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  1. Alabama-Florida Gymnastics just drew 624,000 viewers on January 16th and it aired the same time as NFL playoff games. Wouldn't shock me if Alabama-Auburn does numbers with Auburn having an Olympic gold medalist on the roster.
  2. I update them on the roster as they are entered into the student-athlete system by the coaching staff. It just saves me some time over the long run rather than having to enter in 10 kids at once. Also on the Darmstadt height, I had him listed at 6'5" for all of 19-20 as well. He's a giant!
  3. Correct, Darmstadt was a sophomore last season.
  4. Wanted to let everyone know that over on the Cornell wrestling twitter account I've been posting old footage from NCAA finals matches, highlighting past champs. With all of the craziness going on, the NCAA is allowing schools to post old footage from their archives in two minute snippets. Started last week with Dave Hirsch and Travis Lee (03), and have opened this week up with Lee (05) and Jordan Leen. Going to be rounding out the week with Nickerson, Dake (10) and Dake (11). Figured you might be interested in seeing some old broadcast footage, including some matches (Lee x2/Nickerson) that aren't easily available to watch on YouTube.
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    They have a couple interesting guys coming up next year with the return of Foley too. Peyton Omania will be out of Olympic Redshirt and should takeover at 149 and Jordan Crace was a pretty decent recruit coming into the season at 141. I assume they plan on redshirting Daniel Cormier's prodigy, Chase Saldate, as well.
  6. Hey guys, I’ll take the bait here. I’m Austin, the SID for Cornell Wrestling. I, like the rest of you, read this forum because I’m a fan of wrestling, so I was surprised to see an entire topic dedicated to me. Truth be told, yes my story had a few typos in it. They have been amended. Not to make excuses, but when you have maybe 30 minutes to get a recap out due to other home sporting events going on, sometimes typos can slip by. This is my second full season covering wrestling (did so at Michigan State last year and at Loras College as a student) and I’m always open to constructive criticism of my work. Outside of the typos and the teams missing from the box score, I felt my recap of the dual was more comprehensive than what most schools are doing. In your opinion what else should added?
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