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  1. the answer is actual very simple: Joe Russel
  2. great talent, great person, but how old was he when he was true freshmen?
  3. 2 points: Lee Pletcher if they end up splitting in the dual and the big ten championships, does the NCAA end at 141? Sorry to Hijack the thread, but Lee vs Mckee….McKee hitting those head pinches is why I HATE FREESTYLE SCORING. If it was FS he would have been up 8-0, and at no point did he establish control or dominance... Folk>free.
  4. Coming from a tOSU fan: Its amazing that Pletcher has finally learned to score points I still think Mitch mckee has a punchers chance to make some noise come March. he has the potential to pin anybody
  5. im not trying to knock the improvement, but ive been saying this for a while... you are going to have a lot star athletes be done competing after this cycle. Mckoy definitely wasn't working, but they may have wanted him there for this season and score a Frank, JB, etc. after this Olympic cycle.... a lot easier said then done.
  6. I know we have to give Clemsen time to build, but is he really the answer? You got to think that a lot of people will call it quits after the 2020 cycle, and a big name hiring could (burroughs, Molinaro, etc.) could be exactly what this program needs to turn around. You don't think Jordan or Frank would be able to pull recruits there and build it into something? Very close to jersey, and they both have the roots.
  7. Maybe Mickey was right? Do Women weaken knees? When did Snyder meet his wife, and if he is as good of a Christian as he thinks he is, well we know what new opportunities marriage brought him ;)
  8. Snyder just got pinned in Rome. Is this the way God wanted it?
  9. I hope certain guys call it quits after this. competing for so long is starting to tarnish my memory of great wrestlers. Guys like Ness (2), perralli, Sanders.... think its time to move on with your lives.
  10. Can anyone tell me what the point of this thread is now?
  11. How old were Mark Hall, Logan Stieber, and Eric Grajales when they entered their freshmen year of college? they were not 18 lol they definitely took a few kindergarten blueshirts. How come a Mormon is able to take a mission and still compete in college athletics at 26/27? because it falls under religious obligations? LAUGHABLE Eli stickley and Alex Marinelli were home schooled! yet got to receive the benefits of wrestling for one of the best programs in the country..... My point being their are ways around everything, and the only people who should be upset are the ones who are not benefiting from it the action. Who cares that IVYs have specific rules. Fans/media love to have so many opinions on collegiate athletes whether it being about getting paid/eligibility. grow up and just appreciate to you get to watch these tremendous athletes compete! The truth of the matter is redshirting is an outdated term, it was initially put into place to help students with their workload, at most D1 universities athletes are given every advantage possible to succeed in their classroom whether by tutors or teacher help. In todays world wrestlers have proven over & over again, that your top guys are ready to compete right out of the gate. You want an even playing field eliminate the concept in general, but that will never happen.
  12. I was tearing during this whole documentary. Tragic story and well done by BIG network. My one question, and by no means am I trying to troll or hijack the thread, BUT how were eli and alex able to be home schooled, and attend the st paris graham?
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