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  1. So you admit you don't know if its true, but you still want to condem it? Often in error, never in doubt.
  2. Seems unlikely they would bump Michigan given their lofty dual ranking. If you are going to bump a team, bump one of the bottom ranked. Seems more likely Michigan pulled out for whatever reason.
  3. I feel like I have read that somewhere...
  4. I hope it is possible (but doesn't happen). I want to know Peter Pan exists.
  5. Yep, high school senior Micic beat high school freshman Nick Lee. Now they finish college together. Would have been better if Micic finished after.
  6. Now that is a training table I can support. But that red cup feels like a missed opportunity.
  7. That's interesting. Michael Phelps won in 2003, before he had won any Olympic medals.
  8. The press release was from 7 weeks ago and had Michigan. Michigan is no longer going and was replaced by Penn State. So the press release was accurate when it was released.
  9. Sadly it doesn't help the gene pool because most are of an age where they have already contributed.
  10. Or.... We are looking at a press release from Aug 3rd. It is not Aug 3rd anymore.
  11. Thanks, but I am more interested in @jross's response.
  12. Mandates have always existed. Why is this particular mandate so problematic?
  13. The SI article literally says he wasn't. Giving him two cars just doesn't pass the sniff test. Letting him choose between two cars to use does. Perhaps try being critical of sources.
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