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  1. i think its funny and plus its a good way to make new friends
  2. Hey if anyone knows of any tournaments with a post high school division in the central jersey area coming up please let me know
  3. people get away with locking hands all the time you gotta circle avoid the headlock
  4. No you should be hugging your club coach and head coach check my feed about hugs
  5. Hey you go to seton I go to montclair check out my feed

  6. its about repetition I was like that when I wrestled in high school my friend told me to go to a local club which helped me learn moves faster therefore I would tell you to refer them to a local club in your area
  7. I think he might be doing some training up in Hoboken because my friends were talking about seeing him and Ashnault at a wrestling club in Hoboken I grew up practically next to Rutgers and I go to college up by Hoboken
  8. Ok there is the one guy who I wrestled with in high school. He is SO SKINNY. He is our 106 pounder you have to be 95 pounds to be able to certify at 106 he had to GAIN weight and re certify to be able to wrestle 106 Thoughts?
  9. USMC5702 yes he neutral stalled that the ref got up to the 2 pointer the other guy got 4 points in stall calls
  10. So my school goes through coaches like pairs of underwear my coach during my senior year at meets and tournaments during warm ups and practices would play music such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin rather than like AC/DC or like ozzy osbourne and rock music like that thoughts?
  11. I wrestled this one guy once (yes varsity) and there was one instance (not the instance I wrestled him because I would have been laughing in the middle of the circle) but this guy basically neutral stalled for an entire period and the ref told him if he stalled one more time he would be DQed thoughts?
  12. I follow all of my opponents on social media platforms such as instagram some follow me back and ive even messaged with some of them and others get annoyed and dont follow me back or block me. Thoughts?
  13. I really miss high school wrestling right now my college has a club team but it just dosent feel the same to me as in high school for all of you reading this right now wrestling is the greatest sport on the face of the earth no matter how many times I got injured I would always go back, its a great community to be a part of I honestly dont know what im gonna do after college im looking into coaching potentially but thats about all ive got wrestling has shaped who i am as a Pearson and improved my physique massively for those still wrestling in high school cherish every moment because before you know it it will be over
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