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  1. It is not a qualifying event, but the results will impact OTT seeding.
  2. You know Yianni, and I, sir, am no Yianni?
  3. Confirmed that they weighed in at 68 kg (149.9 lbs) the day before. And Steveson weighed in at 272. Scary. Bigger, stronger, and still that quick.
  4. I thought the same thing until I remembered the last picture of me in my wet suit. Took round in the middle to a level Yianni is never likely to see.
  5. Yes, it is open to foreign wrestlers, though they speculated on the show that they would have a hard time attracting them due to travel restrictions.
  6. Lado won 4-4 on criteria Ampar won 10-6
  7. The point that you always miss is that you love assigning motive to action, but hate it when others do (Flo is the devil, etc.)
  8. Fine, let's go Socratic method. Hulk smashed? Do you even know the scores or how they got there?
  9. His own weight class? That doesn't even have any meaning, but you want to make that the basis of your argument. I know you want to pretend to be the sole arbiter of these things, but they employ scales in this sport.
  10. I was hoping you would know. CP didn't say and I am not aware either.
  11. Normally I would agree with you, but there is the question of cash. At 20k for first, 10k for second, 5k for third, 2.5k for fourth and 1k for fifth through eigth there are some compelling reasons to show up. Though CP did question whether Taylor could make it due to timing.
  12. They said they will decide based on what they think makes the most compelling bracket. They hadn't given it much thought yet, but are hoping they have this high class problem. At this point they are just asking wrestlers to reach out to them and express their interest in participating.
  13. I absolutely love Askren's idea for picking names out of a hat and then letting them choose their spot in the bracket.
  14. I don't know that he can't, but I also don't know that he can. I think everyone is assuming that the criteria will carry over and that there will not be a limit on taking a second consecutive RS, but the decision to grant a waiver of the 5 year rule is made by a 2/3rds vote of the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement. So until they say, I don't think anyone knows for sure. One thing to note is that the NCAA has been issuing a lot of blanket waivers for a lot of things. They seem to be addressing the issues in the order of the sports. So with wrestling delayed they probably haven't seen the need to get to it right away. However, an interesting exemption that may serve as precedence is one they issued in March to cover the spring semester only. In it they allowed Division I schools to honor athletics aid agreements and exempt the 2019-20 amount from financial aid limitations for student-athletes that took a leave of absence during the 2019-20 academic year to train for official national team tryouts and competition.
  15. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/uww-executive-committee-agrees-cancel-u23-world-championships No decision was made about the senior and junior worlds scheduled for December in Belgrade.
  16. He tweeted a follow up that he was just kidding. He was looking to get our attention to promote the NLWC event on 9/19.
  17. Tell him to get off your lawn, too.
  18. I don't keep track of the numbers nationwide or globally, but I do track the numbers for Illinois. I post them here so that at least we can debate those instead of opinions. Illinois breaks down their data by age group. You can see the strong correlation between age and death rate in the last column. The death rate is below 1% through the 40's and then rises quickly. One thing to note that is not shown here is that the death rates for all age groups has been declining steadily. For example, the death rate for 80+ was as high as 31.48% in mid-July and now stands at 28.26%. I don't know if this is due to better treatments, mutation of the virus to a less deadly form, a combination of both, or some other reason. 9/9/2020 Age Group Confirmed Cases Confirmed in Last 7 Days Tested Tested in Last 7 Days Deaths Deaths in Last 7 Days Positive Rate Positivity Rate in Last 7 Days Death Rate Unknown 67 6 201,394 9,708 - - 0.03% 0.06% 0.00% <20 30,133 3,103 450,959 55,261 6 - 6.68% 5.62% 0.02% 20 - 29 50,327 3,302 790,478 89,753 33 - 6.37% 3.68% 0.07% 30 - 39 40,315 1,835 651,839 48,778 125 1 6.18% 3.76% 0.31% 40 - 49 40,286 1,709 572,744 39,598 287 5 7.03% 4.32% 0.71% 50 - 59 38,187 1,753 622,762 41,686 662 6 6.13% 4.21% 1.73% 60 - 69 25,855 1,085 545,260 34,182 1,450 14 4.74% 3.17% 5.61% 70 - 79 14,230 582 344,681 20,529 1,962 24 4.13% 2.84% 13.79% 80+ 12,953 335 298,593 19,342 3,661 45 4.34% 1.73% 28.26% Total 252,353 13,710 4,478,710 358,837 8,186 95 5.63% 3.82% 3.24% Age Group % All Confirmed % of New Confirmed % of All Tested % of Deaths % of New Deaths <20 - 39 47.86% 60.10% 42.27% 2.00% 1.05% 40 - 59 31.10% 25.25% 26.69% 11.59% 11.58% 60 + 21.02% 14.60% 26.54% 86.40% 87.37%
  19. Your Ian Parker logic is impeccable. Your Chad Red, not so much. Red turned it up to 8th place in 2019, four places below Demas. Then Demas pinned him in 2020. If you argue last win takes it, you just can't put Red over Demas.
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