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  1. Alex Marinelli great? How is underperforming your seed at NCAAs three straight times equate to great?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe excuses are for wusses.
  3. They did define all the exceptions in advance. It was a list of one. No exceptions.
  4. These flexibility plans are all very easy to game. And they are the complete opposite of what everyone who wrestles says they love about the sport. It is just me against him. This idea of a committee overriding results is the anti-thesis of that. Of the ideas proffered so far I think "the favorite wins the tiebreaker" is the most laughable. Why bother having the matches? Upsets (by some metric) certainly never happen. Let's let a team of Flo rankers decide who get the tie breaker. I have to believe this board will unanimously support that idea.
  5. They did comment. They issued a press release. It is there in writing. You can read it as many times as you want.
  6. Comparing what we know the benefits of winning to be to what others imagine the mindset of the athletes to be will always end in frustration. You cannot prove their imaginations wrong. And once they commit to them in writing they cannot go back.
  7. Great thread, @Katie. I have learned a lot about both Jordan Burroughs and John Smith. Thanks.
  8. Having an honest, respectful difference of opinions is not the problem in this country. You, and others, made a point. I made a counter point. Because I do not accept your logic and you do not accept mine does not equate to polarization. We have both made assumptions. We just don't agree with each other's assumptions.
  9. Two holes in that for me. You have repeatedly claimed Nick Lee did not expect to win. Just because you did not expect him to win does not mean he shared your sentiment. I think he 100% expected to win. And because the phenomenon you described happened to you does not mean it happened here. They were still wrestling to make the national team. There was money, stature and pride on the line. I don't know what your stakes were, but I do not imagine they were that high.
  10. I'm not buying your logic. If they didn't care, and forfeiting was an option, why didn't they forfeit?
  11. Your attempts to minimize others only minimize you.
  12. That was a different day. Get a calendar and a life. Why is it in every thread that attempts to be positive there has to be a "yeah, but" guy?
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