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  1. Did you see lee decimate everyone at his last tournament against quality opponents?
  2. Spencer lee is an absolute monster. He is better than Snyder, Stevenson, green, fix, and gwiz. A few others are debatable. I see lee becoming the best ever though by the end of his career.
  3. This is disrespectful. Spencer lee is top 5 for sure
  4. What are you talking about? They are in the same bracket tomorrow is what I’m saying
  5. It’s confirmed that suriano is wrestling tomorrow
  6. I think suriano wins it. The only u.s. wrestled at this weight that I don’t see suriano beating is spencer lee
  7. That’s gonna be a crazy bracket. How does everyone see this playing out? I like suriano in all of these matchups, but I think micic gives him the most trouble stylistically
  8. I think he’s a legitimate title contender. I don’t see him placing any worse than 4th
  9. does anyone think he has a shot at winning the title this year?
  10. You could’ve just said no to the stream thing. Didn’t have to blow this out of proportion and sound like a *****
  11. That’s not even remotely comparable. No I would not steal someone’s car. That’s pathetic that you think that these two this are equivalent
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