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  1. Haha! Would've been awesome if it happened.
  2. I wish there was a link to watch this
  3. At least someone gets it. He has the highest chance of winning NCAA gold. Maybe not a zero, but pretty Damm close to never winning Olympic gold. He can't beat yianni or Zain. Thread over blah.
  4. Thanks for that insightful piece of advice dad. I will try to keep my thought to myself in the future
  5. That's exactly what I was thinking. Boomer alert hahaha
  6. Great wrestler, but I don't ever see him winning gold
  7. It's unofficial, but it looks like Iowa and Iowa State is sending the squad to lindenwood open. Who wins this match up if it's official?
  8. Is there a way that every poster can go live for whatever dual they are watching. Or, put up a link so others can watch. There could be a while network of matches.
  9. I heard cevion has a high ankle sprain; not sure on how they compete. Getting C.F back would be nice.
  10. 125- can cevion severado, or Noah surtin challenge here? Punke, just seems to get rode hard every match. 133- looks promising. Is the weight cut an issue? 141- yeah baby! The brace is back. 149- Dominant. 157- I see big things this year. 165- tough matches so far. Could be a hammer later on. 174- hoping this could be a special year. Seems to lose matches in the last minute. 197- needs to open up but still winning 285- most exciting bout.
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