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  1. Good tidbit. Interesting. I believe more in west on way. Exciting stuff.
  2. Is State unhealthy? Haven’t read too much lately about them. They definitely have stepped up from when that card shark was in his last few seasons.
  3. Absolutely..It’s actually quite easy to find out, right?
  4. I’ve never seen the transcripts or cap and gown, but what is the reason to think the guy didn’t earn a degree? You think Army, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn State, Northern Iowa, Cal Poly, Missouri, UTC, West Virginia all employed the guy without being a graduate? My instincts say no…
  5. Some Good Squads on that I’d say. I’ll say they beat Arkansas LR, Northern Colorado, Drexel, maybe Bakersfield. Nebraska, ASU, Nitts, Iowa should paste them. Don’t know much about WYO this year.. anyone know how the cowboys are looking this year.? Loos like some good wrestling., but home schedule looks dismal. Bummer so hard to grow a fan base when your schedule has only 3 days at home.
  6. Larry Scott is supposed to approve this week , then all should be posted. He has been such a tremendous commish.
  7. Oh, they are trying. It would be a slam dunk if it were to happen.
  8. I don’t see most of those guys making much of an impact. being a super athlete doesn’t guarantee coaching success. I’ll give Vincenzo the impact award out of those 3. what would be more interesting to me is if Dave T and some guys like that make a move to elsewhere.. Varner etc. how long does Varner want to be the Volunteer coach. Maybe forever I don’t know..
  9. Well we had some success with hall, Paulson, Lindland, Rulin, Byers, warren, wheeler, gfarri and a few more. What did they do that we aren’t now? Did Folkstyle just get more popular in the USA as to make it the default scapegoat? I don’t buy folkstyle being the underlying issue with our success, or lack of.
  10. Whitey boy is Squeek’s godson. He will man 141. Or the old dominion kid, name escapes me. McGee I think, will likely bump from 33 to 41 should Nicky decide to join Helen in Tempe.
  11. You think Squeek and Stagger Lee didn’t recruit him? Man the treasure valley must have some great pubs.
  12. He will also ask why Demetrius Romero isn’t wearing blue and Orange at the 2022 NCAA.
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