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  1. Just finished The Data Detective by Tim Hartford and would recommend it. Moving on to The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb next.
  2. I work for the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe. What seems to be the problem?
  3. If I find out Chad is short for Chaddeus, I will be very disappointed.
  4. I thought I read this five times somewhere.
  5. Again. You say it like you have some first hand knowledge. Which I doubt.
  6. Kind of wild to think that over the course of 6 days Julian Ramirez loses to RSF Matt Lee and then beats returning champ Shane Griffith.
  7. Or so we are told. It's not like PSU wrestle offs are streamed or anything. It has just been repeated enough that it is taken for gospel.
  8. I empathize. I'm two fat 130 lbers.
  9. I'm going with Lee Kemp or Chad Red as Ed is actually Edward, Nick is Nicholas, Dave is David, Joe is Joseph, and Ed Ott is Nathan.
  10. Ah, to be 130 lbs and be considered fat.
  11. Most people make that mistake. Actually, 43.
  12. Amen, but Ferrari will learn the hard way, nothin' dead about Gable's weight.
  13. I think if Ferrari bumped up he would get humiliated.
  14. Now I am confused. You are much more well versed in these things than I. I was under the impression that the SV1 started in neutral and ended with first score. If so, how do you accrue riding time in the SV?
  15. 1.) Riding time from regulation is wiped out (I believe, but someone check me on this). 2.) SV1 for 2 minutes - any score wins 3.) Two 30 second tie-breakers where each wrestler chooses their starting position. If at the end of the two tie-breakers the score is still tied, the wrestler who has any riding time advantage wins. If no riding time advantage then... 4.) SV2 for 1 minute. - any score wins 5.) repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is a winner.
  16. The subtle difference to freestyle rules is that other than the initial 0-0, there is never a point in a freestyle match where it is tied. Someone is always behind. These rule changes did not affect that dynamic for SV1. In addition to adding a minute to SV1, it only moved the riding time advantage portion of the old rule from the second set of tie-breaker periods to the first set of tie-breaker periods. That means there can still be extended periods where there is a tie in folkstyle, even in the overtimes. I do prefer the freestyle idea that someone is always trailing in a match after the mandatory shot clock actions or the first score.
  17. Interesting formulation. By your logic December 31, 2020 is two calendar years before January 1, 2021. By my formulation that is one calendar year before and one day, but nice try.
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