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  1. I doubt they return..not in the next several years. But the old architect plans did call for a room that could be used for wrestling. That is correct. The building got shelved for a good decade of memory serves. So if the building is now completed, it could have said space and at the same time not be labeled as anything. It could end up being a juice bar or Xbox lounge for all anyone knows.
  2. I don’t believe that to be true. Oregon never placed in the top 10 in the 70s to my recollection. Am I misremembering?
  3. You don’t believe the university rhetoric do you? You think the guy just had an ATM card with FSU name on it or a Credit Card? It doesn’t work like that. What happened is Fresno once upon a time was ambitious about wrestling, but they set a hopeful budget in getting going and getting everything in line. It took more to start up get facilities in line, supplies, equipment etc than they hoped. So of course when they decided to go away from commitment to wrestling, they famed it as coach overspending. It doesn’t work that way. The school admin signs off on expenditures. There isn’t a coffee can of cash coaches can grab and go spend. Fresno is the dirty dog here.
  4. Haven’t seen the real reason yet. But like GD said it will prevail. Michigan or Michigan State is the question for me. Roger and Dave go way back. Michigan is definitely the stronger program of the two right now.
  5. Zeke says a lot of stuff so I take it with a gram of salt.
  6. So I’ll say I’m curious. And he was for much of the year to boot.
  7. Yeah maybe he could “ run him down” if he got in his way. HWC thought it was a good idea to spend money on women’s wrestling this last few years and then they left for different pastures last summer. Gilman rooms change of scenery as well or they would have had a few more wins anyway. If Lee and Eirman were there they would have a few more wins , but they weren’t. The room is hardly empty from high class talent.
  8. For the love of god, I like Jason Borelli and Miron, but if anyone thinks they are upgrade choice for HC of Ohio State University, they are most likely sitting on the stove at this moment in time and surely smoking crack. If you go get anyone to replace Tan Tom, it’s a short list and the call list starts in State College. I’m not talking about Ken Chertow either, in case he’s reading this.
  9. Well didn’t McKenna go to grad school at Penn? I mean he’s basically as fortunate to have gotten him if that’s the case since he started at Stanford.
  10. Yes the Russian Tank sounds stupid. DC ? You think he can run a better program year in and out than Tan Tom has for 15 years? David T has the chops but may be more selfish than The Tan One and that’s a tough gig if you are selfish. Logan? I’d rather have Sweet Lou in CBus if I’m a Buck Eye. What makes you think guys with zero coaching experience are going to be given a shot at a job like this? The recent norm has seemed to have been to hire a fella with vast experience, even head coach experience.
  11. Would love to see this myself. What’s it called? Thanks.
  12. Yeah I am as well. I have not heard anything about this.
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