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  1. Top doctor claims 50% of americans will get the virus. He also claimed this will become a yearly virus just like the flu. It will be an interesting next month or so.
  2. Just have the damn tournament in 2 months. We don't even know what the hell will happen in the next few weeks. We might have a quick cure. WHO KNOWS. The athletes deserve better!
  3. After reading this forum I have been led to believe some Penn State fans would rather cancel the entire event then see Iowa win a championship! #FACTS
  4. After seeing the prices of some of the tickets it should be canceled! Does any of this money go to programs?
  5. Matt's Bar has the best Juicy Lucy.
  6. Stallin' Sasso's luck is about run out.
  7. Rivera Gross RBY Tucker Or Gross #1 and Rivera #2 is how I see the top 4
  8. You didn't know they are still rebuilding in Eggums 5th season?!?!
  9. I can't wait for Eggum and his staff to be fired. Casey Cunningham would be my #1 choice to take over!
  10. It's to bad Verk didn't end up going to Minneaota. He would have fit in perfect lol
  11. LMFAO Comment of the year!!
  12. I found a picture of TBar cheering for Penn State!
  13. Lee Rivera Lee Lugo Deakin Marinelli Kemerer Brooks Moore Steveson
  14. Haters gonna hate. Just that simple. You'd really be jealous if you seen Steveson's woman!
  15. Gable just dominated Cassi
  16. Did that loss cost Verkleeran a chance at ncaa's?
  17. All this DK talk but what are the chances Zahid comes back by next weekend?
  18. Sounds like a lot of excuses and half of this isn't even true. Nice try though.
  19. This is bull sh@t if he suddenly becomes eligible. He should have to sit out this season. He started the year at Ohio State. Somehow Penn State gets basically every thing they want though.
  20. We all know Cael lost a match is redshirt year. Hodge for the win.
  21. Tom Ryan isn't doing Penn State wrestling any favors. What the f@ck have you been smoking???
  22. Bobby just got a free 4 year scholarship and did next to nothing to help the Gopher program score points. That folks, is how you build a winning program!
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