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  1. On FRL last week they said Downey will not be in it. Askren asked if it was because he didn't have his card. Pyles said no, even if he had his card he wouldn't be welcome and then wanted to change the subject immediately.
  2. I think they mean half the people in the bracket, not one side of the bracket.
  3. I read their white paper and I think this is the way it works. There are three parties. The network, the platforms and the content creators. Right now the network and the platform are essentially indistinguishable from each other. For now they are both effectively Rokfin. All three parties get compensated for their contribution to the network via a token. There are unparameterized formulas in the white paper that define the division of value creation (by content creators and platforms) and work (by the network) leading to the distribution of tokens. The platform can do what it will with its payments. And I think this is where Cael may take issue, rightly or wrongly. NLWC presumably gets paid as a content creator and also gets paid by the platform for driving subscriptions through their dedicated link. If others create another platform that consumes the same content then the content creator gets paid more and the other platform also gets paid. Rokfin allowing others to create links designed to drive subscriptions based on NLWC content is essentially the same as a new platform being created that benefits the network. So it really comes down to what those unspecified parameters are. Cael clearly thinks the content creator parameter is too small and the platform parameter is too large. Though it is probable he doesn't think about it in those terms at all.
  4. I would phrase it this way. Rokfin was created to right a wrong. Specifically, that content creators were not properly paid for their contribution to the network effect. Cael is arguing NLWC was not properly compensated for their contribution to the network effect. Given that the contribution calculation is based on a bunch of assumptions, it is really hard to know if Cael is right or if the Rokfin comp model is right.
  5. Content creators get paid in Recieve Access Ecosytem tokens, a token created by Martin Floriani. I just downloaded the white paper for the RAE token. I will report back. Last exchange rate I found for RAE was 0.77 USD and $44k had traded in last 24 hours. 24 hour price range was 0.62 to 0.88, which sounds like a whopping 42% bid/ask spread, or crazy volatility, or both. Hard to say without trade history. So imagine getting paid at a 0.88 exchange rate, but when you go to convert to dollars the same day you get 0.62. Poof, there goes 30% of your money.
  6. We don't even know if he is getting paid. He refers to taking money from the athletes. That said, my understanding is they get paid in crypto currency. Not sure if that is something established like bitcoin or if it is a token issued by Rokfin.
  7. It is not a qualifying event, but the results will impact OTT seeding.
  8. You know Yianni, and I, sir, am no Yianni?
  9. Confirmed that they weighed in at 68 kg (149.9 lbs) the day before. And Steveson weighed in at 272. Scary. Bigger, stronger, and still that quick.
  10. I thought the same thing until I remembered the last picture of me in my wet suit. Took round in the middle to a level Yianni is never likely to see.
  11. Yes, it is open to foreign wrestlers, though they speculated on the show that they would have a hard time attracting them due to travel restrictions.
  12. Lado won 4-4 on criteria Ampar won 10-6
  13. The point that you always miss is that you love assigning motive to action, but hate it when others do (Flo is the devil, etc.)
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