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  1. Or they are overworked and understaffed. Maybe the SID department folks took a hit with furloughs and layoffs. Possibly so the schools could still have a bloated admin roster instead.
  2. True that. Couldn't make a good decision to save a loved one’s life. Many over there seem to be not good for much of anything. I believe if Stanford follows through with the drop, the conference is done.
  3. Since he’s out until February, and his Olympic Team run is at 57kg, I can see him making the scratch weight 2x for Big12 and NCAA.
  4. Add Fix as a possibility at this weight. The weight could be a little more interesting with Suriano and Fix.
  5. The roster page has A Valencia taking two redshirts as well. How long has that guy been in college? 5?6?
  6. Seems WWE is launching some sort of underground fights. Maybe Ben is in talks regarding that. Especially if some of the “fights” are pre determined. Or they may have an offshoot of legit fights that Andrew could handle for easy money even at this stage of his career.
  7. Do you have access to the portal? Where can we find these names?
  8. isn’t Slayer still running it? Time will tell.
  9. Like when BADER and Herbert announced matches together. Some of the worst called matches of all time. I like BADER but listening to him and Herbert on play by play was like a horrible trip to the dentist. Nearly unbearable.
  10. Surfing Twitter , looks like Ben has been spending some time on Zoom or Meeting App with WWE Brass. Reading the tea leaves but perhaps this could lead to some interesting scenarios and possible matches for him. I’ve heard the hip is bad, but money talks sometimes.
  11. Yes. D2 fall championships..as George Carlin said “ down the tubes”. What are the tubes?
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