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    Frustrating to say the least. The committee agreed that the referee made an error on the call and that his report didn't match up with what the video showed. They also agreed that the teeth marks on the boys arm were not intentional due to the fact that they had a letter from the opposing coach stating that neither he nor his wrestler felt that it was intentional due to the force of the open mouth crossface. We were asking for them to remove the unsportsmanlike conduct infraction from Brett's record but instead the reduced it from a level 2 to a level 1. If I'm not mistaken unsportsmanlike conduct as defined by the FHSAA is an act of malicious or hateful behavior. If there was no intent how is this unsportsmanlike? We will go in front of the board of directors next and hope that they have more understanding of the sport. The committee chair on the sectional appeals panel suggested that next time Brett "tap out" if he is in this situation. The leader of a committee who has the authority to determine an athletes fate doesn't even know the rules as it applies to a high school sport that she is ruling on? 
    I know that I didn't do a very good job of explaining the original incident, so if you are interested I wrote my recount of events up to this point. My apologies in advance, it's about 4 pages long. 
    fhsaa exp.pdf
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    Nushy got a reaction from Lurker in Illegal Maneuver Question   
    @Lurker we have an appeal date set for the 6th. I’ll let you know the outcome. 
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