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  1. Why would it take years or what do you mean by years? Like 2 years or 5-6 like at ASU? The team has what 4 or 5 current or former qualifiers back? If all these guys are all that good , it seems it would take very little time.
  2. 1. Except it was B Satiev and not Adam. 2. what was the key to Slay meteor like rise? It seems like he was average at best a year before. 3. He got the national anthem and ceremony, it was just on The Today Show rather than the arena.
  3. Did it have anything to do with a trip to Italy?hope not.
  4. Basically the parties agreed to go their own way. Matt is outty 5000, Captain Bonofide had the job posted and may have a certain guy in mind. One week posting usually says that’s the case. Matt looking at other options but was not taken by surprise on this.
  5. Molinaro is pretty small, but will be a good guy to help work on a few positions. . Perry is a coach now. He won’t be doing much training. Good coach though. Zeke will be able to mostly concentrate on other areas.on another note, anyone know why Zeke fired Jamil?
  6. There may be one or more in contention. Money and logistics need some ironing from the folks on the ground on this one,
  7. Regarding MM. Sources say possibly look for him roaming closer to home. Talks took place anyway. Not sure if logistics will line up but there may be an opportunity.
  8. Madman 2 is stupid. I remember that and thought it was cool way back, but it’s dumb.
  9. Didn’t know that. What a funny little circle. Kelly at Stanford then to ASU. Pendleton goes to oregon state from ASU, word was Kelly with him. Then Zeke fires Kelly. Kelly doesn’t end up in Corvallis. Rather Ingle from Stanford. Maybe Stanford hires Kelly back, or he goes to Illinois , To replace IMAR, LOL.
  10. Nate would be good to MSU maybe, close enough to Ohio and able to get home for lifting workouts. Illinois has an opening, Wyoming (although maybe already filled out unofficially). Is Kelly still out of work? Stanford now has an opening and Kelly has been there once. At least one more big program with an opening in the next week I’m strongly thinking.
  11. From the folks around the water cooler. It sounds like he has a couple big interviews coming in next week or two.
  12. Michigan State has an opening. Wyoming and Wisconsin have openings. Cal Baptist has an opening. I think others will too soon but will know in a few weeks for sure.
  13. It was weird watching Badgers, seeing former 125 lb wrestler McDonough looking bigger than Bono. Bono looks like He got caught in a Rick Moranis movie. I was blown away like he was a 150 lb NCAA champ and looked way smaller than Matt Mc.
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