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  1. I got 8/10 right last year before the post season I’ve got 125- Lee 133- Bravo young 141- Pletcher 149- Sasso 157- Hidlay 165- joseph 174- Kemerer 184- Zahid 197- Moore 285- Gable
  2. Surianos a little bitch if he doesn’t come back because they brought tomaselo in
  3. What makes you think you’re a bigger psu fan? I live in state college
  4. Man I’m a big psu fan and I think pletcher wins the title this year
  5. He reminds me of a mixture of desanto and nahshon garrett the way he attacks
  6. I never bet anything. All I said was I think rby wins the swing match
  7. I think rby will make the finals, unless he is on the same side of the bracket as Rivera. I’m not sure why I feel this way, but I believe that Rivera is a bad matchup for him. I think he beats gross though
  8. Just because hall lost doesn’t mean he isn’t better than lee.
  9. Nick lee is at the second easiest weight class, while 133, 165, are stacked
  10. Nick lee is the 4th best. You have Joseph, hall, and rby who I believe are all better
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