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  1. Bobby just got a free 4 year scholarship and did next to nothing to help the Gopher program score points. That folks, is how you build a winning program!
  2. Is Pletcher any good on top? I don't see him beating Lee unless he can ride Lee for a substantial amount of time.
  3. I'd much rather watch Eggum and Becker wrestle Brands and Morningstar....spell check that.
  4. Young deserved to win but the ref missed a few calls for both wrestles in that match.
  5. I'd rather have hemorrhoids then ever watch another Pat Lugo match.
  6. Are you willing to wager on a secured online betting site? I will gladly bet a substantial amount of money on this. We all know you are all talk though, keyboard warrior!
  7. Nevills is a lot better then I thought. I kind of feel bad for him as he was done dirty. He should have known better though.
  8. I find it hard to believe RBY will ever be much of a factor internationally. This season is his only chance to ever win a title because he's never beating Fix.
  9. A lot worse done at Pedo State. Nice try though.
  10. I wonder if Taylor will cry again after Cox beats him?
  11. Do you really think Kerkvliet would waste a year on the bench? I guess the question would be, can Kerkvliet even RS next season? Has his clock already started?
  12. How are coaches not required to give injury details? This is ridiculous.
  13. I disagree on the Dardanes. They were good but not great wrestlers and they moved to the Iowa fresstyle room with results remaining the same. They both were terrible bottom wrestlers as well.
  14. How do you expect Nickal to beat Cox? The weight cut?
  15. If Cassar is done for season his career is essentially over. He's not paying for another year of college and Kerkvliet isn't sitting another season.
  16. Because it costs money, especially for the wrestlers still in college.
  17. Kerkvliet can't wrestle for Penn State this season, correct? Alot of scenarios to play out here. Is it season ending, how long will he be out and will it affect his seeding, would he possibly come back next season if he is lost for this season, Kerkvliet would then transfer again.... I really want to see Cassar vs Gable at the stadium for the Championship though.
  18. Someone better call in a welfare check on Tbar!
  19. Half priced tissues. Please contact me for details.
  20. Forget Gable, did y'all listen to that track?? I have 2 ear infections now!
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