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  1. Malcom was at Iowa. Portillo was at SDSU. Higgins was at Northern Colorado
  2. 125: Suriano 133: Bravo-Young 141: Lee 149: Diakomihalis 157: Berge 165: Wick 174: Starocci 184: Brooks 197: Dean 285: Steveson
  3. "The NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee did determine it will not consider for championship selections, including conference pre-allocations, any results from extra matches that ended with injury defaults where the wrestlers did not wrestle".
  4. Cass is the new Tony Nelson stall rider
  5. 125 Hildebrant Dec 3-0 PSU 133. RBY DEC 6-0 PSU 141 Lee Fall 12-0 PSU 149 BB dec 15-0 PSU 157. KY DEC 15-3 PSU 165 BB DEC 18-3 PSU 174 CSTAR DEC 21-3 PSU 184 Brooks DEC 24-3 PSU 197 Dean DEC 27-3 PSU HWT KERK MD 31-3 PSU
  6. What is more ridiculous, raising your match count at a new weight for ncaas or get a 34 seed. See Joe Smith 2019. If I were coach, I would do the same thing. The system seeds without common sense.
  7. I dont think he can remain on the roster if not enrolled.
  8. Still on Penn state roster. Videos surfacing of him throwing around heavy dumbbells. Seen in room. A return possibly??? Hmmm
  9. Quentin Wright comes to mind. In a PSU singlet, he was having a tough year. He progressed and had an excellent post season. I predict either Berge or Shak will have a similar run in the post season.
  10. 125 Lee 133 RBY 141 Lee 149 Kol 157 Carr 165 Joseph 174 Kem 184 Lujan 197 Moore HWT Parris
  11. He should be ranked after his weekend results. He beat Lamar from Cal Poly and Eishens from Stanford. Great weekend for him
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