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    NonspecificJargon reacted to madcat11 in Where is Suriano?   
    They need to do an NJRTC reality show.  Sign Palacio and world champion Richie Lewis and then start filming.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to jackwebster in Where is Suriano?   
    Both of those guys rub me the wrong way. It's just their NJ mobbin' aesthetic. 
    Btw I'm a huge fan of their wrestling. How can you not be? Ashnault's pancake/suck-back from top is clever obvious... like why hasn't anyone else used this? And Suriano? As a coach, you would want all your guys to study how he dominates matches with his disciplined footwork, hand fighting, and head position.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to ionel in Wrestling Season 2020-2021   
    You been talking to MudFlap?
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to Sublime607 in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Tucker wont get another year but Casser will probably get 10.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to shieldofpistis in OTT's Postponed   
    You know that I don't want to risk lives.  With that said I will be very interested if the 3 UFC events go down in the next 3 weeks.  
    I have been studying this virus and I really am not sure if wrestler's lives really would be risked if done correctly.  Of course we need no fans.  This virus attacks the old with fury, but I don't think a conditioned college athlete has much to worry about.  
    That is why I wish the NCAA would have postponed the tournament for 1 week or 2.  I mean, there still isn't one confirmed case in West Virginia.  Without fans, they could do this at some conference center at a big hotel. 
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to klehner in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Yianni just won the gold medal at 65kg at the Pan American Games in Ottawa, with what I believe was a fall in :48 in the final.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to Show_Me in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    So Berreyesa came out of Redshirt to not wrestle post-season.  I don't pretend to know all the circumstances, but it seems odd. 
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to wrestleFan12 in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    He was red-shirting at Rider University, but dropped out about a year ago. Last I heard, he was wrestling at a community college in NY. Not sure what his current plans are. but his collegiate career is not off to the start I would have expected. He's a good wrestler.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to Mphillips in BTN and ESPN+ are boxing out Flo   
    I don't believe so and their site isn't "friendly..."
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to hammerlockthree in BTN and ESPN+ are boxing out Flo   
    Whose tracks parent company? I would think you could tell us unless its Zahid.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to hammerlockthree in BTN and ESPN+ are boxing out Flo   
    Is it just me or did Flo have a lot more big duals last year? They've still got high school cornered, they should try to get worlds away from Track.
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    NonspecificJargon got a reaction from dsims1010 in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Richard has improved significantly and has been a blast to watch. 
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to Bdwakadld in Wrestling media   
    With the piece of major news regarding NCAA and the Olympic team trickling out, I can’t help but think of how wrestling continues to shoot itself in the foot. 
    Every major sport has a relationship with the media, except for wrestling where everything is kept top secret and any discussion of such things is deleted. The reason these stories get out is because the coaches are expected to make statements almost immediately regarding major incidents with the program. Does the media just not care? Does Flo not want to burn a bridge with the cash cow?
    like it or not people talking about the sport is the biggest way to grow it, whether it’s good or bad. I understand these are student athletes, but how many of us watched the dash cam of baker mayfield getting arrested? Just frustrating. 
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to 12Cornell12 in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Vito will be a 125lber next year.  Richard will try and get bigger and slot in at 165.
    Next years lineup will look like:
    Vito, Dom/Moomey/JJ, Saunders, Yianni, Yapoujian/Stroker, Ramirez/Richard/Berreyesa, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt, Fernandes 
    The year after is the year us Cornell Wrestling Fans will be really excited for.
    Greg/Vito, Greg/Vito, Saunders, Yianni, Yapoujian, Ramirez/Richard, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt, Fernandes
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to klehner in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Beat me to it!  Does Womack need a match within some 30 day range for something or other?

    Hunter Richard is also entered.  I guess at 18-9 with a 24 RPI and a 30 CP, a couple of wins without a loss would put him over 70% WP and pretty likely to get a qualifier slot?
    Cornell is there the day before, so it makes some sense.  Interesting to see who wrestles on Saturday between Berreyesa and Womack, and at which weight.  If Berreyesa goes
    down to 165 and can hold that effectively, that would be quite meaningful at EIWAs.
    With Foca also there at 174, I wonder if they'll get them on opposite sides of the bracket. And the usual Ramirez/Foca/Cardenas gang will be there.
  16. Haha
    NonspecificJargon reacted to witwhiz in So is Darmstadt a contender now?   
    Darmstadt's a monster.  He's entitled to a bad day.
    But every day is a bad day for that Cornell announcer on ESPN+.  Must be Koll's brother in law to have gotten that job.  Think I'll be hearing him say "Johnny Loew" in my sleep.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to Mphillips in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Darmstadt gets another fall.  
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to tjhart in 133: favorites vs. the field   
    Tucker wrestles too conservatively to win it all.Inevitably aganst one of the top 4 he would suffer a TD to exposure move that would result in his being behind by a bunch -- a hill too steep for him to climb. However, against each of he he would be only a slight underdog, a coin flip one way or the other. Unfortunately for Tucker, because of his style he would also be a coin flip with 10 - 15 others who he may have to face along the way. 
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to HokieHWT in Nickal’s weight   
    Maybe he just wants to have more “fun”
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to klehner in So is Darmstadt a contender now?   
    Whoa, four years ago.  That's significant.  My view of Darmstadt's chances have totally changed.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to Cptafw164 in So is Darmstadt a contender now?   
    Darmstadt is a contender because nobody can disagree that he is one of the most dangerous guys at 197.  That being said, his style is just as dangerous to himself, and if you can hold your own rolling around on the mat with him (literally) there is a chance you can catch him on his back.  
    Adams and Darmstadt would be a good one to watch.  
  22. Thanks
    NonspecificJargon reacted to klehner in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Kolodzik is burning his ORS for this match.
  23. Haha
    NonspecificJargon reacted to red blades in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    I think he's a bit put off at some things that were said a while back.  And while I've tried to fill in during his absence - I must face it, I'm no Scribe, just as Dan Quayle is no Jack Kennedy.
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to klehner in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    The following are entered in tomorrow's Edinboro Open (Berreyesa presumably to get enough matches for RPI or whatever):

    Andrew Berreyesa Andrew Berreyesa Cornell Cornell   0.0   Andrew Merola Andrew Merola Cornell Cornell   0.0   Michael Russo Michael Russo Cornell Cornell   0.0   John Stawinski John Stawinski Cornell Cornell   0.0   Michael Venosa Michael Venosa Cornell Cornell
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    NonspecificJargon reacted to jdalu75 in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Last Saturday was the first day of the 30-day window in which a wrestler needs at least one bout in order to be eligible for a CP ranking that would go towards earning a pre-allocated spot at NCAAs.  Forfeits count.  Darmstadt has the eight bouts at 197 needed for a winning percentage (he's 7-1) and will certainly have a solid CP ranking.  If he doesn't wrestle until EIWAs he's still earned a spot for his conference.
    Just a thought.
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