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  1. Has to be an error as his Bio has him wrestling in 4 Pac-12 championships. He wouldn't qualify for a 5th year with already having wrestled in 4 conference championships. I wouldn't think it would be possible anyway.
  2. That was an error on my part. I has been correct but he still is one of PA's greats.
  3. Just a few of the PA greats Wade Schalles 4X NC Clarion Carlton Haselrig 6X NC 3 D1 and 3 Dll UPJ Jody Strittmatter 3XNC 2 D1 1 Dll Iowa and UPJ Ed Perry 3XNC Pittsburgh Rick Bonomo 3X NC Bloomsburg Greg Jones 3XNC West Virginia Ed Ruth 3XNC Penn State Zain Rutherford 3XNC Penn State Jason Nolf 3X NC Nate Carr 2x NC Iowa State Kurt Angle 2X NC Clarion Cary Kolat 2X NC Lock Haven Jake Herbert 2XNC Northwestern Vincenzo Joseph 2X NC Spencer Lee 2X NC "at this time"
  4. I am not in favor of another year; life is tough but if they did this is how I think it should be done. You missed 3 days of wrestling so that is what you get back. If you were a 2020 qualifier, you get to wrestle the NCAA Championships the year after you have graduated. Your seeding in the tournament would go off of what you did in 2020 (this would have to be archived). The brackets will be expanded for those weights affected to accommodate the extra wrestlers each year. God knows we have tons of time for an extra few rounds. You have to be enrolled in school at your own expense, you will be permitted to work out with the team and you can enter any open tournament at your own expanse (travel, lodging etc.). So this will effect the national tournament for 5 years most likely and every wrestler that qualified gets what they lost back. Little impact on anything else.
  5. MAC will be on EPSN Plus and NIU All Access. I think you have to pay for both but at least you can watch. I think the All Access is going to be better because I am not sure ESPN plus will cover all the mats.
  6. taylor


    I heard Tuesday
  7. Anyone have any idea when 2021 St. Louis tickets will be up for sale ???
  8. I have heard that Sam Turner is also in the portal...
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