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  1. No. We have arguably the #2 class for 2020. Season ticket and fundraising is at an all-time high and we have the best wrestler in America going to AWA and throughout Missouri promoting Tigerstyle. Mizzou is doing great.
  2. Longtime lurker, but as a Mizzou fan, grad, personal giver of money and overall lover of things #Tigerstyle, this last week got on my nerves. From standalone Willie, Flo guys and members of this board talking about the demise of Mizzou and this and that. I've spent the past few years digging into how these RTC's work and what's the future. The bottom line is there is only 3 functional RTC's in the country and you could make a strong discussion there is really only 2. I'm not going to regurgitate the role, definition or ultimate purpose of the RTC system, but here are the broad facts: 1.) HWC and NLWC are the only two functional, long-term RTC's in the country. They both have multiple athletes that almost exclusively rely on the funds raised/generated from the RTC to live, have stable fundraising preventing financial shortfalls and can successfully transition athletes from college to post-grad with NO need for endorsements beyond basic services like camps/part-time coaching etc. 2.) Every other RTC cannot say that. We do not know exactly what Nebraska provides Jordan Burroughs, but we know from his advertising deals that his image/likeness provides enough income to have an upper-middle class lifestyle. Therefore, Nebraska RTC is paying for James Green, who has been able to supplement his RTC monies with world championship success. 3.) Go down the line: Ohio RTC, Finger Lakes RTC, Cowboy RTC - None of these RTC's are successfully supporting MULTIPLE athletes over an entire Olympic Quad. Sure, Finger Lakes can bring in Jordan Oliver for a year or so. That's no different than Mizzou currently employing Dom Bradley and Alan Waters for this Olympic run. 4.) There is a general ignorance around college fundraising, declining national enrollment and cuts in upper-education. Simply put, it's not a lack of effort from these programs/coaches/fundraisers. The RTC system is a.) Not a long-term, sustainable addition for a vast majority of Wrestling programs and b.) exacerbates the lack of parity in college wrestling and potentially harms other institutions.
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