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  1. Wwe is a storyline. Good call on not being that jacked but they can spin the oly champ thing / story 10 ways to Sunday. They could also get him on the Lesnar daily diet.
  2. I’m a Hawkeye fan. Not so much a fan of psu. If you think there is a slush fund at psu that can match the real superstar wwe market. Well. Whatever man.
  3. 15m a year ? https://www.essentiallysports.com/wwe-news-report-wwe-salaries-of-the-undertaker-brock-lesnar-john-cena-and-many-superstars-revealed/amp/
  4. Any truth to this ? Https://www.collegian.psu.edu/tncms/asset/editorial/c2fd1ffa-d549-11eb-a3b4-9f0050157ddd
  5. ChicagoHawk


    making friends ... jersey shore season 3
  6. Pete Maldonado did not compete for Ithaca fwiw. He wrestled for Loras College
  7. Looks like teams share a lot of paper titles.
  8. Sure. Troll. If it is what matters the most 3 or 4 of their 9 titles are tainted. Whatever man.
  9. Good news is Cornell is an ncaa team champ. I didn’t know the Ivy League had one. In 2012 they tied psu 3-3. Same with okst in 2013 and 2016 (3 way tie). Sucks sharing all those team titles.
  10. In the championship ncaa football game. A defensive end goes nuts after a play and gets ejected. Points taken away? Or he just gets ejected. Not sure. I don’t follow football. a pitcher is mad at the other team. And throws a high and tight 101 mph pitch. And hits his opponent In the face. Take runs away. Not sure. in bball. Someone smacks someone else. in tennis. I’m tired.
  11. Wonder why this has not occurred before. Obviously the announcers mic is in a place where they get crossed with the arena announcer. Every time they talk together it sounds weird
  12. When I saw bb on before I just steamed ESPN + on the big screen.
  13. I think this was a covid related change no ?
  14. If you can follow 8 matches without a clock more power to you. I just used a few devices and solved that. Other than that the coverage is great. Remember the days they only covered the finals ? With commercials ? This is exponentially superior coverage to just a few years back.... not to mention the easy ability to re watch bouts.
  15. Why could they not put the clock in multi view ? Annoying to not know how much time is left in a period or if riding time is a factor. I abandoned the multi view Thursday and used multiple devices.
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