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  1. I very rarely post on here, and when I do, I like to talk about Purdue wrestling. And this happens every. Single. Time.
  2. Just looked through his Instagram, everything regarding his recruitment is trolling. That’s annoying as a fan and I wouldn’t appreciate if I was a coach recruiting him.
  3. Ersland has had the Boilers trending up, but hadn’t been able to break through with an All American yet. Now Purdue has the most All Americans in a season in their history. I sure hope that validates the program to some future blue chippers, namely Jesse Mendez and Zeke Seltzer coming up in Indiana.
  4. They earned it every time they stepped on the mat from November to March
  5. Purdue has a small but very good class coming in. Gerrit Neinjhuis looks like he should be an All American and can fill in right away for Dylan Lydy. Jake Rundell is going to be a solid starter after Devin Schroder graduates.
  6. I’d include Chris Fleeger on this list at 125 or 133 for consideration.
  7. Thanks for brining this topic up, I’ve been ridiculed for suggesting this. I don’t see why we can’t just say 8 AAs based on seeds just so the season isn’t lost. These guys earned the right to be top 8 seeds, why just have nothing when at least a little something can be done.
  8. Who’s the guy that does the really cool excel bracket? Any clue when we’ll get that?
  9. I have not had an issue since that match. Flo has improved by leaps and bounds, no use judging them on one broadcast from 3 years ago.
  10. You must still be pissed from the Penn State vs OK State match. I feel like I haven’t had any issues since then that wasn’t my internet connections fault.
  11. I heard he’s back for Big Tens. Currently walking around with a cane
  12. Purdue’s gonna win this match, but easily the worst I’ve seen them wrestle this year. Very disappointing when trying to make a big instate statement.
  13. I think that’s more on Iowa overlooking IU. They definitely weren’t as crisp on Friday as they were Sunday. Kemerer looked night and day different.
  14. But he wins, at a high rate. Gunther doesn’t win as often, or against high level guys. Wrestle stat has him losing to almost every guy I picked ranked in the top 30.
  15. Does your formula not like Dylan Lydy? It picks against on nearly every matchup I make for him
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