornell, Iowa, Illinois and others have 1 legit guy at their RTC's that could make a squad.
  13. It's a cost-benefit analysis. Is the difference in competition worth the expense? Absolutely not. It might if Stanford and Oregon St. were powerhouses, but they aren't. Central Michigan is better program than either of those teams. Plus, an underrated aspect I didn't mention is the role of the T.V. contracts. Currently, the SEC and MAC are both ESPN supported. The Pac12 is supported by the PAC Network, which has been a colossal flop of epic proportions. I don't doubt Zeke Jones is trying to get Mizzou, it's a massive win-win for him. It helps his conference, his stability, his quality of competition and his team. It doesn't help Missouri in any key way.
  14. Sure, they could. But what would it cost to fly to Phoenix, Palo Alto and Corvallis versus driving to Northern Illinois, Central Michigan and Southern Illinois Edwardsville? So your costs go up, but the competition really doesn't. Currently, Mizzou's annual schedule breaks down into this with minor variations from year-to-year. Home/Away duals out-of-conference: Virginia Tech Iowa State Northern Iowa Oklahoma St. Illinois Neutral Site Duals (South Beach Duals): Wyoming Lower-tier Big Ten team Ala Purdue or Michigan St. Cornell Lehigh Conference Duals: Central Michigan Buffalo SIU-E Northern Illinois Cleveland St. Kent St. Ohio Old Dominion Variable Duals: Opponents we have wrestled regularly, but not annually Virginia Oklahoma Arizona St. Ohio st. Nebraska Conclusion: The only way Missouri could enhance it's dual-meet season would be to convince Iowa or Penn St. to travel to Columbia. That would get 4-6,000 fans in the seats and would be broadcast on ESPN3. Mizzou already annually wrestles the top 4 teams in the Big12, top 2 teams in EIWA, top team in PAC12 and a couple solid opponents like Illinois and Central Michigan. Adding Oregon St., Fresno St. or Stanford does nothing for attendance, recruiting or level-of-competition. It's too bad the Brands brothers won't agree to a home-and-home series with Mizzou.
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