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  1. Two guys (Humphreys and Weiler) placing Top 8 who both have R12 finishes in their pockets at their last visit to Nationals is only slightly "optimistic". Both have a real good shot at AA. Hoffman may be the only stretch in the above predictions at this point, however, the above IMO is best case scenario and we all know how that works in March. 4 AA's would be a great showing, 5 AA's phenomenal, 6 would probably need the planets to align perfectly. Since Kutler may be there only Top 4, they may need at least 5 AA's for Top 8.
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    Based on what? Wrestling, future Wall St potential or ability to drive a horse and buggy? We have a lot going on in this thread.
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    He's in the Ag school, by the way. So was Palacio and now he's wrestling guys on the beach for money. What's your point?
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