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  1. Freddy Stroker or whatever the hell his name is lol. What a waste of time that was for the Gophers.
  2. If you look at the replay on the first reversal they were both actually off the mat. Same goes for Brooks at the end tho.
  3. The best part is not having to listen to Dake, Taylor, Baldwin etc.
  4. Imagine having 4 champions and still not winning the title ROTFFLMFAO
  5. Hidlay got ****ing robbed. How is that not a takedown.
  6. Penn State wasn’t even in on CS initially. They swooped in at the end and he committed lmfao.
  7. Yes, Gable won 3-2. He probably should have had a few more takedowns. Greg was working out with the Gophers before going to Penn State. Gable was working him over with ease from what I was told.
  8. Except Lee was taken down this season and Gable hasn’t. Maybe they should wrestle off for it? These little girl weight classes are for high school!
  9. I sent you a private message. Let me know if it don’t work. I’m not real familiar with Venmo.
  10. How is Gable not the Hodge favorite currently? Lee was taken down in his match. If Gable wins a title the same way he won today, he should win the hodge.
  11. All the talkers pick Parris to win but won’t put money on it LMFAO
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