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  1. From BWI: "Not where I heard it from. I will say I obviously did not see Kerk on the operating table, but I believe my source. I heard this news sometime last week and waited until I seen more smoke in the sky. So either my source told the same lie to the fella talking to willie. Or, it’s finally gotten out and it’s the truth." Is that the rumbler?
  2. I assume you are joking about early in a match, but it raised the question for me if you can end 0-0? I know it is improbable with the shot clock, but is it impossible? Can there be enough back and forth action without any ultimate scoring to prevent anyone from being put on the shot clock? Or is it mandatory that in the absence of scoring someone has to be put on the shot clock?
  3. Tier 1: This is the highest exposure tier and consists of individuals for whom physical distancing and face coverings are not possible or effective during athletic training or competition. Examples of relevant individuals include student-athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists, medical staff, equipment staff and officials. Tier 2: This is a moderate exposure tier and consists of individuals who come into close contact with Tier 1 individuals but can reasonably maintain physical distance and use face coverings. Examples of relevant individuals include certain team staff (e.g., executives) and certain operational staff (e.g., security, event staff and league staff). Tier 3: This is the lowest exposure tier and includes individuals who provide event services but do not come into close contact with Tier 1 individuals (and should this occur, would be reclassified into Tier 2). Examples of relevant individuals include certain operational staff (e.g., housekeeping, catering, sanitation and transportation) and media/broadcast.
  4. The time I heard criteria explained as "someone is always behind" it made perfect sense to me and I came around to preferring criteria. No passive ends to close matches.
  5. On his First Word podcast Willie suggested they both got multi-match deals that could be worth up to $250k each. There is not much detail in that statement, plenty of room for clarifying questions, and no mention of his source, so take it for what it is worth.
  6. So who has bragging rights? The guy who kept it to 11, or the guy who scored 6?
  7. Fun to see Vincenzo Joseph in Taylor's corner. That guys is everywhere.
  8. Joey McKenna sure made that look easy. 10-0 in about 90 seconds.
  9. Thanks for the correction. And thanks for leading me to this article as a result: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/2876/Rev-Rewind-Oklahoma-States-heavyweight-legacy? "Earl McCready was undefeated in his three years as the Oklahoma State heavyweight; in fact, he won all but three of his matches by pin." Phenomenal.
  10. Thanks, @ionel I looked up Mike McCready and he was DII. (UNI was DII back in 1972). https://www.iowawrestlinghalloffame.com/inductee/mike-mccready I looked up Mike Sheets too and found this: http://www.wrestlingstats.com/okstate/view_wrestlers.php?wrestler=361 I chuckled when I saw he had 38 bonuses in 37 matches, but in duals he had just 18 in 19. So in non-duals he apparently had 20 in 18, pretty good rate.
  11. This came up just now on FRL in the context of the Nebraska v Iowa duel and how untouchable Spencer Lee looks. Has there ever been a wrestler with a 100% bonus rate for the season?
  12. I would say Red has a pinners chance against Eierman. Not a good chance by any means because Eierman is pretty positionally sound, but Red can go big.
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