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  1. He is leaner and more muscular now, maybe that is what you mean. But all thru college, he looked a bit undersized and smaller. But looks mean nothing. I wish these young men would realize this. Looked at Gable, no offense, but he is not going to be a Mr Universe contestant, but can do a standing back flip and is an absolute phenomenal wrestler.
  2. JiI have to agree. Especially with depth. Every year or so, CA has 1-3 great wrestlers, then every few years studs like Pico, Valencia, abas, Guerrero, tirapelle's, Nevills, etc. But pa, nj and oh produce multiple great wrestlers, year in year out. For instance at 120 the depth is absolutely insane, the 4 in the semi's at the Beast are all ranked in the nation and from NJ. 126 is loaded as well.
  3. Not going back and forth. Haha. Have a wonderful holidays.
  4. Completely agree. You are have great athletes at the Hwy division now. Rather then just finding big guys to fill the weight.
  5. I just think he has a great deal of potential. You can teach someone to wrestle better. And you can fix some of their mistakes. But at this age in life it is hard to teach speed and power like his. Going against high level competition in college will help him to adapt and tweak his technique towards collegiate wrestling and on.
  6. You have my quote right in front of you and you still misquote me. I am speaking more about his potential since he has not wrestled a season in college yet.
  7. Thank you. That is ALL I'm saying. Great point about 197. I would also love too see 225 added. And the weight class raised to At least 285 in HS and 300 In college. I honestly believe that we are going to see bigger, greater athletes, that are around 300, that might have normally been a DT in college, staying with wrestling thru college because of MMA and the ESPN and Flowrestling coverage.
  8. I am not saying schultz is that great at all. However he is 188-2 in HS and a 4x state champ. Have to believe he is pretty good. And 9-1 this yr unattached. And I definitely agree AJ should RS.
  9. Not to say your analysis is wrong. But definitely hard to take into consideration all the details, especially for depth. For example Alex Almeyda took 7th last year and was ranked nationally last yr, as well as this year.
  10. Hahah. Ok. Why, cause you can't spot talent if it was right in front of you? He's a phemonial athlete, super quick and an incredible wrestler. Only thing he is lacking right now, is size. Which will come.
  11. The bottom line to this post, was that I wanted to simply discuss all the great up and coming Hwys. Discuss all the possible match ups. And would Have loved to hear about any up and comers that we might not have heard of.
  12. Disagree. I see AJ beating just about everyone on tha tier 3 list, definitely in 2 yrs and getting some wins against them next yr.
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