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  1. if you think he is on juice, you have no clue what juice does to you. you are also a clown and need to reevaluate every aspect of your life.
  2. as I said in a previous post, Stanford was lucky to go 7-3. Townsell is tiny at 133. He is completely irrelevant at 33. And he got lucky as can be to get his hand raised. He did nothing most of the match, could have been called stalling many times. Woods is legit. Theres no doubt about that. However, he is wrestling a lot more close matches than he should be. Seems to have trouble getting big leads. Could be trouble for him in the post season. Griffith was handed the match. Not sure how that happens, but I look for Shields to beat griffith again at pac 12s. Stanford will get 2 all americans, both in the 7th/8th place matches. And it will be a tremendous failure. Their lineup, in the hands of actual coaches, would be top 10. Easily.
  3. Let’s be honest. Nobody goes to Stanford for wrestling or their coaches. Their staff is arguably the worst staff in all of college wrestling. McKenna left, Schramm left, Jim Wilson got screwed by the coaches because joe Galli threatened to pull his funding if his son wasn’t the starter. Mandarino quit after getting screwed over bad. These things aren’t secrets and anybody paying attention to their program knows how bad the staff is. But they will keep ruining athletic careers as long as Stanford is such a desirable education. If their coaches had any ethics at all, they would resign - so they would stop short changing kids who actually want to improve at wrestling while getting an education.
  4. If you parents make less than 120k a year you get full financial aide.
  5. Dom mandarino not being on the team is the elephant in the room.
  6. I’ll let him know the internet trolls approve
  7. The problems that made McKenna leave a full ride at Stanford on the table
  8. Why did McKenna leave? I wonder if the young guys on the team now see the problems like McKenna did and will leave also
  9. No. I’m saying they’ve been bum hunting.
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