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  1. Hey, sorry for delayed response . I forgot i posted this . We are still hiring positions at the Clubs . Certified trainers are greatly needed . We have two clubs one is state of the art 6 million dollar facility with 6 lane pool with all the other activities . yoga , spin class , group x ,weights sauna and steam rooms . Our other club less than a mile away is more for the hard core lifter with Olympic platforms , three lane 40 yard turf - just layed out our wrestling mat . We are Looking for boxing instructor martial arts instructor , wrestling . Second day of youth wrestling practice and had 25 kid 7-12. The big club opened on September 16 , 2019 and the other has been open a little over a year . I am looking for someone to lead the youth programs . There's flexibility in development of those programs . my cell 707-845-9401 Virgil ( I represent the owners , It's my family )
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