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  1. Strange indeed. Perhaps it was deleted because it had gotten boring. If anyone who posted a prediction can remember their prediction, post it here again. My plan was to track these like I did for last year's dual. I thought it made for some interesting content.
  2. Confirmation that Spencer Lee will be on a pitch count this season: Brands: Lee Return Focuses on March I will be interested to see how this impacts his Hodge chances. Assuming he goes undefeated and wins his fourth title, what is the least number of matches he would need to wrestle to not hurt his candidacy with Hodge voters? If he sits out the regular season and just wrestles the B1G and NCAA tourneys, that would put him at 9-0. Is that enough? Add in the B1G dual meets and you get to 17-0. Is that enough?
  3. Maybe. But if he can take a punch, which he has not had to yet, then he will get anyone on the ground. And that is where he has an advantage over almost anyone.
  4. And so it finally comes to a conclusion: Hometown Indictment The good news is that the SEC is not going after Paul Morina. It turns out one of the conspirators wrestled with Morina and when he heard Morina was starting a deli, the conspirator convinced Morina to incorporate it. They then paid Morina $3,500 to take control of the corporate entity and use it in a form of a pump and dump scheme. The idea was to pump on public markets using accounts tied to friends and family to push up the price. Then the dump would occur by using the inflated stock to buy a company looking to list shares in the US via a reverse merger. While the merger was consummated the shares have yet to be approved for trading. So the conspirators never actually got to cash out. And Morina got $3,500. No idea what he put in, but I imagine it was more than that.
  5. No one has mentioned rarity. The World Championships happen three times as often as the Olympics making the Olympics harder to win from a pure timing and supply aspect. If your athletic peak does not coincide with a year divisible by 4, too bad. Rarity boosts the value of things we already prize. But, to me a World medal is just as valuable as an Olympic medal. They measure the same thing. The World medal is just a more frequent measure of peak. And to my way of thinking frequency of measurement does not devalue the measurement.
  6. The percentages in those tables are hilarious. Is Lehigh a liberal arts school?
  7. Katie Ledecky has not lost an 800 or 1500 meter race in a decade and she is only 25. She also has the 28 fastest times ever in the 800. Imagine you are the world's second fastest 800 meter swimmer and that is only good enough to be 29th. Crazy how dominant she and Phelps have been.
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