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  1. As a bjj brown belt that competed in a high level and a D1 grappler from long ago, the ground game in bjj feels pretty foreign to a wrestler. Gordon's inverted game, along with his highly creative leg and foot locks, will be hard to pass from guard. Gordon will always keep his legs and knees between Bo and himself, so even if Bo gets some sort of cradle, he would be able to hold it long because it will be Gordon's leg strength against Bo's grip/arm strength. I rolled with a lot of blackbelts and if you can keep your body tight, (arms and legs close to body) you can avoid making the mistakes that lead to most submissions. However, one small mistake and it could be all over. BJJ , perhaps even more so than wrestling, is really a thinking mans game at the highest level and creating unconventional situations where your opponent unfamiliar with the permutations and makes a mistake are crucial.
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