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  1. It says that Iowa is a subset of the United States
  2. There is a monkey named Bonzo that wants to have a word with you.
  3. One of those is actually true.
  4. Yes, the Bears "quarterback" from '69-'75. Also, Christiano Ronaldo is named after Ronald Reagan, the actor, not the President.
  5. Dumb take is the JC special. He writes for News of the World and National Inquirer on the side.
  6. Only missed by 18. Probably one of your better efforts. That manager job at Cinnabon in Omaha is looking pretty good after all, Saul.
  7. Supposedly RBY and Berge will wrestle Sunday, so it shouldn't be "this" lineup, but there will still be back ups at at least one weight.
  8. 31-9 PSU. I obviously take the over vs your 2 (check your math at HWY)
  9. congratulations, Vak. Children are a blessing.
  10. And he is registered at 157 for the Shorty Hitchcock this weekend. At this rate he will slot in at 197 next year.
  11. Because I forgot to add a zero after the decimal. Make it 0.6%. Sorry.
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