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  1. You heard it here first. When it happens bump this up. Otoole’s dad is 6’ 4 “ and prob around 260 Otoole not nearly done growing
  2. Hopefully paddy has gotten better cause KO played patty cake with him when he teched him at who’s number one
  3. The thing is the dakes, Taylor’s, JBs, all had a “ beginning” KO is at the “beginning “ If your a non believer listen to a few of his interviews. This kid loves what we love, is passionate and humble
  4. KO is a year away from beating dake and the likes….. tell me I’m wrong
  5. Reminds me of Iowa except Penn St is DOMINATING and boring. Not just boring
  6. Congratulations to wetzel for beating Otoole last year. A feather in his hat he can brag to his kids about someday.
  7. Good work son, your tournament notes paired well with my morning coffee
  8. A call to end conference tournaments?
  9. I’m Embarrassed for skinny cass
  10. Definitely Not good when Maryland ahead of you
  11. Will skinny cass duck him tonight or take the beat down?
  12. Young man is a warrior, giant leg brace and fighting for his team
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