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  1. The wentzel loss will be Otoole’s only college loss
  2. I loved watching him walk of the mat without a title Maybe he should take the zero year and try another school
  3. But Ferrari is a real freak! I witnessed this feat myself kid is a star and will soon be the face of college wrestling
  4. 174 OHST Romero vs MIZZ Mocco 197 OU Woodley vs MSU Caffey 285 PSU Kerkvliet vs LEH Wood
  5. Otoole (4+3+1+1) so 9 otoole is a special talent, he definitely will be in lineup all 4 year and maybe 5 with zero year
  6. Feel terrible for the athletes
  7. Let the transfer and de committing circus begin!
  8. Totally agree with ya on his positioning My Parris first TD theory is based on how amped up i think Parris will be and the fact he’s a monster, that gets him the early 2 and the lead for a short time
  9. .....Steveson will win match comfortably this is most interesting match to me, gonna be some early fireworks by Parris , I see quick early takedown by Parris but he won’t be able to ride gable crowd will be going nuts and gable will need to keep his head and resist getting too chippy as the match ages gable will impose his will and win say like 7-3
  10. Mohammer


    If mocco finishes 3rd today i like his chances to get at large bid, he’s has good tournament thus far and a strong finish today will help his cause just the opposite for Koelling, disappointing performance in losing to and being eliminated by two very average wrestlers. Will be asking a lot to get at large bid and what up with Mizzou heavy? Kid seems to be on a mission, not pretty to watch but grinds with heart
  11. Are you trolling? Or are you being sincere?
  12. Yes I’d much rather get pinned in powder blue singlet
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